Planetary tremor- 7.0 earthquake strikes off coast of Loyalty Islands

January 13, 2011 “A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck off New Caledonia’s Loyalty Islands early this morning, but there are no immediate reports of damage. In a revised statement the United States Geological Survey lowered the magnitude of the quake after seismologists reviewed the event. The earthquake struck at 3.15 this morning local time as a shallow depth of 4.6 kilometres, 125 kilometers northeast of Tadine in the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia, and 135 kilometres southwest of Vanuatu. A series of aftershocks, the most powerful measuring 5.9magnitude, rumbled through the area after the quake. The crisis unit at the French high commission in Noumea has confirmed the quake was felt by the people in the Loyalty Islands but says there have been no reports of damage so far. A holiday resort in the main village of We on the island of Lifou moved guests from beach bungalows to the main hotel building after the quake. The resort says they have not heard of any reports of damge from the quake so far.”  –Radio New Zealand

The warning sign we saw in the Australian seismic pattern has manifested in the quake near Caldonia.  And now we see a troublesome sign of a major seismic disturbance in Alaska. Check out the seismic graph of the heavy pattern in Alaska. Stay tuned…
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2 Responses to Planetary tremor- 7.0 earthquake strikes off coast of Loyalty Islands

  1. brandon-v says:

    whats a planetary tremor?


  2. Mr. Terry Vines says:

    by the all the data with in the next 30 days expect a 7.2 to 8 in the pacific


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