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  1. Julie says:

    Hey Alvin –

    Check this:

    Special attention to the “don’t know why we have anthrax after 3 decades of no anthrax in colorado”

    Have a great day, Alvin! Julie


  2. Johnny says:

    “The one on April 11 caused what scientists termed an “astonishing” increase in dangerous quake activity across five continents for at least six days, with temblors triggered, among other places, in Japan, Alaska, Mexico, and off the coast of Oregon.”


  3. Lawrence Dunn says:

    Greetings Alvin-

    I really enjoy your incredible work on the EP Blog…I’ve read ALL of your books. They are jam-packed full of fascinating stuff. I would recommend all EP posters to read at the very least “The Extinction Protocol” and “Sparkle” to gain an even more indepth understanding of what is now happening to us and our Planet!

    Your most recent stories regarding “Turkey, Syria, Russia, Israel & Iran” can be very confusing to many readers still trying to grasp what is happening in the middle east and how it relates to Bible prophecy. I found this very good article which pretty much puts these current events in context. The link is:

    Thank you again for your hard work, your brilliance and the light that you are shining on us all. Bless you and your work!


  4. Caroline in WV says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Maine earthquake rattles New England
    The U.S. Geological Survey said the epicenter of the 4.6 magnitude quake was about 3 miles west of Hollis Center, Maine, and about 3 miles deep. That location is about 20 miles west of Portland.

    The quake was felt in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including Boston, and as far south as Rhode Island and Connecticut.

    Incidentally, the estimated return times for an earthquake of 4.6 magnitude in Maine is every 24 years.

    From Maine Geological Survey:


  5. Caroline in WV says:

    USGS reports 6.3-magnitude earthquake 172km SSW of Port Hardy, Canada.. about 30 minutes ago. No Tsunami warning at this time.


  6. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin! Here’s another, an update to the recent article about the storms in the Pacific northwest:


  7. niebo says:

    Not funny: New study: H7N9 may mutate 8x faster than typical flu

    This thing is too “perfect”, Alvin

    and add this to that mix: huge car show in Shanghai, with visitors from all over the world


    • IMG

      I think scientists are scared senseless over this virus. I’ve been writing about viruses for over a decade, and I’ve never seen anything like it. The path of evolution of this virus from initial first case human transmission to pathogenicity is frankly mind-boggling. It’s like this virus arrived on the door-step as a killer. It’s already possesses the genetic means to effective bind to human protein receptors in a very complex manner, while appearing asymptomatic in the host—- which means any potential vaccine is likely to possibly only aid in the virus’s potential evolutionary leap to its enigmatic next level of complexity. If this isn’t the bullet that takes out a third of the human race; it’s certainly its ominous apotheosis and if this virus acquires the ability of a transmissible human index, it’s going to drawf any tragedy we’ve ever seen on this planet.


      • niebo says:

        Yes, yes, in the worst kind of way. Unlike, say, Ebola, which kills with such efficiency that it chokes the rate of spread, that this does not kill its host is a big part of why I say “perfect”; the birds are carriers, not victims. (Reminds me of Typhoid Mary but on a much grander scale.) And, some things I have not heard/read addressed: 1) What is the rate of infection bird-to-bird, and 2) what if (this is just an idea) the virus is also vector-borne? A couple of stories have addressed that a number of the sick have NOT had contact with poultry or birds, but what if they don’t have to? Bird mites are very similar to ticks, are almost microscopic, and they can and will bite humans.

        Halfway into the article @ the following link are two studies of note, one in regards to mite infestations in chicken-wranglers, the other from Anhui province, China, regarding a mite that thrives in humans, and at the bottom of the page, the next to last study is out of Sweden regarding the poultry red mite, a suspected vector of pathogenic bacteria in birds that has been documented to infect swine and other mammals.

        And, thank you for taking a moment!


      • tonic says:

        “That does not mean that H5N1 or H7N9 could never become airborne human infections; last year scientists showed that it would take around five mutations for bird flu to do just that. H7N9 has already undergone two of the mutations needed in the space of a month. But whether it will go any further is impossible to predict.”

        “It’s like rolling the dice or winning the lottery. The more you do it, the more likely the mutations are to crop up and therefore limiting the number who are getting infected by this virus at the moment is the best thing that we can do to minimise the chance that this virus could ever turn into a pandemic,” said Prof Wendy Barclay, chair of influenza virology, Imperial College London.


      • I
        Has the unthinkable already happened?

        And that may not be the worst of it. This appears to have already happened. Pulitizer prize winning author of the NY Times best seller The Coming Plague, Laurie Garrett wrote April 29, 2013: “The H7N9 virus, a new strain of the bird flu in China, has so far claimed twenty-two victims (27 now) and officials are watching its spread closely. Most worrying, at least one case has turned up in Taiwan, and three of the victim’s healthcare workers have developed flu symptoms, suggesting both that this epidemic has crossed country borders and that it can pass from person to person. Even more distressing, the healthcare workers wore full protective gear.”

        There are a lot of things about this virus we don’t know…including the range of transmissibility.



  8. kpastelle says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Hope you’re doing ok:) I am here everyday reading what’s up with the world news (that’s how I refer to your posts with my freinds) for I share the news you post with some co-workeers at work and they’re always very eager to get them.

    Now something happened here in Ottawa yesturday that got everyone wondering what happened.
    A bus driver with no record, always in a good mood, loved by family and freinds, who commited the
    unthinkable yesturday and nobody knows why?

    No I have a theroy, maybe its a little crazy but we do live in crazy times right? 🙂
    I wonder if when people do things like this and you can’t figure out why, could it be
    that something “evil” takes over them and they are not even aware of what they are doing at that time?
    Could it be that the devils demons can do things like this more randomly and easily know that we are approching the designated time and date?

    Here is the link to what happened


  9. jenny mcneal says:

    The disease that killed a million piglets in China has spread to the US, and no one knows why


  10. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin: H7N9 in Hong Kong

    Great “show” Saturday – You have a voice for radio! Also, I laughed out loud at the, er, “steering” by the host; she really didn’t want to consider that God might be “mad at us”. IF it comes up again, I have two responses to suggest:
    1) “Only some of us, the heretics, idolaters, and the unrepentant rebels.”
    2) “There is a system that is in place that is, at its core, anti-God, one that pursues greed, lust, and hedonism without regard for the sanctity of life and without respect for nature, its resources, or peace among men, and this is a problem, because God is not mocked.”

    I hope all is well!


  11. jenny mcneal says:

    it isn’t just birds that are dying. As you will see below, something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well. In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and “oozing sores


    • Terry Culp says:

      i believe the answer you’re looking for may be in this link its kind of spooky but very feasible, it warrants looking into. It would be good if other people would try same experiment.


  12. niebo says:

    Also, have missed the radio show. What’s up?


  13. Spain says a Madrid hospital nurse has tested positive for Ebola; emergency protocol put into place –


  14. niebo says:

    And this doesn’t help, either: the US military has an Ebola detection machine . . . but the FDA won’t allow hospitals to use it:


  15. niebo says:

    Hey Alvin, have you seen/heard about this?

    HONOLULU —The coral bleaching at the Kapoho tide pools on the windward side of the Big Island is the worst scientists have seen. “80 percent of coral is under stress.”


  16. niebo says:

    Sorry, that’s Montana and ND, NOT Wyoming. Yellowstone River in MT not WY. Thanks


  17. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin . . . it wasn’t so long ago (2013?), during the Texas drought, that you had a story similar to this about how receding waters were revealing grave sites; now this, from Houston: probably not headline worthy, just fyi, in, “the waters will give up their dead” kinda way:


  18. niebo says:

    Hey Alvin! A few weeks ago, I moved to an area with NO internet service, and I have been too busy at work to do anything but . . . drink (had to say that). Am on borrowed pad on a pirated network 🙂 so have no idea how to drag a link, but have you looked into the recent train derailments? Just wondering, and God bless you!


  19. niebo says:

    Hello, Alvin!

    THis is a follow-up to the recent antibiotic resistant bacteria; according to Forbes, the gene is linked to antibiotic use in the livestock industry:


  20. niebo says:

    Given less than 48 hours to read the bill (and zero chance to debate), the public never had opportunity to oppose it as they have for several years: CISA is included in the “omnibus” bill. So, now it’s law.


  21. JENNY MCNEAL says:



  22. niebo says:

    Hello, Alvin, sir: the title of the article says it all: “Secret Text in Senate Bill Would Give FBI Warrantless Access to Email Records”


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