Is Germany’s super-volcano awakening? We think so…

February 15, 2011KOBLENZ, GermanyThe Extinction Protocol – The scene of Germany’s famous Laacher See lake looks picturesque and serene but underneath the calm surface of the waters lies a potential killer that could devastate a good portion of Europe. The last time the Laacher See super-volcano erupted 12,000 years ago, it deposited ash across much of Europe. On July 30, 2010, an earthquake struck near the region and that likely signaled a potential awakening of the giant sleeping caldera. That Laacher See is a potentially active volcano has been proven by seismic activities and heavy thermal anomalies under the lake. Carbon dioxide gas from magma still bubbles up at the southeastern shore, and scientists believe that a new eruption could happen at any time. Today the region near Koblenz was shaken by a swarm of 7 earthquakes beginning with a 4.5 magnitude quake which erupted at a depth of 6 km. Across the planet, the giant dormant volcanoes, one by one, are being stirred from their long and ancient slumber. Earth is on the precipice of major geological change. See pages 134-135 in my book for the full Laacher See super-volcano story. 
  • 4.5 quake 6 km – Germany
  • 3.2 quake 11 km – Germany
  • 2.4 quake 12 km – Germany
  • 3.7 quake 20 km – Germany
  • 2.1 quake 20 km – Germany
  • 3.4 quake 12 km – Germany
  • 2.0 quake 10 km – Germany
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27 Responses to Is Germany’s super-volcano awakening? We think so…

  1. Mahati says:

    thank you for informing


  2. jason says:

    I did’t know Germany is volcanically active. Thanks for the info. The Earth is really under stress. Better be prepared.


  3. Max Hardwood says:

    Something’s up: Yellowstone has been showing increased activity lately, not to
    mention Japan, and others. Not sure what is causing this geothermal activity, maybe
    because our solar system is aligned with galactic center, super-massive black-hole
    maybe exerting pressure on the planet? All I can say is, I live near Denver, Colorado,
    USA and I am within the 600 mile initial blast radius kill zone if Yellowstone blows:
    I have been making preps, of course can never be enough. What if (and of course this
    will NEVER happen) the gov’t tells all people to evacuate? Where to go, how to live?
    I think things are heating up , literally, on (or IN) the planet, and we may be close
    to some black swan event.


  4. Jon says:

    so much going on at the moment. el nina. low Sun activity. cosmic rays mixing with the atmosphere. glaciers advancing. record snow, again, 3rd year runnning. 30 quakes in one day in Arkansas. Campi Flegrei in Italy possibly waking up. Mount St Helens, The Madrid Fault major activity, Yellowstone. New under sea volcanos and now Germany……truly amazing what is going on! Western Europe is staying warm thanks to the +ve AMO, if that turns -ve in the next few years, BRRRR!! even Spain will be white!! Scientists are correlating low Sun activity, high influx of cosmic rays, high volcanic activity and high seismic activity with????? yes, ICE AGE!!!


  5. Jens Skapski says:

    There were more earthquakes near Laacher See: There was a swarm of 15 small earthquakes (magnitude 0,1-2,2) only 7 km south of Laacher See last week! I’m living in Germany(100 km north of Laacher See) and an eruption of this volcano would be the extinction of three of the largest towns in Germany!


  6. ashish says:

    i would like to know how many super volcanoes exist ? Thanks great site with lot of information


    • Ashish, the six best known still considered ‘active‘ super volcanoes are the Yellowstone, Long Valley, and Valles Caldera in the United States; Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia; Taupo Volcano, North Island, New Zealand; and Aira Caldera, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan. There may be as many as 40 terrestrial super volcanoes in all though most of them are extinct. We also believe there are some under the sea. Here’s a reference index to learn more:

      Thanks for reading…


    • Ana says:

      Long Valley, and
      Valles Calderas in the United States;
      Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia;
      Taupo Volcano, North Island, New Zealand;
      Aira Caldera, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan; and the
      Siberian Traps, Russia.


  7. Jens Skapski says:

    One of the submarine supervolcanoes is Marsili in the sea west of Italy. An eruption, a tsunami and no Napoli, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, etc.


  8. gardner1 says:

    The earth is like a big dog-it’s waking up and we fleas are about to get our proverbials scratched…Polar shift coming? We don’t have the powers some think we do-just look at what an earthquake does (can you say New Zealand??) . Get ready…


  9. Rosita says:

    As we know, these things have NEVER happened before, but they are all happening for a reason! Now I know that there may be some of you out there who are skeptical, but, trust me, if you did the research you would see that all of what is currently going on in the world are simply road maps telling us how close we are to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. It’s a countdown to the end of the world!


    • Dominique says:

      Matthew 24: 3-8 These are increasing the birth pains before Jesus’ return for all the born again believers.
      Acts 16:30,31 : Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved


    • Rob M, says:

      Hi, it is good to have faith, but the events which will soon take place HAVE happened before, Many times and will continue to do so, Yes I do believe there is truth in the bible but I believe either, the translations from original texts were wrong, or it is a case of pass the whisper, But I tell you that alot of people are going to be shocked at the catalyst that will change our views and feelings and opinions of one another and force us to work together as a whole instead of the chaos we currently live in


  10. Jens Skapski says:

    Next earthquake at Laacher See: 0,7; 12 km southeast


  11. co_takko lvste says:

    great site, thank you


  12. I have always been interested in the going,s on of our planet and universe but even more as the the year 2012 gets closer and the late predictions of the old Mayan Calender its like a jig-saw it is all slowley fitting into place. The one thing about mother nature us Humans no matter how smart we think we are we will never defeat her, just like the old Samerai saying-Man who sows the seed will reap the whirlwind, yet modern man has never learned (nature will always win hands down).


  13. elizabeth pagels says:

    Such Wonderful honest sincere concerns and warnings of which I am truly greatful for all of the input of each persons insight. Thankyou for this site and God`s speed as we all seek to understand the true meaning behind all these unfolding events……. And yes I too believe, we will soon enter another period of time in which all these events will lead up to and the Lord will reign in this world as He had been reigning in many hearts…………..


  14. I Woke up to the words “The Earth is an egg and it’s hatching” Who said it I do not know.

    Do not forget God is in charge! He is the creater of heaven and the earth.



  15. EPL says:

    I had a phenomenal vision of an explosion in Europe many years ago. It came to me in all 5 senses and lasted 5 weeks. I posted the whole story here:

    I did not know exactly what I was seeing at the time, but Laacher See would fit my vision perfectly. I did not see this ending the world but it certainly will make life difficult and many will die.


    • Julie says:

      Hi Alvin,
      Love your work, btw.
      But I see more super volcanoes awakening, like Toba. How long do you think it takes for one of these monsters to start up then finally blow? Its only been 4 years since this report maybe it takes 10 or 15? Wouldn’t be good if there was some kind of chain reaction of a sort.


      • I think the supervolcanoes could erupt anytime, and when one erupts – I think the eruption will be a great surprise to everyone. Suffice it to say: short of WWIII, the 2nd Coming of Christ, or a comet on a collision course with Earth – it’s likely to be the biggest news story in Earth’s history.

        I don’t see a chain-reaction because their not on the same fuse, and don’t share the same plumbing but they’re all primed and inflating, which means they all could go off anytime with little or no warning.

        From my book, written in 2009: “As the planet continues to over-heat, more volcanoes will erupt in a desperate attempt to vent excess heat building up within the planet’s interior. When the thresh-hold of maximum volcanic dissipation is breached; the planet will tilt towards a chaotic state of catastrophic cyclic destruction and a magnetic pole reversal will likely follow…if the kaleidoscope of erupting terrestrial volcanoes does not abate the runaway thermal acceleration and excess heat and gases and the planet continues to heat up; the supervolcanoes will arm themselves, as they represents a larger exothermic geological process to depressurize trapped gases and heat.” –The Extinction Protocol, p. 510-511


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