Omen: 7.0 earthquake strikes Santiago del estero, Argentina

1.1.11 quake event

January 1, 2011A strong 7.0 earthquake has struck Santiago, Argentina. The depth of the quake at 562 km may have spared the country from widespread devastation from the seismic shock effect but it’s an indication we are in a period of seismic turbulence through the 5th of January with the eclipse. Southern California, at present, is being hit with an earthquake swarm.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina—A strong earthquake has struck in northern Argentina, but it was not immediately clear if there were any injuries or damage. The U.S. Geological Survey said Saturday that the magnitude-7.0 quake hit at 6:56 a.m. about 150 kilometers (115 miles) northeast of Santiago del Estero at a depth of 563 kilometers (350 miles).

1.11.2011 - Solar activity dramatically intensifies

The perfect storm has developed:

  • Multiple sunspots have broken out over the surface of the Sun
  • We have one of the largest coronal holes seen on the Sun all year
  • Planetary tremors are shaking the globe
  • We are on the periphery of a partial solar eclipse that will occur on January 4th
  • Earth is in perihelion position to the Sun

Seismic waves propagate through the planetary medium even when there is no lithospheric surface deformation of the planet. South America sits on a seismic and volcanic rich very active zone. Geological reprecussions should be expected from the Santiago quake. Let’s take a look at the most recent planetary tremor. The seismic pattern displayed on the world’s seismometers suggests a massive pulse tremor or jolt just hit the planet. Stay tuned, we expect more turbulence.

The 11:00 event. Planetary tremor occurred at 11:00 on 1.11.11

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