Yellowstone eruption: Report claims that US has contingency deal with Brazil, Australia to move millions of Americans

May 2014 WYOMING - If the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts then millions of U.S. citizens could end up in Brazil, Australia, or Argentina. That’s according to the South African news website Praag, which said that the African National Congress was offered $10 billion a year for 10 years if it would build temporary housing for Americans in case of an eruption. The potential eruption of the supervolcano, one of the biggest in the world, has been a hot topic ever since videos of animals allegedly fleeing the area before an earthquake were posted online. Although the veracity of the claims haven’t been backed up, dozens of bloggers and others have been trying to figure out what, if anything, is going on. One of the latest theories is that the U.S. Geological Service and its partners, which keep an eye on the caldera, are hiding data from the public. The Praag article says that the South African government fears that placing so many Americans in South Africa could dramatically change the country.
“South Africa will not be part of the plan, because there is a risk that millions of white Americans could be sent to South Africa in an emergency situation and that this would pose a risk to black national culture identity,” Dr. Siph Matwetwe, spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, is quoted as saying. “We have our own challenges, even if there is enough housing and infrastructure available, it will destabilize the country and may even bring back apartheid.” The gigantic volcano in Yellowstone has erupted three times over the last two million years, covering a huge area of surrounding land. Maps from educational institutions and government officials project that up to 17 states could be fully or partially impacted if the volcano erupted again. The far south of Canada could also get hit, as well as the far north of Mexico. Scientists aren’t sure when it will erupt next, although many have sought to assure the public that it probably won’t for a while. In reality, the volcano could erupt at any time, though officials would in theory be able to detect an impending eruption and alert Americans to the threat. –Epoch Times
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36 Responses to Yellowstone eruption: Report claims that US has contingency deal with Brazil, Australia to move millions of Americans

  1. Doc says:

    If the situation was reversed and citizens of South Africa needed to come the Western Hemisphere and U.S. and we made the statement Dr. Siph Matwetwe made we would be branded racist.


    • KOT says:

      Totally agree, White’s cannot find work: After the good faith of the 1994 election. It is the ANC that is now racist. But as usual the liberal west ignores their little political nightmare/s on the alter failing Globalisation and world mayhem


  2. John says:

    Wasn’t this just an April fools joke?


  3. ………….Hey Stan,  ………..and as if we didn’t have enough to worry about with regards to our own government f*%king us off!!!  ……… wanna live in Brazil, or Australia, or Argentina?  Hell, maybe even South Africa???   …………..get your marshmallows ready!!!


  4. Is this the year?


  5. Mr. Torres says:

    How many people you think would actually go live in camps for years in a foreign countries. Will it be a choice or forced?


  6. Fr. Duffy fighting 69th says:

    I am afraid that map is overly optimistic. The kill zone is in actuality global, for if we have a caldera sized eruption, the climactic impact would bring world-wide starvation, disease and war. I am betting that the world elite have established their own safe zones on the surface, below the surface and in orbit, to ride out the worst of the fall out. I am pretty sure I am not invited to the safe zones.


  7. richfish30 says:

    If the so called “fake videos” of animals leaving the park and the recent uptick in quakes in the area are alarming scientists and government officials then maybe there is something going on that we are not being told. Why would the US spend money on a plan to relocate Americans when we are already broke unless there is something coming…but the though of leaving my home, community and friends is heart breaking


  8. Griffin Walker says:

    I thought I read Australia had said no. I know Africa said no, due to the fact whites would out number. Lol reverse prejudice


  9. Robert Mees says:

    We need to start moving residents of the North East to other countries now to make room for citizens of the mountain states who may someday be displaced by the supervolcano.


  10. Dennis E. says:

    White people would not go to Africa.
    I would stay here before I did that.
    But, I intend to stay in America.
    Some would think Blacks from America would fair good in Africa because of the culture relation.
    I don’t think so, The standard of living is different.
    Of course if Yellowstone was to explode, the standard of living for everyone would decrease.

    Off the top of my head, I read a prophecy within the past two-three years and I think it was
    from Stan Deyo’s site about having to relocate and horrors coming from that through the host countries. Being placed in interment camps……..
    Many people hate us out there.


    • bobby90247 says:

      Hey, Dennis!
      Sorry, but you’ve been misinformed and lied to, all these years about Africa! I’ve been talking to many people from Africa through Christian websites and have discovered that their “standards” are EXACTLY the same as ours! True, there are many places where they live in complete poverty, and worse! But, that is due to their corrupt government AND the Global “elite” that are draining every cent from them. The people I have come to know through the Internet, could have been my best friend next door that I grew up with all these years! AND, I’m 61 year old! From childhood to now, there stories are the same as MINE!!!

      btw…South Africa is divided 59% African, 39% English


  11. Weedga says:

    Nothing wrong with Australia mate ..we are the lucky country…lucky that we don’t live in America!


  12. bobby90247 says:

    Truthfully, I’m seriously considering moving to Australia, anyway! The country is booming and they really need “skilled labor” in all aspects of the economy. As I understand it, this is a “ground-floor” opportunity to build a thriving business there!


  13. Janice says:

    Any other sources besides the one cited?


  14. Irene C says:

    Outside of the fact that the ash fallout will affect the entire planet and that these countries probably won’t have the resources to take care of an influx of refugees, I was sitting here trying to think of a witty retort to this article, but I guess I’m too tired to think of one. I’ll stay here and take my chances.


  15. angel says:

    If this is true, it could have helped SA into the future as it would not only gave SA the recourses to become a first world country but it would also have brought great development such South Africans has never seen and would have enriched the lives of all South Africans. South Africa would be turning a blind eye and to say yes to a chance like this is would be yes to the future but to say no is a clear indication of fear to grow, fear for a better future, fear to deal with a first world country but most of all a attempt to keep keep SA in the current situation where 98% of SA are living in powerty and with heavy finansial straints. The 2% remainning would say no as they enrich them selfs with the current situation in SA.


  16. Z-Otis says:

    Three blind mice see how they run , the farmers daughter took off with the preachers son ,the American government will continue too amaze use in repressive ways that benefit their own tabernacle.


  17. they still have half of their country to fit in, why should they disrupt other societies?


  18. val says:

    I’m curious when south Africa was offered $10 billion a year for 10 years to build houses for Americans.


  19. nanoduck says:

    If that happens, I am staying and roughing it out. I find the idea of having vast, uninhabited area to myself rather appealing. Of course, it will affect the entire world anyway, there is no escape.


  20. Hi, one thing wrong with time scale. It hasn’t erupted within 2 milj. years. It happened appr. 4 500 years ago. The calculations and simulating programs assume too vast time scale, that is one basic mistake in all predictions of vulcanos and earthquakes.


  21. H says:

    Keep in mind something like 95% of all American grown food comes from the states within the “kill” zone. No matter where you live in America, you will be effected by this. We have to remember this is not OUR planet, we were just born here, and we have to accept mother nature’s natural events.


  22. David Fuller says:

    Being ex-military and having been in each of those areas possible for evacuation of Americans. Australia, by FAR, would be your best choice. It reminded me so much of the U.S.A. when I was there. Not too much to get accustomed to there. Would be an EASY transition.


  23. if this eruption happens it will produce more than 1000 times the amount of co2 mas\n has produced by burning fossle fules since the beginning
    of recorded time so much for climate change


  24. jacquesokes says:

    I live in South Africa, the government cannot build houses (that they have promised and have just not delivered) for their own underprivileged people, as money hungry as our President is. He could be doing a good thing by helping the Americans out(creating jobs by using the SA residents to build the houses), but instead he spends 240million on his personal house which was paid for out of our tax money. Americans would be shocked to see the corruption here. Our President doesnt want educated people here seeing how he is failing to run a country… Granted, we don’t have that much space, but how about at least taking a certain amount? The boost to the GDP would be a positive impact for us all.


  25. Jason Lilly says:

    at least califorina is safe


  26. bobby90247 says:

    i HATE to burst everyone’s bubble, BUT…”Who” wrote this fantasy? “IF” you take a moment, as I did, and read through the article, NO ONE of any importance, wrote it! It is NOT from some government agency in either the U.S. OR Africa…whatsoever!

    As a matter-of-fact, the person writing it, as far as I can tell, is nothing more than a low-level journalist? There is no Phd., Dr., or anything else that associates him with ANY agency at all.

    In my opinion, until someone can “validate” the article, the article is PURE FANTASY!


  27. Aidan says:

    Thank everyone who was talking positively about this situation. I am only 11, and I just looked this up because I was having depressing thoughts. I am going to say something kind of sad now: You would think that we could all just move back in right? Maybe not but whoever does, your wrong. It will be years without with out sun, and that means: No plants, no crops, no food, no trees, no animals, nothing. And to add on to that, years and years without the sun will most likely result in an icy wasteland in the “Kill Zone” and the Primary ash zone. It will not be happy. We will definitely have to make changes and adapt to this. And sorry for getting into this conversation because I am so young but I just think I need to say this. We will be able to survive and eventually move back into the area that was affected. And this is just implying the fact that the super volcano will blow. If it is EVER going to blow, I am almost positive it won’t happen for a long time.


    • Aidan, we want to thank you so much for sharing your heart & insight regarding the potential eruption of Yellowstone Volcano. You may be 11, but you speak as one with wisdom willing to share pure truth.

      I am cj one of the 2faithful beach bums. We walk with & serve The Lord God. We would be honored & blessed to open to you the internet radio door GOD opened for us so that a worldwide audience might hear your thoughts.

      We want to lift you up & encourage you in The Lord that you not be stressed & depressed. It’s hard for anyone to handle so many chsnges going on in this world, even adults. This is where GOD’S eternal LOVE & good plan for you comes into blossom. No matter what hang on, talk to your Creator daily, don’t give up & keeping speaking out.

      Get together with your parents & give us a call if you would like to talk & share your heart On Air!

      In Yahshua/Jesus precious name we pray well for you, your family, friends & generation! Much shalom love,
      cj Randolph


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