Earth’s magnetic field is failing

Earth's magnetic field is failing and is heading for a polarity reversal

A magnetic field reversal has never occurred in human history with 6.5 billion people walking the planet.  What effects a magnetic reversal are thought to have on the planet are not fully understood or known?  What we do understand is that we are already seen signs of rapid polar and jet-stream migration, increased seismic agitation at both poles as well as increased tectonic plate agitation. The planet is also experiencing a period of heightened volcanism.  82 volcanoes have erupted in 2010- the highest number ever documented in recorded history.  The seasons are erupting with more extreme weather events and our growing seasons are disappearing one by one across the globe as floods, droughts, and temperature extremes are making crop cultivation extremely impossible.  Planetary tremors also began shaking the planet in October of 2010. Seismometers across the globe are now registering this ‘rare geological phenomenon.’  The planet’s only line-of-defense against the onslaught of solar winds from a Sun that is expected to convulse between 2012-2013 is in deep trouble.  Are we heading for doomsday?

The interior of the planet is over-heating and the magnetic field is failing

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