Avian virus outbreaks- Hundreds of pigeons dying in Geneva, Switzerland

February 2, 2011 Geneva, SwitzerlandA deadly virus is killing what may be hundreds of pigeons and turtledoves around Geneva, particularly in the commune of Carouge. Health authorities advised people in an alert published 31 January not to touch any dead birds to avoid spreading the disease to other ones. The virus is not dangerous to humans or other animals, and the scale of the problem is not a health nuisance, nor have the birds been poisoned, authorities were quick to reassure. The pigeon population may be reduced in the short term but it will rebuild as the virus dies out naturally. Health authorities say the virus, which is often lethal, affects only pigeons and turtledoves, but they recommend that people avoid touching sick or dead birds. Geneva has a law against feeding birds, but the city is insisting that for the sake of the pigeons, people must restrain from feeding them now, as the virus spreads most easily when the birds flock together. Feeding encourages them to concentrate in small areas. Some research has shown that bird droppings are the main form of the virus spreading in areas where birds are concentrated. Researchers at the University of Zurich have identified it as pigeon paramyxovirus-1, which causes neurological problems: tremors of the head or wings, difficulties landing, a stiff neck, loss of sense of orientation and difficulty feeding. In very rare cases a pigeon may become more aggressive towards other birds.”  –Geneva Lunch
JapanH5N1 spreadingMIYAZAKI (Kyodo) The Miyazaki Prefectural Government said Tuesday that 191 chickens died at a poultry farm in the city of Miyazaki and that six of the seven dead birds tested positive for avian influenza in a preliminary exam. Officials decided to launch more detailed examinations on the six dead birds to confirm whether they were infected with bird flu. It would be the prefecture’s seventh outbreak. In Tottori Prefecture, meanwhile, officials said the highly virulent strain of the H5N1 virus was detected in two wild birds that tested positive for avian flu in earlier tests. The infection, involving a tufted duck and hooded gull found in a weakened state in Yonago last month, marks the second outbreak of a highly virulent strain of bird flu in Tottori this winter. –Japan Times
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6 Responses to Avian virus outbreaks- Hundreds of pigeons dying in Geneva, Switzerland

  1. Michael says:

    I believe it is just another cover story to go along with the other massive bird, fish & animal kills around the world. They always say it’s the Cold or a Virus. Ok, whatever.


  2. otay1 says:

    Agree with you, Michael. Sounds like yet another as is now customary msm attempt to divert attention from REAL causes by instilling fear in people then perhaps $ to be made with another big old vaccine drive.
    Two birds with one stone (or three if you include genocide).


  3. Spiderowl says:

    may the Lord of all Creation watch over us all during these terrible times…the earth is giving birth to new life, but it is a bloody and awful moment to be alive…


  4. Nancy Perry says:

    I wonder how much of these massive die-offs of animals, birds etc has to do with the unusally high increase of tremors, quakes and volcanos. It just seems to go hand in hand in my opinion.


    • You raised an interesting point, Nancy and I encourage you to further explore the correlation. Even when there is no geological deformation of the ground during an earthquake, the quake can still create “sonic boom” noises, gas releases, and could trigger electromagnetic effects in the atmosphere.


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