Giant locust swarms now serious threat to Australia’s crops

February 10, 2011AUSTRALIA – A RARE, giant breed of locusts has the potential to destroy crops in NSW overnight, the State Government says. The spur-throated locusts is a mainly tropical species found in Queensland and the Northern Territory but warm and humid weather has drawn them into NSW. Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan says the Government has a plan of attack to help northwestern NSW farmers control the largest outbreak in 40 years. “The much larger spur-throated locust is a ferocious eater and can completely destroy a crop overnight,” Mr Whan said in a statement.
“Insecticides are now being made available to farmers to control densely-populated spur-throated locust nymphs on their properties.” Rangers are also being deployed to help farmers identify the creatures, which have a spur or throat peg between their front legs. –Herald Sun
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