Editor’s note to readers about posting

A note to readers

Please keep your comments brief, positive and free of profanity. Do not make disparaging remarks about other readers. Lengthy discourses will not be considered nor will website self-promotions and links. Due to the extraordinary high volume of comments received, comments will be moderated as time allows. We cannot publish them all nor will we even make a perfunctory attempt to. Comments will be published solely at our discretion. Please do not write and ask why your comments are still in moderation or were not published. If you don’t agree with the premise of the site or the articles; my advice to you is to stay off the site. No hard feelings but we’re not here to convince anyone of anything nor do we believe in preaching to the unconverted. If you’re not awakened to these realities by now- chances are, you never will be. Peruse elsewhere and save your time and energy because we have no intention of you wasting ours. There are too many eager people who want to know the truth about what’s unfolding and it is our prayer and wish that the light, blessings and information will fall in their pathway.
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5 Responses to Editor’s note to readers about posting

  1. RainMan says:

    Great to hear that your traffic volume is up and it is well deserved.
    Thank you Mr Conway and all concerned for the hard work and kindness shown (and in my case tolerance 🙂 ), it’s what makes EP what it is.


  2. Niebo says:

    Guilty on several counts. I am sorry that some of my comments have been heavy-handed, long-winded rants; I get fired-up sometimes. Please forgive my indescretions, and, in the future, I will try to keep it brief. Like RainMan, I too am glad to see volume is up. People are waking. I pray, not too late.


  3. Yellow Bird says:

    hi a…
    i actually just read this (oops)… like N, i guess i too better apologize for a number of lengthy posts. i also get fired up sometimes- altho perhaps that time is here?
    really appreciate your having published a number of my offerings, despite their length


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