Scientists mystified why clouds around polar regions are growing brighter

February 2, 2011 We weren’t the first to say the morphing Sun is starting to affect everything here on Earth and we won’t be the last. Here’s another interesting story from “Clouds bright enough to see at night are not as hard to find as they once were. These so-called night-shining clouds are still rare — rare enough that Matthew DeLand, who has been studying them for 11 years, has seen them only once. But his odds are increasing. Mysterious clouds form between 50 and 53 miles (80 and 85 kilometers) up in the atmosphere, altitudes so high that they reflect light long after the sun has dropped below the horizon. DeLand, an atmospheric scientist with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., has found that night-shining clouds — technically known as polar mesospheric or noctilucent clouds — are forming more frequently and becoming brighter. He has been observing the clouds in data from instruments that have been flown on satellites since 1978. For reasons not fully understood, the clouds’ brightness wiggles up and down in step with solar activity, with fewer clouds forming when the sun is most active. The biggest variability is in the far north. Underlying the changes caused by the sun, however, is a trend toward brighter clouds. The upward trend in brightness, DeLand said, reveals subtle changes in the atmosphere that may be linked to greenhouse gases. Night-shining clouds are extremely sensitive to changes in atmospheric water vapor and temperature. The clouds form only when temperatures drop below minus 200 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 130 degrees Celsius), when the scant amount of water high in the atmosphere freezes into ice clouds. This happens most often in far northern and southern latitudes (above 50 degrees) in the summer when, counter-intuitively, the mesosphere is coldest.  –
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4 Responses to Scientists mystified why clouds around polar regions are growing brighter

  1. cayte says:

    Does this suggest that our Sun is actively decreasing its energy, such that it may be termed “dying”?


    • Cayte
      We just don’t know. Scientists say the Sun has enough fuel to burn many millions of years but the reality is the long-term prognosis of our star is unknown. While sunspot numbers and irradiance levels have been rising- the sun’s overall behavior has become more chaotic and unpredictable. Does this mean the Sun is entering a new period of decline? It’s possible and it could also be the crest or trough of a previously unknown and long cyclical pattern that could span hundreds of years. Given the data of what we’re seeing in deep space, stars experience nova effects quite commonly and some even super-nova and explode, which will be the fate of our star one day when it runs out of energy. We’re in the infancy stage of understanding the stability of planetary and stellar systems and how an electromagnetic universe propagates its energy across ubiquitous quadrants of space.


  2. Susan says:

    I live in Georgia on the line with Chattanooga, Tennessee and just last week I was spooked by the clouds looking like they had a light inside them. I had never seen this before. I have what I feel is the reason for it, though I could very well be wrong. That day I had watched the planes spraying chemtrails all day. They came in and completly blocked the sun…I know because I watched, taking pictures over the course of the day, although spraying continued into the night. That night bright white clouds that looked “lit” kept blowing past.

    Also, I’ve noted my horizon in all directions is stealing my night sky with this white glow. You expect that over Chattanooga, but not in every direction. This area is known for its rural lands and forests, not big cities and businesses that polute the night air with light.

    Look out your windows at night. I don’t know what is going on, but something isn’t right. Is it the metals in chemtrails that is picking up all available light sorces and making clouds “glow”? I don’t have the answers, just lots of questions. I do know for a fact chemtrails glow at night, I watch them. To think, I used to use my telescope at night, these days chemtrails ruin most nights.


  3. Some of us have long awaited a beam of high energy that would strike the solar system. The Hopi call it the Kachina Star. The Kolbrin calls it the Frightener and the Scorcher of Heaven. It comes like a second sun — fatal like the God of Deuteronomy 4:24 or the Medusa. It comes as the warning of the ‘Immense Light of God’ in the 3rd Prophecy of Fatima and the ‘Master of Creation’ of Padre Pio. We now near the axis along which Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn find themselves in early April 2011. If it comes to Earth with ‘hurricanes of fire’, this will not be the time to panic, but a time to find immediate shelter from the light. It will soon pass, though the destruction and fear it leaves behind will not. By this sign, we will have proof that the End Times have arrived — and there are some old lies to sift from the facts when our prophets, witnesses and saviors come forward.


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