Earthquake swarm in Western Turkey

A flurry of seismic activity is occurring in Western Turkey- including some 18 quakes today
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5 Responses to Earthquake swarm in Western Turkey

  1. Leon says:

    And look at Greece. :O


  2. Sarah says:

    I was in western Turkey for these this past week. In a town called Selçuk , I felt two of the four that occurred there in two days. The dense, all concrete hotel was suddenly gelatin rubber under me. That quake was a 4.1 and very short with no damage, thankfully. The townspeople were happy because they know these little ones prevent the big ones. I had no idea there were so many in the area, though not entirely surprised. They seemed to just keep coming. How we managed to avoid all the others on our trip, I have no idea, looking at the above map it amazes me. Now I am back home in southern Turkey.


  3. sanela says:

    Could you please source your map?


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