Dark hole Sun: dense ionized wind stream burns Earth’s magnetosphere

February 1, 2011 – It’s here. The solar wind pouring from the large coronal hole on the Sun has hit earth and though the wind speed blast has not caused the magnetosphere to expand in its usual dramatic flaring fashion to protect the earth- it has instead ionized the shield. Proton density is 20.9 protons/cm3 in a wind helio-wind speed of 376.8 km/sec. That’s high enough to have an ionized, searing effect of the planet’s fledging protective barrier. This is one of the largest coronal holes we’ve seen on the Earth-facing hemisphere of the Sun in some time and it’s emitting a powerful blast of proton particles toward earth like a ray gun. The particle stream is so powerful, it’s pushing the planet’s magnetic field out almost as fast as it’s being generated from its rotational spin. Looking at the pressure reading of the magnetosphere below, we can see this is a very high resolution burn at maximum intensity. High proton density counts on the Sun are common when there is a plasma interface with the Sun’s magnetic field from a comet but solar wind streams generally flow out in much weaker constitution from the Sun. Stay tuned…
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  1. This site is interesting and not what you see on the local news.


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