Heavy snowfall crush buildings across Northeast U.S.

February 3, 2011EASTON, Mass.  – It wasn’t just here in western Massachusetts. Roofs buckled across the state due to heavy snow. In Easton, it started with the roof, and then the whole side of the building caved in. A commercial building that houses a technology company collapsed as employees made a run for the door. Workers said they heard creaking and saw the ceiling tiles start falling. “We started to see tile debris fall and we just started to yell.. get out of the building, get out of the building,” said Michael McGuire, Triton Technology. In nearby Wrentham, the outlet mall shut down because of flooding and fear of collapse. And in Norwood, rain-soaked snow caused the roof of an airport hangar to fall in on six airplanes and one helicopter. At least two of the aircraft appeared to be heavily damaged. No one was injured in any of the collapses.” –WWLP 22 News
Connecticut – MILFORD, Conn. (AP) – An enormous winter storm left Midwesterners shivering in its frozen footprint and crushed snow-laden buildings in the Northeast, where a combination of ice, snow and rain pushed much of the winter-cursed region to its breaking point. Wind chills were expected to dip to 30 below in parts of the nation’s midsection before the region awoke Thursday to deal with the storm’s aftermath. The sprawling system unloaded as much as 2 feet of snow, crippled airports and stranded drivers in downtown Chicago as if in a prairie blizzard. Much of Texas was under a hard freeze warning Wednesday; light snowfall stubbornly lingered into the night in Maine. Officials in the Northeast had warned homeowners and businesses for days of the dangers of leaving snow piled up on rooftops. As the 2,000-mile-long storm cloaked the region in ice and added inches to the piles of snow already settled across the landscape, the predictions came true. No one was seriously injured, however. In Middletown, Conn., the entire third floor of a building failed, littering the street with bricks and snapping two trees. Acting Fire Marshal Al Santostefano said two workers fled when they heard a cracking sound. “It’s like a bomb scene,” Santostefano said. “Thank God they left the building when they did.” A gas station canopy on New York’s Long Island collapsed, as did an airplane hangar near Boston, damaging aircraft. Roof cave-ins also were reported in Rhode Island. The University of Connecticut closed its hockey rink as a precaution because of the amount of ice and snow on the roof. The school hoped to have it inspected and reopened in time for a game Saturday.” –AP News
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