India hit with freak bout of ‘freezing rain’

Strange Sight- Ice in a normally temperate river in India (c) AP photo file

December 29, 2010INDIA –  “India may not typically come to mind as a winter wonderland, but the nation’s Ladakh region has been struck by a bitter cold wave, leaving several bodies of water frozen and residents huddling close for warmth. According to reports, unseasonably low temperatures recorded in Srinagar hit a low of negative 5.9 degrees Celsius (21.38 degrees Fahrenheit). Pahalgam and Gulmarg recorded night temperatures of negative -6.4 degrees Celsius (20.48 degrees Fahrenheit), and negative 6.0 degrees Celsius (21.2 degrees Fahrenheit) respectively. The famous Dal Lake was partially frozen as a result, and the first snowfall is expected later this week. With no winter vacation offered this year, many Indian students are threatening to protest if the region doesn’t amp up heating facilities in local schools. In the meantime, youngsters bundled up in their villages for spirited matches of hopscotch and other games.”  –The Huffington Post
Thanks for the story Nanci
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