Strange massive tear in the solar surface- Earth quivers

January 12, 2011 – There is massive tearing on the solar surface in the latest pictures of the solar corona transmitted by SOHO.  May we be the first to say that what we’re looking at is altogether strange and a little bizarre.  A larger resolution picture is not currently available on the Space Weather website.  No need to formulate any theories…we’re just saying in all our years of pouring over coronal holes- this latest snapshot of the Sun is the oddest.  The magnetosphere underwent a dramatic twist last night in the onslaught of a high density solar wind stream but that’s not what caught our attention. Instead, it is the pattern of another plate obstruction involving the Australian and Pacific plates.
We see a heavy tremor followed by a large shaking which registered on most seismometers across the globe.  The intensity was strongest in this Pacific region so we see more trouble to come in this part of the world.  A deep and powerful 6.5 quake struck the Bonin Islands of Japan at a depth of 520.4 km and that perhaps best summarizes some of the massive tectonic stress movement of plates over the last 45 days. Update: This 3-D view of the Sun from the NASA solar observatory shows some unusual tearing on the Sun’s surface. 

January 16, 2011 snap-shot of the Sun


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17 Responses to Strange massive tear in the solar surface- Earth quivers

  1. Michael Rockwell says:

    This does not look good! I’ve only been watching and learning about the sun for about a year, but I’ve learned a fair bit in that time – enough to know that this is NOT normal. This may be big enough to hit mainstream news.


  2. Michael Rockwell says:

    I looked further into that picture, I believe its from last year when we had that huge solar storm. The sun doesn’t look like that at the moment.


  3. Laney says:

    There may have been a similar one last year but this one is posted on and dated 12 Jan 2011. Note the date in the url. Recall that last year we had a helluva Winter and the Haiti earthquake. The sun drives many things…


  4. We are experiencing the ripples of perturbance as our solar system merges through the galactic eye.
    As a boat heads out from shallow waters (choppy) into deeper water (troughs).


  5. You are looking at a solar x-ray image, not the common sunsopt variety.
    This image is indeed a valid solar image as per this site:

    What intrigues me is this: Can you give us some guidelines how to correlate seismic activity with solar events. How do you tie the two together?

    Thanks for your post – immensely interesting!


    • Juergen, though astrophysical research is still on-going for correlations between solar activity and seismic activity on Earth but this much we do know: Solar storms causes space quakes and can cause Earth’s magnetosphere to shake and consequently the planet. Sunspots contain very dense magnetic fields and it is theoretically hypothesized that entanglements can occur with Earth’s magnetic field. High seismic activity also seems to coincide with seismic activity and weather events on planet Earth. For instance, the 1859 Carrington super flare solar event was followed by the 1862 flooding event in California, the worst such disaster in the state’s history. It bankrupted California.


      • Hi:

        Many thanks for taking the time to explain. Although I was hoping for a more direct correlation between earth quakes and our sun’s activity, I will pay particular attention to your finding from now on.
        Sunspots are non-existent right now (at least visually) but the x-ray image nevertheless shows immense disturbances that are going on in the sun’s environment. Science has been way too complacent for many decades regarding its effort to demystify the sun and this lack of research is now coming back to bite us in the heels. The neat thing about solar research progress is that technology now uses satellites (or space probes) to bring our tech eyes closer and behind the sun. How neat! That’s how we discovered earth’s dark twin.

        Thanks again for a very revealing post!


  6. lennchma says:

    Every 12 years the suns magnetic poles reverse. Now it’s prepairing to flip.


  7. peter says:

    if the upper black area is a “coronal hole, what about the lower black area?


    • Also a coronal hole. The events that will define solar activity of the 24 cycle approaching the maximum will be anomalistic. In some ways, we’re moving into uncharted territory with the unusual behavior of the Sun. Some of these events won’t lend themselves to easy explanations. We’ll have to keep observing and watching.


  8. Emily says:

    There were claims (not from reliable sources) that ‘Planet X’ or whatever you want to call it would be visible to the naked eye in December. That of course is not happening. Could the sun have absorbed Planet X, which obviously would cause symptoms never seen before, especially ‘tearing’?


    • Emily, coronal holes are cooler regions of the Sun that exhibit unusual and still not fully understood behavior. They possess a very low density- typically something on the order of about 100 times less than the surrounding corona. The violence forces involved in the tearing of these regions on the solar surface are almost unfathomable as they project magnetic fields, and streams of charged particles that explode outward from the Sun and create powerful solar wind streams. With the Sun’s immense temperature of 11,000 degrees F and the corona being nearly a 100,000 times hotter- it’s hard to imagine any large object coming close enough to the Sun to survive being incinerated. Yet the line-of thinking in your question is an intriguing one because the plasma trail from a comet can excite the Sun’s solar winds and may enlarge coronal holes- why? We still don’t know.


      • Emily says:

        So, if this mystery object which is much larger than a comet – supposedly several times the size of the earth – were to come into range of the sun to be incinerated, would it not produce pretty much the larger ‘holes’ that we see here? Could NONE of it really be left?

        I notice that all the talk of Planet X has ceased. NASA ‘they say’ mentioned this object, and then disavowed having mentioned it. Maybe there is a news blackout?

        (That sort of claim appears often on shrill internet sites – claims like “Oh see this video, it was suppressed on the Discover channel because of politics,” when I saw that video on the Discover channel around 2003.)

        Is there some point at which we can surmise, hypothesize or even conclude the sun did away with this big anonymous thing? – Surmise that either by the future symptoms of the sun and/or the failure of mystery planet to appear? Wouldn’t that large of an event be observed as it happened, with all our instruments?

        Supposedly Planet X was on a near-collision course with earth, and had impacted one of earth’s nearby neighbors (Venus, I believe) eons ago. So, the sun obliterating it would be a comparatively good thing for our planet.

        And if by some chance this incineration of Planet X did occur, what kind of earth events would we be expecting to come of that?


      • Emily, planets follow Keppler’s law of elliptical motion. Gravitation anchors them to something…otherwise, they are are an asteriod or a comet. A recent study has found a brown dwarf, say beyond the orbit of Pluto, could jetison comets into the solar system from the Oort cloud and perhaps that is a greater concern as the solar system eclipses the galactic plane around 2012. The Sun is a massive ball of unpredictable energy. It’s 99% of the mass of the entire solar system and supposedly has greater luminosity than 85% of all the stars in the Milky Way galaxy. In my opinion, it’s more than enough to concern us with without anything else entering into the mix.


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