Shaken and stirred- planetary tremors and geomagnetic storms

February 2, 2011 – The latest planetary tremor occurred at 1:00 GMT. The rattling appeared to be most prominent along the Arctic Circle and then reverberated down and across the globe, stirring tectonic plates across the planet in the process. The latest tremor halos with the arrival of the geomagnetic storm that struck the planet about 30 hours ago- though the two events appear to be unrelated. (Left) N. Russia and (right) Antarctica.


Sun’s coronal hole enlarges at it rotates away from Earth. The next geo-storm will hit Earth on Feb 3.


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2 Responses to Shaken and stirred- planetary tremors and geomagnetic storms

  1. Lorraine Ridge says:

    Are we able to feel/sense these planetary tremors? I sure felt ‘something’ and checked if there had been any large earthquakes. When I saw that there had not been any big ones, I put it off to my imagination. Perhaps it wasn’t after all?


    • Lorraine, I think what you’re sensing or maybe feeling could indeed be just that, ‘these tremors.’ Some people have more extraordinary depths of preception or intuition than others and as stewards of creation, I think humanity was given a sympathico connection with nature similar to what exists between a dog and its owner though this has since been largely lost by most due to us falling out of harmony with nature. I have experienced something quite similar.


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