Planetary tremors, tectonic plate movements and Yellowstone activity

February 13, 2011SUPER-VOLCANO – For all of you who have written about Yellowstone and the potential connection to planetary tremor events- I wanted to post this video segment from the History’s Channel’s 2009 documentary on Yellowstone. When the North American tectonic plate slides over the hotspot or magma plume under Yellowstone, geologically speaking, this has been one of the catalysts for increased agitation at the super-volcano in the past. Planetary tremors indicate tectonic plates are becoming more kinetic and moving more which suggests we are entering a new geological season for the planet which increases the overall likelihood of a flare-up at Yellowstone. No eruption is imminent but I wanted to post this video for those of you who wanted to understand how tectonic plate movements could impact the super-volcano.
(c) 2009 The History Channel
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9 Responses to Planetary tremors, tectonic plate movements and Yellowstone activity

  1. breathmints says:

    the picture of the earth look crazy…seem like it gonna split then break apart into pieces


  2. Jon Klieman says:

    Makes ya wonder if those who put out the movie 2012 did so to diminish the realness of these planetary changes. People would mention the possibility of yellow stone erupting and a nay-sayer will say, “ah that’s just in the movies”. I’m interested to see the looming solar activity in 2012 and it’s effects on our planet. Hopefullly not to bad.


  3. Joe says:

    I have just recently come across your site and have become a big fan. The excellent work you do here is informative and MUCH needed. I have begun to spread the word about this site. The changes ahead are many. Thank you so very much for the work you do! God Bless you, Sir.


    • Thank you, Joe for finding us and passing it along. You’re right; we have some challenging days ahead us as this will eventually spiral into a full-blown planetary crisis. Though few see it now, it will become the event of our time. God bless and keep you as well.



  4. Christopher Dailey says:

    One thing i love about this time we are in is, either a lot of myths will be proven true or a whole lot of folks will have egg all over their prophetic faces. Personally i welcome the possible truth to the myths, all i can say is, Hoka Hey, today is a good day to die, because in my soul i am free.


  5. breathmints says:

    i havent thought of that.. where alot of myths will be proven true… or we go on to continue life and grow on with life on earth as human beings. work the 9-5 shift..


  6. dublinmick says:

    Pretty down to earth site and about the way it is. The end of an age is sometimes not a pretty sight. There are going to be many major events and a lot of souls have appeared at this point to witness. Probably so they will never forget and maybe not make the same mistakes at some point in the future.


  7. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    the volcano of yellowstone is so strong and it can explote in this year or in other. but all of you need to be so carefully with the invaroment expecially if you live in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, EUROPE AND OTHERS.
    I LIVE in colombia and this invaroment is so good and pray to GOD fot the problems that are in all the planet


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