Freak flash-flood drowns more than 200 sheep in Wales

February 9, 2011WALES – A farmer says he is “devastated” after seeing more than 200 of his elite sheep drowned in a flash flood. It is the second time in just over a year that Eryl Morris has been hit by the River Dee bursting its banks. The flood, early on Sunday, has cost him many thousands of pounds and the pride of his flock. Mr. Morris was away in Buckinghamshire helping a sheep farming friend when millions of gallons of water poured on to the rich Bangor-on-Dee grazing land he has farmed for more than a decade. Almost too upset to speak from the south of England yesterday, he said: “I am totally devastated by this – I have lost a hell of a lot sheep.” His wife Glenys said: “It was 12 hours of flash flooding that did the damage and it started about 1am. “When I heard on the radio that Bala was flooded I knew we were in trouble too. “The same thing happened to us in November, 2009, but although we lost some sheep then – about 40-50 – it wasn’t anything like this. “Altogether 230 of our sheep have died and another 70 were saved by the fire service and other people who were going out there in canoes I think. This is a terrible blow, not only because of the cost of losing the sheep, which must run into thousands of pounds, but also the type of animals they were. –The
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