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South Africa hit with worst flooding in living memory- 120 dead

January 28, 2011 – JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Food crisis: South Africa is reeling from unusually heavy rainfall that has caused flooding in many parts of the country, wiping out crops in what is the continent’s main breadbasket. More than … Continue reading

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Unusual cloud burst floods streets in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

January 28, 2011 – JEDDAH – The death toll has risen to 11 according to Bloomberg News. “Torrential rainfall submerged streets and cut off electricity in parts of Saudi Arabia’s second largest city Jeddah on Wednesday, raising fears of a … Continue reading

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Cyclone takes aim at western coast: Australia braces for another flooding catastrophe

  January 28, 2011 – PERTH – “Western Australia’s southwest, including Perth, is on cyclone watch with residents warned to brace for high winds, bushfires, coastal storm surges and localised flash flooding. Category three tropical cyclone Bianca was at sea … Continue reading

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Magnetosphere anomaly may be indication a reversal is accelerating

  January 28, 2011 – Above- Normal: We see a strange pattern in the planet’s magnetosphere which may be one more indication of a gradual magnetic field weakening. Below: The field looks like it’s having some difficulty generating field strength … Continue reading

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Michio Kaku analyzes the Yellowstone threat to North America

January 27, 2011 – Yellowstone is showing growing signs of unrest but an eruption is not imminent. When the super-volcano will unload is anybody’s guess?  All we have is warning signs and we will continue to monitor them closely. About the … Continue reading

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Colombian Geleras volcanic eruption ‘imminent’ says experts

January 27, 2011 – COLOMBIA – “Colombian authorities have raised the risk level of the Galeras volcano to orange alert, meaning an eruption is likely within days or weeks. The Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining (Ingeominas) declared the alert … Continue reading

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New York January snowfall totals break new record

January 27, 2011 – NEW YORK – “The storm came in two rounds, an initial burst on Wednesday morning and then a heavier round late Wednesday through early Thursday. Unlike previous storms this season, heavy snow also fell in Washington, … Continue reading

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5.3 earthquakes strikes Tonga and New Zealand in the South Pacific

South Pacific stress break: The pressure we mentioned on the South Pole has manifested in three quakes in the South Pacific- a 5.2 in Tonga, a 5.3 in New Zealand, and a 4.7 near S Africa.  4.7 earthquake strikes near … Continue reading

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