5.3 earthquakes strikes Tonga and New Zealand in the South Pacific

South Pacific stress break: The pressure we mentioned on the South Pole has manifested in three quakes in the South Pacific- a 5.2 in Tonga, a 5.3 in New Zealand, and a 4.7 near S Africa. 
4.7 earthquake strikes near Antarctica land mass
January 27, 2011NEW ZEALAND – “A large 5.3 magnitude earthquake rocked Taupo and was felt throughout the North Island early this morning. The magnitude 5.3 quake struck at 4.02am, 30km north of Taupo, at a depth of 150km, GNS Science reported. The quake was widely felt throughout the North Island. A police spokesman said they were yet to receive any reports of damage.” –The Daily Post
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2 Responses to 5.3 earthquakes strikes Tonga and New Zealand in the South Pacific

  1. carol says:

    I wonder was this the quake we felt or was it the rattle that Antarctica experienced?
    Would be interested to know if they were corrolated and what mag the Antactic quake was?


    • Carol, I think it was one of the effects of the trembling as the region is a manifest stress point for the disporpotionate amount of weight distributed on the southern polar region affecting the planet’s angular momentum. Think of it as a the shaking of the front end of your car when a balancing tire weight is removed. Quakes occur across the Antarctica ice cap all the time. They are mysterious and most are attributable to the grinding of the massive sheets of ice which are more than 3.2 kilometers thick in places.


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