Birds fall out of the sky in South America?

This video was just posted on Youtube. If anybody has seen media reports about this…drop a comment. And yes; this is getting weird.

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2 Responses to Birds fall out of the sky in South America?

  1. Patricio Gana says:

    After studiying the way they died, drowning, the theory is, scientists from Universidad Austral de Chile think it is related with the fishing industry. They got trapped with the nets as they were getting their food close to the fishing boats.
    Here is the link to the article in spanish:


  2. eternalu says:

    ‘Scientists’ who are worthy of the name are in exceedingly short supply in today’s world. They sell themselves to the highest bidder, and then release absurd stories about thousands of birds strangling in boat nets; or rivers of oil in the Gulf of Mexico just conveniently disappearing; or backscatter radiation at airports being harmless; or – again – thousands of birds in Arkansas being scared to death by fireworks. Unfortunately, people who finish university without majoring in ‘Take All of it With Salt” are the most gullible people on earth, and they are giving the rest of us who can still think for ourselves a serious case of constipation… but, believe me, we’re going to flex our muscles and get all of you out of our system.


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