Land sinks: 100 houses cracked by mysterious tremors near Bangladesh

January 12, 2011“DINAJPUR, Jan 11: About 100 houses have developed cracks and at least 600 acres of cropland in five adjoining villages of Barapukuria coal mine area under Parbattipur upazila, northernly district Dinajpur have caved in by 3 to 6 feet during last 3 years because of landslide, according to local inhabitants. While contacted, the official sources of Barapukuria coal mine company admitted the fact and said, houses of Moupukur, Kalupara and adjacent villages have developed cracks, while 600 acres of crop land of Jigagari, Moupukur, Kalupara and other nearby villages have gone down below surface. Rafiqul islam of Kalupara village said that the landslide happened followed by a kind of violent sound and mild tremor. During the incident the locals panicked hearing violent sounds which caused damage to their village and crop land too. As per statement given by Rafiqul islam, the affected villages as of now are Barapukuria bazar, Kalupara, Balarampur, Gopalpara, Moupukur, Patigram, Patrapara, Jigagari, Bashpukur, Amrapakuar and Baidyanathpar. The angry villagers laid siege on the mine office and staged demonstration, protesting the incident and demanding compensation.
During my fact finding tour to affected villages I found that the land of the area have developed cracks stretching 20 to 40 meters and caved in by 3 to 6 feet at the different places.” Financial Express

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1 Response to Land sinks: 100 houses cracked by mysterious tremors near Bangladesh

  1. brandon-v says:

    so places are sinking now? what does this mean?


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