Rivers of moisture: super-storm systems now span across the globe

February 6, 2011 – This fascinating satellite picture from the Japan Meteorological Agency of the Southern hemisphere perhaps demonstrates better than any other just how the planet’s weather patterns are rapidly morphing. On February 6, 2011, a band of moisture stretched from Australia to Antarctica. Cyclone Yasi’s length spanned the width of the continental U.S. Arkstorm systems, known as Rivers of water, similarly span across the Pacific to California. The recent Ground hog day winter storm system that struck the U.S. was 2100 miles long. Jupiter’s planetary storm has raged for centuries and in 2011, scientists were alarmed to find the super-storm on Saturn had now morphed to stretch across almost an entire hemisphere of the planet. There is no longer any doubt Earth’s climatic patterns are in the midst of major epochal change. See : Weather meltdown on Saturn
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  1. Great article..I am sharing it on other sites.. Daniel J Towsey, A Truth Soldier


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