Uptick in solar activity as tectonic plate agitation ebbs


Sunspot breakout: February 11, 2011 to February 13, 2011
Sunspot formation on the solar surface has accelerated just as tectonic plate agitation has ebbed though we still see chaotic seismic patterns in the South Pacific region, around the Caribbean, Chile, Brazil, Tonga and Kermadec volcanic arc, and New Zealand. And sure enough, the seismic tremors along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge running through Iceland have subsided just as global tectonic plate agitation has abated. It’s a volatile situation and any sizable quake eruption could reset the process. Stay tuned. 


(Top Graph) Iceland seismic activity wanes as seismic activity on Norway and Findland seismic telemetry graphs also abates, indicating the Iceland episode was agitated by tectonic plate stresses.
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