Earthchanges: Time acceleration and collapse

January 30, 2011Future shock: The physical world’s rapid deterioration and the unraveling of civilization’s archaic social models are interfacing with the lightning speed of technical innovation. Everything around us appears to be in an accelerated state of change. “Shut up the words and seal the book to the Time of the End. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:4 As we approach the event horizon of time’s end as we know it for this present world, the pace of events in the world around us will accelerate. 
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5 Responses to Earthchanges: Time acceleration and collapse

  1. Elijah Brown says:

    Time itself is not speeding up, that is ridiculous. Our society has gradually sped up due to advancements in technology and whatever. But, yes it is a reality that we expect to get a huge amount done in one day in comparison to how it was some time ago. I think what is interesting about our technological advancement is the instantaneous of idea sharing that we experience now, i think will lead to the development of real psychic abilities. Most people are aware of experiments conducted showing that idea transmission happens naturally and inexplicably (monkeys washing off salty potatoes), I think that we will embrace and enhance these concepts in the very near future.


  2. TERRY VINES says:

    Time has sped up yes a hour is still 60 minutes and day it 24 hours and a year is still a year. those simple measurements have stayed the same but it is passing by faster most are still slightly unaware of it. a measurement of time stays the same but the speed of it does increase thus making the measurements speed up while apearing they they have not to the average observer.. example have you ever botice a fix time say watching some movie or doing something else and afterwards feeling wow that did not seem it took long at all that movie did not seem to like it was 2 hours long.. do this set a alarm clock to a certain time get you mind off of it do something else . when alarm goes off check yourself did that seem like it took that many minutes to do what you where doing. your internal body clock was set when you where born to that time speed and as you get older you can sense the change of time speeding up.


  3. Adam Evenson says:

    Time and spacial events within which motion occurs are one and the same thing. Time and motion cannot be disentangled, as they are the same event. Time is motion and motion is time. Without motion, time could not exist, as time is but isolated bits of motion compared with (or relative to) other isolated bits of motion. Thus, because events are speeding up, so is time and because time is speeding up, so are events. Indeed, in truth and reality there is nothing such as time, but only motion. Time is a fiction of the human imagination based upon man’s desire to compare various kinds of motions with one another, such as, “How long does it take for me to get from point A to point B?” To that end man compares his “driving” or “walking” motions to the motions on the hands of a clock that is a regulated set of gears describing regulated motions to which one may compare one’s own bodily motions relative to the motions of the clock hands. Everything is motion and all comparisons between motions are relative one to the other, but none of it has anything to do with time (unless one calls time by the name, “relative motion,” which is back to square one, as relative motion is not time, but only relative motion. Why rename “relative motion” just to confuse oneself? It is sufficient standing alone.) Time is a useful fiction, but a fiction nonetheless.


  4. Dr. F says:

    If it were not for “non-disclosure agreements” and “national security contracts” and a host of other restrictive and intimidating hoops through which top level scientists have to jump through, we would be hearing about a truly fascinating tale of what is causing all the “strangeness” around us. Changes in magnetics, time, planetary dynamics, solar radiation, to name but a few. How much of it is natural and cyclical, and how much the consequence of artificial manipulation via technology? Who controls the technology and to what ends? What hidden conflicts are being fought 300 miles plus above us? Who flies in those wingless crafts? What lies in Antartica and are there openings at the poles? In building the 500 plus undergound facilities around the World, what are the Controlling Elite preparing for? Planet X, economic revolution, volcanic catastrophy, massive coronal ejections…? When will some of these marginal elites come forth with their stories? What will they do when money and interest is scratched away from the System and the Controllers are exposed for the little grubby, shameless, souless, deviants that they are? Better to be on the surface and bear witness to what’s coming, then underground with that filth. What’s truly ridiculous is not having the open mind and eyes to see the obvious all around us. We are at the end, thankfully. Not the end of life, nor the planet, but the end of this contrived System; this ridiculous engineered Matrix that barely veils its manipulating, enslaving, fraudulent nature that has been centuries in the making. The minds of the architects are / were clever, but they fell behind schedule and are now faced with the cosmic wash and rinse cycle. The dark and grubby simply hate to be cleaned, but the light and righteous will make sure the job is done right.


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