Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher preparing for ‘End of the world’

December 30, 2010 – “Ashton Kutcher is in hard training for the apocalypse, but this no big screen role: he’s afraid that armageddon is coming. Speaking to Men’s Fitness, Kutcher predicts that the “end of days” is on its way, and he wants to be prepared for the inevitable madness. He told the magazine: “It won’t take very much, I’m telling you. It will not take much for people to hit the panic button. The amount of convenience that people rely on based on electricity alone. You start taking out electricity and satellites, and people are going to lose their noodle. People don’t have maps anymore. People use their iPhones or GPS systems, so if there’s no electricity, nobody has maps…Then it’s like, ‘What’s the value of currency, and whose food is whose?’ People’s alarm systems at their homes will no longer work. Neither will our heating, our garbage disposals, hot-water heaters that run on gas but depend on electricity – what happens when all our modern conveniences fail? I’m going to be ready to take myself and my family to a safe place where they don’t have to worry.” The Huffington Post
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46 Responses to Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher preparing for ‘End of the world’

  1. Dan says:

    God, I hope people like him do not survive. We are trying to move forward, not be held back!


    • jeremy says:

      Dan do you have any idea of what is happening to the world around us? I think Mr Kutcher is absolutely correct and I pray that there are more people of his stature to come forward and let people know what is really going to happen…


  2. Spiderowl says:

    what a weird thing to say: like you know the guy! i believe him and am glad his thoughts are on a real future, not the fake world we all try to live in.The point is we are talking about a stranger, and yet: you are far stranger than he is, in the sense that he has the courage to stand in his own name,risk ridicule and silliness to warn us casual people out there,that we are not losing it, it is all really happening…and you,behind your anonymity take a slam at him….what is your thought process on this? anyways, many people will stand in the end for the saving of many,and if 10 folks on the planet wake up because of this man, who are you to say he has a lesser reward, when the word says the Lord is no respecter of persons,[for good or ill]how is it you feel comfortable to judge…?


    • Brave Helios says:

      Looking at Dan’s side also has its merits. It is the Hollywood crowd, including people like Kutcher, who have done monumental harm to our culture (while getting filthy rich so they CAN move to protected spaces). It is appreciated that he is speaking out, but make no mistake. The probability is that this man (as part of the Hollywood ingrate machine) has likely assisted the moral degradation and takedown of humanity in far greater proportion than the number likely to be saved by this announcement.

      Dan’s underlying premise is correct I believe. It is the greediest, wealthiest and most narcissistic among us who will survive because they have the stolen, accumulated plundered resources to do so. The worst element, not the best, of humanity will then be the ones to carry on their garbage into the new age. Which means it will be run pretty much like the old age. These masters of the universe will emerge stronger than ever to dominate the few outsiders who happen to make it through. This has happened since Adam and is what the royal bloodlines are based on. Old leaders=old behaviors=old kingdom to continue. You cant get orange juice from a potato.


      • I heartily agree with your statement. As one friend put it, this is all inevitable. The powerful will rise to the top and dominate the rest, always. However, once at the top, they do crumble and fall, only to rise again. Usually, their fall is quite spectacular as they tumble from such heights.

        But, here’s one more thing to consider. The powerful are also always likely to consume their resources, rather like deadly parasites, black slime molds, decaying funguses and rampant viruses. Then, they die. As do most of their little serfs and serflets.


  3. phoenix says:

    And what safe place is he talking about i wonder?


  4. susan veres says:

    Everyone should read the revelations, prophecies, and biography of padre pio—–and then prepare for THE END. and i am not joking.


  5. Jo says:

    Just based on this winter’s weather I would advise ANYONE to start looking into being self-sufficient. We don’t have to have a complete apocalypse to have transportation disrupted enough to make food scarce.


  6. Evangeline says:

    Noah was mocked in his day when he believed the last days were upon him & done as the Lord instucted him to prepare & build the Ark. And I assure you… Noah didn’t wait until it started raining to build that Ark. It is written in HIS word (Bible)… that the days we are in… are just as it was in the days of Noah!!! Take heed people… ignorance is not bliss in this matter! Will you have an ARK???


    • Starlin says:

      the ark has been build in Holland the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam search and you shall find , at the moment its been used as a life animal museum with all the animals mentioned on the bible


  7. stacey says:

    I am a single mama, with no$$…all I care about is the safety of my son. Thank you to all that post insightful thoughts, and wisdom to read..(padre pio). I feel a bit lost in these times, since my voice is often ignored. Family and friends mostly laugh when I caution to the signs of mother earth etc…Living on an island sounds like a bad idea! although I have heard some psychics claim Hawaii is safe. seems weird since the volcanoes are active. Just want to know where to go to have the best chance…Africa?? not sure I could get there…any other suggestions closer?? Peace and intuity and facts be with you all!!


    • SlaveNoMore says:

      There are safe places in North America. The most prominent in the United States is the Columbia Plateau (more specifically the Blue Mountains) in eastern Oregon. Hopiland offers refuge but you would need to get there before the Hopi’s go underground to survive the cataclysm just as they did for the deluge (biblical flood) 12 thousand years ago, and there is no more than three weeks from now before they do so again. The Zulu tribe and the Tibetans also offer unconditional refuge as they pledged to when they were given their Tiponi tablets 12 thousand years ago. However, ANYWHERE in the U.S. is going to be more survivable than the west coast and the Heartland (Bible Belt). Both will be completely gone and underwater (the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers will once again be ocean floor). 2012 is and always has been a decoy to keep everyone from preparing to survive in time. We have known since the 1970’s when the Mayan Calendar was equated using the correct long-count system by the majority of credentialed experts that the true ending date of the Mayan Calendar is 11/21/11 and not 12/21/12. 11/21/11 is also the date given by Nostradamus more than five centuries ago. The same Council of Tribal Leaders representing all of the Indigenous Natives of this continent that spoke before the United Nations General Assembly in the early 1950’s (and were also, of course, dismissed in complete disregard) made the announcement three months ago that NOW is the time, not a year from now. The 2012 date has always represented the “conclusion” of the earth changes and the beginning of what civilization is to come in the Fifth World (yes, this will be the fifth time we have started over, and not the second or third is is most commonly believed). So, most people alive right now will not live to see the first day of 2012 let alone the end of it.


    • sunaurora says:

      In Christs love, that is where we are to be. We will be caught up in the clouds as this destruction comes. How much more does God care for us, than the birds he feeds or the flowers he dresses for the evening. You need Jesus, stop listening to psychics and talking about mother earth, that is an abomination to Father God. Time is short no doubt. Please rely on Jesus not on man to direct you.


      • James Pursell says:

        I agree because that is what the Bible says. “Pray ye therefore that you are worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the earth.”


      • Patrick M says:

        No doubt in my mind or heart that The Second Coming of Our Lord Christ Jesus is at hand. We should all love and help one another until the time Our Lord Calls Us. God Help Our Country and The World.


    • robind333 says:

      Hawaii is NOT a safe zone.


  8. rozee says:

    Stacey, I think high mountain regions safest, …away from coast and live volcanoes! Underground is not a good idea. x


    • concerned mommy says:

      There is very specific, detailed information about “safe places” on the zetatalk website. it’s also a great resource, like Alvin’s page, on the changes happening across the globe. Info on food storage, crop circles, plate movements.


  9. Ruth says:

    I agree with Ashton, I have been preparing for over a year. We must know God, get our house both spiritual and temporal in order. If we hate anyone or need to ask forgiveness, better get it taken care of now! We cannot be forgiven by the Lord if we cannot forgive…we have very little time left and are in the birth pains of the Tribulation..put back food (dried beans, dehydrated potatoes, rice…ck out dates on cans and get those with longest shelf life..Salmon, tuna, chicken)—-


  10. Someone says:

    Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them on the day of the lords wrath…


  11. Bob says:

    December 2012 our Solar system will be aligned in the center of our galaxy. There will be HUGE disasters and tribulations leading up to it. But..Some say we will evolve to a higher plane. Look around. Nuclear disasters,new volcanos,more earthquakes,wars,weird plagues springing up. The Bible says in the end times,the Earth will be like a “woman in labor”. Anyone mention more UFO activity now than ever before. They’ve been here forever. Alexander the Great believed we were being visited from beings from space. His armies encountered a “glowing sheild” coming out of a lake while invading India. He even invented a crude type of bathysphere to find them under water. I believe Julius Caesar’s legions were being observed by as he called it also “Two glowing shields”. Freaked out his legions. They refused to cross a river while they were there. I’m a Christian. I believe in Christ’s return. However,the Lucferian power elite will try to fight his take over.


  12. Kathy says:

    Find God, prepare for the worst, pray and hope for the best.


  13. A Japanese guy says:

    wow this guy has everything! Nice wife, nice career and good intuition too


  14. Jenny Reader says:

    I have been saving a few dried beans, rice,tuna chicken,salmon. Just some things to help me til crops can grow. Got plenty of wild game on my canyon. Want to dance in the sun as long as I can. But have prepared a bit for what’s to come. Each pay period I get about 20$ work food stuffs. Just to be safe.


  15. Anna says:

    He says: people have no maps, people rely 100% on electricity…that is not true…maybe Americans do…but the vast majority of the world’s population live differently. I have never used a GPS and house alarms are just for very wealthy people in my country. Famine, war, violence against women, unemployment…these are real catastrophes we real people have to face, not trendy 2012 stories.


    • Rick says:

      Thank you Anna: The time is now . The place is here. Stay in the present and trust God. Mankind can do nothing to change the past , and the future will never be revealed exactly
      the way we want it to be no matter how much we plan and hope. Perhaps people like me
      who reside in wealthy nations could help this world by feeding the starving millions and
      and stand up for the oppressed around the globe


  16. cranberry says:

    If he survives, I suppose he’ll be looking to hook up with a sugar momma alien


  17. It will do us all good when we are thrown back to the most simple things … knowing which plants we can it, where is pure water, with which people we can barter food we still have or which we have grown etc. etc. We in the Western World are too much in convenience, we have too much things we don’t need, even too much food (therefore the obesity problem) … and we have to work most of our wonderful days – outside sun and sitting inside etc. ……. we work and work until we are old ……….. and there is no real enjoyment of living.
    I hope that the changing times bring us back into a natural life ……. with lots of time … and having only the essentials. I travelled for two years in a small van ……. I had everything, simple but good …….. I chose to go back to the “normal” life …….. I regret it!!


  18. Mecca says:

    Ashton is absolutely right. Everything we know and take for granted is based on electricity. Take out the power grid, you take out fresh running water, heat, refrigeration, plumbing etc. How long do you think people will last when the grocery stores no longer provide food? Where do you get your garden seeds? What happens when you can’t flush the toilet? Take a shower? Get gas for your vehicle? Where you gonna go what are you gonna do when the power goes out and doesn’t come back on? It won’t take very much, the power grid is over taxed, aging and very, very fragile right now.


  19. JPUnique says:

    We have to stick together. Groups of people have to brainstorm together and pull our resources together to survive. If there is a safe place that we know of, why not pull together and build safety. No one family needs to be alone. We have to help each other. “United We Stand. Divided We Fall.”


  20. Ann says:

    Nath…. In the events that lie ahead I pray you hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit… remember he told Noah to prepare? He told Joseph to prepare and told him what to store up? Don’t be blind to the times, God gave us all a brain so use it! If Noah would have not listened and obeyed the spirit of the Lord where would he have found himself? Without food, water, etc! And if ya think the rapture is about to take place think again and read the scripture where it says all these things happening are the beggining of things!


  21. unJulia says:

    This brat (he’s the half man in Two and a Half Men I hear, these days), needs reparenting and a good dose of Vitamin G(rownup). Why do they sacrifice people with real talents and leave these new wave of ‘bratpackers’ on our planet. They really are cruel, heartless monsters to leave us with Justin, Miley AND Ashton.


  22. unJulia says:

    The fact that anyone thinks Ashton has the emotional depth or humanity to even think an opinion up himself (we’ve all heard about his recent and very real comments he’s made on his Facebook page lately, right? The blurb he’s spewing out in the above article was written for him like a script by the people behind him. The real Ashton has shown himself very clearly lately on Facebook and has now had his computer taken away from him and his ‘people’ are now running his FB page. Don’t be drones. Don’t believe everything you read. Or that he even said any of the above himself. When is this going to end that people still believe what they see or hear. Ashton’s been send to his bedroom to hold his emotionally stunted little boy ego for awhile.

    He’ll be dating a much younger version of Demi in his next publicist’s publicity campaign. How LOVE cured Ashton. The new incarnation will be the exact same emotionally underdeveloped age as he is and they will live happily ever after. And have babies. And they will name their babies with stupid names and the ‘genetic’ cycle of narcissism will live on forever and ever.


  23. Rev Mark says:

    The best preparation is to “get right with God.”
    It sounds like he’s doing everything but that.
    That will be a fatal flaw in a lot of people’s preparation.


  24. Malhar says:

    we’ll be going back to stonage where it all began.. Don’t know whether we’ll survive or not..


  25. Only the beginning…

    Hollywood director, James Cameron, to abandon America for rural
    working farmland in New Zealand:



  26. Jeff says:

    There is NO safe place! READ REVELATIONS!!!


  27. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    Live or die…the purpose of this experiance is for mankind to make a chioce about his/her spiritual decision. Will you help others? Or, will you look to only your self? Most plan for survival…but it is more importatnt than that. It is equally importabt to think about what others will be experiancing. The elderly…the disabled/hadicapped…the children who lose thier parents…the depression/loss…the illness…the lack of medicine. I want to be on the front lines myself. I have for example been studying Herbal Medicine (weeds/plants that have healing properties:like pine needles hold Vitamin C if made into a tea).. I have learned how to make natural anitbotics.I have been teaching myself so I can teach others. The old saying teach a man to fish!? I may not live through this, but if I do by Gods grace…I want to be a becon of light for others. What about you?


    • brooke says:

      Your knowledge would be a gift to our future.people like. u need to survive….the frontlines will not survive be real about the caps that wil become of the world with no governments and no grid…no food water power medicine communications transport or. Fuel we will b alone to sustain our living believers need to go bush and self sustain…and if nothing happens hey we can call it a roughing it holiday…please consider I would like to believe therewould b survivers out their with your affinity and wisdom of nature….this may well become our pathway to. Creating a heaven on earth our Eden I am believer in natural science so I cannot ignore what I have come to believe….our natural world will begin a new cycle forced by a planetary magnetic shift…our material world may or may not be wiped out but our entire technological world empire will fall and the earths new magnetic directional pul wil render our technologies science invalid…all we will have is nature…will we realize we r a species created to nurture nature not to hand over our control of our nature and believe in the false reality that humanity has


  28. brooke says:

    Ashton doesn’t know how Lucky he is 2 have the means to be able to prepare we believe and we r a struggling family…we hav 4 beautiful kids and reality is even a tipi shelter survival gear and s sustainable set up would b least 20k we r desperate to survive n thrive would anyone out there give us finnancial support or donate supplies…


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