Saturn’s superstorm is now expanding around the planet

February 8, 2011STORM ON SATURN: A vast thunderstorm that erupted on Saturn during the closing weeks of 2010 is still going strong. “It looks like a comet plowing through Saturn’s northern hemisphere,” reports amateur astronomer Christopher Go. He took these pictures on Feb. 5th using an 11-inch Celestron telescope in Cebu City, the Philippines. “The storm is very bright,” says Go. “I spent a few minutes observing it visually (through the eyepiece) and it is very prominent.” Researchers call the storm the “northern electrostatic disturbance” because (1) it is in Saturn’s northern hemisphere and (2) it is strongly charged with lightning. Receivers onboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft are picking up radio crackles each time a bolt discharges–much like the static you hear on a car radio when driving through an electrical storm on Earth. –Space Weather
The super-storm system is now growing on Saturn and is stretching around the circumference of the planet as seen in the latest pictures from amateur astronomer Christopher Go. Super-storms are now increasing on Earth and we can even see from  NASA’s infrared images of the planet Jupiter (left) that something similar is transpiring on the Jovian giant. Noctilucent clouds are increasing and growing brighter on Earth just like the auroras on Saturn. (See report). Earth’s atmosphere is morphing in conjunction with every other planet orbiting the Sun and greater concerns face us as massive changes sweep through our entire Solar System. I discuss what’s transforming the planets in my book in chapter 11.
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