Ecosystem crisis: Bees dying by the millions in Canada – cause unknown

July 2, 2013ELMWOOD - Local beekeepers are finding millions of their bees dead just after corn was planted here in the last few weeks. Dave Schuit, who has a honey operation in Elmwood, lost 600 hives, a total of 37 million bees. “Once the corn started to get planted our bees died by the millions,” Schuit said. He and many others, including the European Union, are pointing the finger at a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, manufactured by Bayer CropScience Inc. used in planting corn and some other crops. The European Union just recently voted to ban these insecticides for two years, beginning December 1, 2013, to be able to study how it relates to the large bee kill they are experiencing there also.Local grower Nathan Carey from the Neustadt, and National Farmers Union Local 344 member, says he noticed this spring the lack of bees and bumblebees on his farm. He believes that there is a strong connection between the insecticide use and the death of pollinators. “I feel like we all have something at stake with this issue,” he said. He is organizing a public workshop and panel discussion about this problem at his farm June 22 at 10 a.m. He hopes that all interested parties can get together and talk about the reason bees, the prime pollinators of so any different plant species, are dying. At the farm of Gary Kenny, south west of Hanover, eight of the 10 hives he kept for a beekeeper out of Kincardine, died this spring just after corn was planted in neighbouring fields. What seems to be deadly to bees is that the neonicotinoid pesticides are coating corn seed and with the use of new air seeders, are blowing the pesticide dust into the air when planted. The death of millions of pollinators was looked at by American Purdue University. They found that, “Bees exhibited neurotoxic symptoms, analysis of dead bees revealed traces of thiamethoxam/clothianidin in each case. Seed treatments of field crops (primarily corn) are the only major source of these compounds. Local investigations near Guelph, led to the same conclusion. A Pest Management Regulatory Agency investigation confirmed that corn seeds treated with clothianidin or thiamethoxam “contributed to the majority of the bee mortalities” last spring. 
“The air seeders are the problem,” said Ontario Federation of Agriculture director Paul Wettlaufer, who farms near Neustadt. This was after this reporter called John Gillespie, OFA Bruce County president, who told me to call Wettlaufer. Unfortunately, Wettlaufer said it was, “not a local OFA issue,” and that it was an issue for the Grain Farmers of Ontario and representative, Hennry Vanakum should be notified. Vanakum could not be rached for comment. Yet Guelph University entomologist Peter Kevan, disagreed with the EU ban. “There’s very little evidence to say that neonicotinoids, in a very general sense, in a broad scale sense, have been a major component in the demise of honeybees or any other pollinators, anywhere in the world,” said Kevan. But research is showing that honeybee disorders and high colony losses have become a global phenomena. An international team of scientists led by Holland’s Utrecht University concluded that, ”Large scale prophylaxic use in agriculture, their high persistence in soil and water, and their uptake by plants and translocation to flowers, neonicotinoids put pollinator services at risk.” This research and others rsulted in the Eurpean Union ban. The United Church is also concerned about the death of so many pollinators and has prepared a “Take Action” paper it’s sending out to all its members. The church is basing its action on local research. The Take Action paper states among other things, “Scientific information gathered suggests that the planting of corn seeds treated with neonicotinoids contributed to the majority of the bee mortalities that occurred in corn growing regions of Ontario and Quebec in Spring 2012.” Meanwhile Schuit is replacing his queen bees every few months now instead of years, as they are dying so frequently. “OMAFRA tells me to have faith. Well, I think it’s criminal what is happening, and it’s hard to have faith if it doesn’t look like they are going to do anything anyway,” Schuit says. –The Post
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45 Responses to Ecosystem crisis: Bees dying by the millions in Canada – cause unknown

  1. ets1 says:

    NO mystery here, bees are dying due to environmental factors. We would have learned more about that had Monsanto not bought the lab that first broke the news about bees dying and why. Our ag system relies on chemicals. These are killing not just bees but anything else too … including the soil.

    Buy nothing but organic if this is something you care about. And btw washing your produce doesn’t get rid of the chemicals. You eat them and over time they impact your health. Don’t believe it, do the research and decide for yourself.

  2. twclark66 says:

    Reblogged this on NoWorksSalvationApocalypseNow and commented:
    The Bee kills is a monumental story as it pertains to agriculture. People who have studied the Bee kills over the past decade can see correlations between big Ag and the attack on the whole agricultural system by companies such as Monsanto and their GMO disease causing foods.

  3. David says:

    Our Bee Hives all died when farming started planting crops in Year 2000, so it’s not new, America chem’s kill everything today even people.

    • Bill says:

      The bees are being poisoned by neonicotinoid pesticides produced by Bayer and Syngenta, Monsento uses it as a seed coating on their corn and soy. Its 7000 times more toxic to bees then DDT.

  4. Madi says:

    could it be the Asian Wasp they are bringing over to kill of the Stick bugs?

  5. melsbabysis says:

    Was the corn that was planted from Monsanto? If it was, that’s probably the problem.

  6. Wiseguy says:

    Famous Einstein’s Quote: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” It’s very scary how much corn prices inflated since a few years, cereal boxes are shrinking but price almost doubled !!!

    • Jay says:

      This is Bayer (yes, as in Bayer Aspirin–same company; different branch). Monsanto has it’s own bag of nastiness as well. They aren’t the only two companies out there with poison seeds.

      • It’s not just their seeds, But also the pesticides they make and use. Last week there was a huge die-off of bumble bees in Oregon (I think). And it was caused by the insecticide they sprayed the trees with.

  7. Barry Mundy says:

    This is terrible, not suprising, but just terrible.

  8. The bees are dying because we have changed the magnetic resonance of the Earth to 18 to 20 hrtz. with the introduction and implementation of cell phone towers. The U government will pay you as much as twenty four hundred dollars per hive to raise colonies. Get a 7.8 hrtz transmitter; this will save them.

    • tim says:

      Raising bees is something Ive always been interested in. Where can you get more info on this?

      • James says:

        Look up BioBees on the internet, I built a top bar bee hive, coated the top bars with bee wax from a local bee keeper who has the same, and had a colony move in this spring naturally. They have built 8 combs so far and are amazing little creatures to watch. The top bar beehive is more natural and the bees are a lot more healthy than what man can make for them. Buying pre-made combs have larger cells in which it takes longer for the bee to mature, mites mature quicker and the bee does not have a good immune system. I am not in it for the honey, but just to give the bees a natural place to thrive. What is going to save the bees are people like the little back yard bee keepers who do not live next to large farms until this mess is straightened out with pesticides. If you are not afraid and not allergic to bees, they really are gentle and I wear no special clothing when working with them. I use a sugar water sprayer instead of a smoker. Smoke causes them to panic and think their hive is on fire, sugar water makes them busy cleaning themselves and not worry that some one is in their hive.

    • Donna says:

      Which gov’t. is the U gov’t.? United States? United Kingdom? where can I find that info ?

  9. marybell says:

    No Bees —No Food —= Panic, riots, and DEATH.

  10. Brady says:

    We know what’s doing it. If you guys don’t then you haven’t been on the Internet much. Its out cell phones and wifi screwin up there magnetic field an with the way they work. Experiments have been made. Look it up. Jeez

    • Its both neonicotinoids, manufactured by Bayer Crop Science Inc. used in planting corn and some other crops and how we have changed the magnetic resonance of the Earth.Its effecting the people too.There are more people with ringing in their ears now than ever and the GMOs are changing everyone’s health and not for the better, over weight and tired! and low defense systems!

      • twinkletoes says:

        Thanks for saying that. The ringing is worse during higher ‘electronic traffic’ times as I’ve been paying attention to the weekday and weekend patterns of loud/quiet. I agree, GMO is messing us up–our children’s allergies, weight gain due to body storing toxins it does not recognize, and lowers our energy. The cell phone is just another thing aggravating the bees, but the worse has to be these pesticide sprays on the crops, national parks, cities, dust from seed plantings, and please don’t forget those yucky airplane trails that fan out and dissipate overhead.

    • Ken says:

      I guess the link didn’t work. Here is what to search.

      Resonance: Being of Frequencies

    • Attacus says:

      Sorry but that’s rubbish, cell phones have been around long enough that if they where the culprit earth would have no more bee’s. didn’t you read the post? he said that as soon as the treated corn seeds where planted the bee’s started dying so clearly its related to whatever is in the corn that is killing the little dudes. and nothing to do with any sort of electrical currant.

      If anything else is killing the bee’s its all that rubbish there spraying day in day out into the atmosphere that will kill them all off as we know that stuff is toxic, we have no idea what it will do in the long run. I’m actually surprised small sensitive things like bee’s are still alive now with all the chemicals we use in everything they have every right to go extinct.

      • Hopeful1 says:

        Attacus, it’s proven that cell phone signals affect bees. That, in combination with the chemicals, radically increase the demise of the bees. Watch that video posted above, and check out this chart of cell phone increase worldwide since 2005.

      • Ali says:

        Cell phones are also responsible. The radiation from them causes the bees to become disorientated and lose their hives. If you place a mobile phone on top of a hive the bees will leave the hive.

  11. Sarah says:

    Insecticides kill what? Insects. And bees are? Yep, insects. It’s not rocket science folks. Dust from poisionious seeds/bait has a vast impact, I’ve seen it myself. It’s a disgrace.

  12. tonic says:

    Makes you wonder how many other species are also affected by cell phone masts, the countryside is littered with them. Almost every car now has gps, and there is also radio and tv signals. And wifi, bluetooth, and heaven knows how many others we are not aware of.

    I think there is a research facility somewhere in the States that has an “interference free zone”, it might be SETI, but not 100% sure. Be interesting to see how wildlife is coping there, depending on what the radius of the zone is.

  13. John says:

    The USA will have a food crisis in ten years because of several reasons. #1 The water supply to the western states is drying up. #2 The western states are evolving into deserts. #3 The food basket of the Sacramento Valley is out of water. #4 GMO plants are becoming poisonous to insects and to animals. #5 The bee population is dying. #6 Human populations continue to grow. Water and food wars are coming into view on the horizon of projecting into the future.

  14. M.Ann Ted says:

    it the fallen star and space cloud coming in August-September 2013 of Revelations book in the Bible . Science had indicated that dying bees would be a sign of such activity unclear how connected go to for more on the space cloud and Earth Destruction.

  15. Beam me up Scotty! says:

    I have been setting up natural habitats for honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, and hornets. They seem to love my brambles patches. They act kind of happy and drunk from the raspberry pollen.

  16. Bobby says:

    ITS very simple, stop letting the bees pollinate crops that have been sprayed with Round up, and others that are GMO that grow their own pesticides, which kill bugs. How much thinking does this take?

    • Kayla says:

      Monsanto all the way!! This company needs to go DOWN NOW! They are killing everything including us. Our planet will be inhabitable soon, too many chemicals everywhere….. :((((( We must stop supporting them and grow our own gardens. Take them down!

    • Jess says:

      How do you propose to stop bees from pollinating sprayed crops? Easier said than done.

  17. Could it be a Monsanto thing???

  18. Kajajuk says:

    Hmmm, in France bee deaths where also tied into Bayer’s chemical bouquet, what a coincidence.

    • twinkletoes says:

      Isn’t it? Not that anyone cares that the people that make all these “safe” chemicals also make our prescription medications!

  19. skywalker says:

    rule no.1 of capitalism=profit margins for share holders is priority , profit must be made at the cost of anything else .
    this is the same strategy of cancer, expansion and growth at any cost, even the life of the host body.

    after all, its just good business

  20. jeff says:

    Payback from Bayer, one gigantic headache?

  21. hvf says:

    The word “Devarim” in Hebrew is the same for “The Word” and “bees”

  22. Lord Elvis Presley says:

    It is because we are headed into an ice age. Things die off during ice ages.

  23. tonic says:

    When insecticides first appeared they were without any regulation, and far more lethal and widespread that we see today. The decline that is occurring is worldwide, not confined to only countries that use insecticides.
    And if we are honest food is a diminishing commodity, pointing the finger at farmers is easy, maybe hang back a little until some proper research is done. What can farmers do? stop using them and take a productivity drop that will eventually be passed on to us.
    Farmers have always been using stuff like this, why is only going into chaos in the last few years?

  24. Winter says:

    Nostradamus – comet/bees? signs in the sands=sea give up dead fish?
    tail and 1/3 of mankind?
    Silence in heaven for one hour? Comet related?

    Comets without a tail, will fill the sky, circling in silence,
    Big panic, offering rejected, A comet with a tail,
    Shoots among the bees, dies, And the leaders helpless.
    Nobody will recognise the signs on the sand.

  25. Ali says:

    It seems like one big plan from Monsanto.. Kill off the worlds honey bee population then people will have no choice but to eat their DNA altering, cancerous poison!

    • Faezeh says:

      Ali is Right.They, not only want to alter bee,s DNA, but also human as well,so reducing population along altering DNA become granted wish.

  26. miserere says:

    Do you know that Honey Bees are not native to North America? They are introduced by the European settlers in the 1600′s. Before that, there was no honey bees in North America. Plant lives seemed to be doing just fine before the arrival of the honey bees because plants were pollinated by native bees and other insects such as butterflies, beetles, wasps and flies. These insects are also disappearing but they are not getting the same attention as the honey bees. Is it because honey bees are making a more obvious negative economical impact than the other insects?

  27. Reelin says:

    Seeing lots of dead bees in Dublin too.

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