Monster: Cyclone Yasi 250 kmh winds, 6 meter tidal surges on arrival

January 31, 2011 QueenslandCyclone could be Australia’s biggest ever seen. Queensland premier Anna Bligh is warning residents to prepare themselves for a “frightening experience” as Cyclone Yasi approaches. Evacuations are underway in Queensland as the state prepares for the category four cyclone to hit the already flood-ravaged state. “We stand ready. It’s not a task that we expected. We thought we’d borne all that we would be expected to bear in the last five weeks,” said Bligh. “But it seems that more is to be asked of us.” Bligh is calling on Queenslanders to prepare themselves ahead of the cyclone as forecasters predict gale-force winds of up to 265km/h, torrential rain and massive storm surges. “Yasi may well be one of the largest and most significant cyclones that we have ever had to deal with,” Bligh told  ABC Australia. Cyclone Yasi could become a category four cyclone when it hits the northeast coast. If it builds to a four, wind gusts of up to 250km/h can be expected, as Cyclone Larry was when it devastated Innisfail and surrounding communities in March 2006.”  –TVNZ 
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