A hundred pelicans fall ill in Florida- 12 found dead

January 19, 2011 MAYPORT, Fla. — “Bird experts in Jacksonville are trying to figure out what killed a dozen pelicans in Mayport and sickened more than 100 others. The recent deaths come just weeks after the mysterious deaths of thousands of birds falling from the sky in Arkansas. Cindy Moseling, who’s been caring for and rehabilitating birds at Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary on Big Talbot Island for decades, said she has seen her feathered friends die for various reasons, but is especially concerned this time. “The last few days, we’ve had quite a bit of birds dying,” Moseling said. She said she’s found the pelicans dead near the St. Johns River and seen at least 100 more that don’t look healthy. She said it’s because of something in the water. She and other bird experts don’t know exactly what’s wrong, but they do know something is wrong. Moseling said the deaths point to an unhealthy St. Johns River. “The birds are telling us something,” she said. “The birds are screaming as loud as they can, and no one’s listening.” While the cause of the deaths is still undetermined, Moseling and the workers at BEAKS said they’re doing everything they can to save the beautiful birds, but they need the community’s help.” –News4Jax
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3 Responses to A hundred pelicans fall ill in Florida- 12 found dead

  1. brandon-v says:

    this has to be bp. whether its bp or corexit, this has to something to do with it. its in the gulf, tar balls are still being found, and oil is still said to be seeping in the sand. bp must suffer and be punished more than they have


    • Fabiano says:

      i couldn’t agree more! you cant dump however many billion litres of oil into the ocean and expect no consequence, our sensitive flora and fauna are dying all around us due to Humans selfish and careless acts. it makes me sick….


      • Nancy Perry says:

        With all the birds, fish, marine life, penguins and etc dying in masses all over the world, sounds like there’s something more going on than oil.


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