Wild animals in Michigan on the move in search of food

February 11, 2011 MICHIGAN MORE FREQUENT SIGHTINGS. Coyotes and a number of birds of prey are being spotted more frequently in southeastern Michigan as they are growing in numbers and spreading out in search of food. This bald eagle has been hanging around the 34 Mile and McKay area for the past couple of weeks. Bald eagles, hawks and owls are federally protected.  Hannah Schauer, a wildlife technician for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), said the increase in the number of coyotes in areas such as Armada, Bruce and Washington townships doesn’t surprise her. In addition to coyotes, Schauer said bald eagles, bears and a number of hawk species are moving southward from upper Michigan. –Romeo Observer
“Around the world, the reports coming in of urban encroachment of alligators, coyotes, bears, large game cats, as well as plagues of locusts, wasps, jellyfish, and other pests is testament that the homeostatic balance that once regulated the natural world is breaking down and the borders that separated man from natural wildlife habitats are dissolving.” The Extinction Protocol, page 294
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2 Responses to Wild animals in Michigan on the move in search of food

  1. John says:

    Ill have to admit, there are a lot of strange things happening around the world. Just to name a few: Large number of earthquakes, crazy weather, financial chaos…etc. Maybe the Mayans had it right.


  2. Tony R says:

    I live in mid-michigan. in the last year or so we have had a hawk come down to try and kill my dog’s “squeaky” rabbit toy and then about 5 months ago a hawk came down to grab a neighbor’s toy poodle. I have lived here for 20 + years and never heard of this.


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