Seismic anomalies north of New Zealand: volcanic stress building?

January 30, 2011 – KERMADEC ISLANDS – For more than a month now we’ve been noticing some very unusual seismic and magnetic anomalies under the Kermadec Islands, north of New Zealand and near the island of Tonga. The islands are part of a volcanic arc that includes some of the largest underwater volcanoes known to exist in the South Pacific. The extraordinary eruption of the underwater volcano off the coast of Tonga in 2009 and the more than 4000 tremors that have rocked the South Island of New Zealand area following the 7.1 Christchurch earthquake on September 4, 2010 could be an omen of escalating actitivity in the region. Canterbury University geology professor Mark Quigley said the Christchurch quake produced what “looked to us  could be a new fault” which had ripped across the earth and pushed some surface areas up about three feet (a meter). The quake was caused by the ongoing collision between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates, he said. “One side of the earth has lurched to the right … up to 11 feet (3.5 meters) and in some places been thrust up,” Quigley told National Radio. 1
The Kermadec Islands are part of a very violent and rapidly morphing volcanic arc in the South Pacific which has been stirred tempestuously by an increasing number of planetary tremors that have jostled tectonic plates across the globe. A volcanic arc is formed from the subduction of an oceanic tectonic plate under another tectonic plate. The friction from the geological upheaval produces magma at depths under the overriding plate. The magma ascends to form an arc of volcanoes parallel to the subduction zone. The Taupo super-volcano on the North Island of New Zealand began experiencing unusual seismic anomalies as early as 2010. There is fear that the growing seismic unrest in the South Pacific may awaken Taupo and volcanoes under the Kermadec Islands and Tonga. See graphs below


(Left) The Kermadec Island seismic anomaly and New Zealand graph (Right) January 30, 20111
Tonga 2009 eruption -BBC News —– 1. New Zealand Fault rip, MSNBC
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