Great barriers do exist in space and Voyager may have reached one: now what?

June 29, 2013 SPACELaunched 36 years ago, the Voyager 1 spacecraft speeds a rate of about a million miles a day entering a bizarre and mysterious region more than 11 billion miles from Earth that scientists are struggling to make sense of. It’s a region where the fierce solar winds have all but vanished and pieces of atoms blasted across the galaxy by ancient supernovae drift into the solar system, the NASA probe is causing scientists to question some long-standing theories on the nature of our solar system and life beyond its cold dark edge dubbed the “magnetic highway” –a newly discovered area of the heliosphere, the vast bubble of magnetism that shields the solar system from deadly cosmic rays. Scientists had long envisioned this outermost layer of the solar systems, the heliosheath, to be a curved, distinct boundary separating the solar system from the rest of the Milky Way where three things would happen: The sun’s solar winds would become quiet; galactic cosmic rays would bombard Voyager; and the direction of the dominant magnetic field would change significantly because it would be coming from interstellar space, not the sun. “The models that have been thought to predict what should happen are all incorrect,” said physicist Stamatios Krimigis of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Scientists had assumed when Voyager exited the heliosphere, the vast bubble of magnetism surrounding the solar system, solar winds would become still, galactic cosmic rays would bombard Voyager from every angle and the direction of the magnetic field would change because it would be coming from interstellar space, not the sun.
But the latest readings from Voyagers instruments support none of those suppositions, scientists said. Voyager has reported solar winds suddenly dropped by half, while the strength of the magnetic field almost doubled, and those values then switched back and forth five times before they became fixed. “The jumps indicate multiple crossings of a boundary unlike anything observed previously,” a team of Voyager scientists wrote in one a study. Voyager did detect the expected increase in galactic cosmic rays but found at times the rays were moving in parallel instead of traveling randomly. “This was conceptually unthinkable for cosmic rays,” Stamatios Krimigis, a solar physicist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., told the Los Angeles Times. “There is no cosmic ray physicist I know who ever expected that they would not all be coming equally from all directions.” Whether Voyager 1 — which launched in 1977 — has truly left the solar system has been a matter of some debate, because scientists have come up with competing theories on what constitutes in outermost edge. “We’re not free yet,” Krimigis said. “This is a new region that we didn’t know existed. We have no road map, and we’re waiting to see what’s going to happen next.” –Daily Galaxy
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41 Responses to Great barriers do exist in space and Voyager may have reached one: now what?

  1. Woah,, I bet the guy who made the estimated guess is dead and everyone is saying it wasn’t my guess. I thought cosmic rays would be random, not fixed and coming from a singularity..

  2. justin maddux says:

    So it is still in our solar sytem?, at the rate its going is it likely that my children will learn about whats outside of the solar sytem befor I do?.I mean will it be past all that in 10 years?and how fast is it actually moving through space ?

  3. BirdOfTheFeather says:

    Its because we are not in the Milky Way Galaxy , we are in a dwarf galaxy crashing into the Milky Way

  4. Relic says:

    I’m not a scientist, but do have an electronics savy background, so let’s look at this from an Electric Universe point of view. First the linear vs random bombardment of cosmic rays. The galactic magnetic field, extending out along the galactic plane, could be ‘guiding’ the charged particles down this galactic ‘magnetic highway’ – like a microwave waveguide.

    Depending on field direction, the local magnetic field at this region could be inversely proportional to the detected solar wind. The data did suggest a doubling in field strength while observing a 50% reduction in the solar wind. But what is the cause of the increase in magnetic field strength? Current flow produces magnetic fields which in turn produce secondary current flows and then more fields. I would guess that the cosmic rays interacting with the outermost magnetic field is causing this increase, like a feedback loop. Why would this happen only at the edge of the heliosphere? Because those particles are hitting a ‘brick wall’ at the heliopause and very few (except for ENA’s) make it into the inner solar system.

    I imagine I could build a circuit simulation that would produce similar results in Circuit Lab. I may do so in the future.

    • bobby90247 says:

      “Nice…explanation!” and “logical!!!”

    • jehjeh007 says:

      First, nicely stated Relic. Second, you are right on the money and the logic is sound. However, don’t waste your wisdom on the experiment because it will not be done in zero gravity, hence it will be debunked. Try to see if someone can take it to space and perform it if possible. I know that’s a big order, but the field effect would be much more measurable without the gravitational flux of earth. Perhaps in a vacuum of sorts if done on earth?
      The galaxy is expanding, hence to solar winds will have fluxes of directional particles.

      • Gravity is a major factor in everything in our solar system . Where did it come from. My question mark key isn’t working on this pc so you know .The fabric of space that holds everything up, stars , planets, comets,asteroids,blackholes, better yet they claim that a black hole tears a hole in space and time, so they say. Whats on the other side past the singularity, is that in another dimention . Its much easier to believe that there is a God and he created it all. I for myself trust that he will save the true believers and the people that don’t will when they hear that there is a lot of missing people. A quote from God speaking to Job in the old testament, ” Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth.Tell Me, if you have understanding . Job 38:4

      • bobby90247 says:

        I believe the answer to this is in John “…you were with me…” when He created the Universe (paraphrased)!!!

        Of course, everyone will say that He was speaking to the “Prophets, Jesus, etc.”, BUT, if He was, then it would NOT be necessary to include it for “us” to know about as it would have been a conversation between “them” and not “us!”

        Therefore, “we”, WERE there when God created the Universe!

        Exactly “what” we, really ARE…is “open” for speculation (unless you know something I don’t). However, in keeping with the statement in John, I tell people this:

        “I am NOW, as I have ALWAYS BEEN, AND shall ALWAYS BE…A SPIRITUAL BEING” (not in the religious meaning)

  5. john pick says:

    Accident or created this way ???

  6. Sammy Shmitt says:

    Not only the Voyager, but this appears to be exactly the type of parallel cosmic waves that the Earth/Sun are also going through this moment.

  7. jon says:

    this is really interesting. wouldnt it b crazy if these ships somehow affected the suns rays magetism or solor wind or whatever. somehow acted like a mirror which redirected it back to the sun and changed the suns atmosphere which is y the quakes and volcanos are happenen?

    God destroyed the tower of bable cause it got to be to big but it did not get n e where close to space.

    just sayin

    • God destroyed the Tower of Bable because the people got to proud of themselves and he split them up . Your right about it getting to big and not getting any where near space.

  8. bobby90247 says:

    I “think” it’s amazing how all these astrophysicists and scientist “think” they “know-it-all” about “that” which we know NOTHING ABOUT! AND, then, they are “amazed” that things aren’t as “they” predicted!

  9. katesisco says:

    More mysticism from the voyage of Voyager. Long way to go unitl the Oort shell.

  10. jaaacques says:

    WoW This is just awesome and will shift the physicist’s into new frontiers to pioneer with the creation of new formulas and outcomes….

  11. Sounds like it hit compression waves

  12. Dennis E. says:

    It also reminds me of a short story I read in a sci-fi magazine 35 or so years ago; In that man had attempted to explore space past our solar system but there was a barrier,an invisible impenetrable barrier placed just past Pluto and mankind tries every technique to include the use of nuclear weapons and then while one day observing a pet guppy swimming in a bowl it suddenly dawn on the person that we were just a contained as that guppy and either for observation or for our own safety.

    Just a thought……….

    And I know, Voyager has allegedly past Pluto and exited the system…

  13. radiogirl says:

    Would this fit a theory that our earth has been separated and placed as it were into its current position?

    • I get where you going. I don’t think sin was the planet’s separation from the original schematic of creation. I think sin was man’s separation from the creation and Creator. Our solar system has obviously been subjected to a catastrophic destructive series of events of mind-bending proportions. The Bible speaks of a great war, the heavens being shaken, the disarray of elements, and Satan falling like lightning.

      • tabak says:

        dont u just think that we are just mikrobs that came out from earth sweat like they come out if u dont wash ur head in 2 weeks nd we are so special cuz we can think so egoistic how bout the rest of living creatures? lol

      • Most of the problems on this planet, in regard to deteriorating human relationships, is rooted in arrogance, selfishness, hubris and egotism.

  14. Wrexyko says:

    Well, there has to be an end somewhere out there. Infinity is not acceptable.

  15. Brandon says:

    The more man learns the more he learns how little he really knows.

  16. 4leonice says:

    The thunderbolts project has predicted very well what voyager will find when it left the heliosphere. It’s an electric universe were living in. Their conclusions are much more precisely than that from NASA.

  17. tabak says:

    maybe he reached the boundary of where heaven starts !!! lol or he just ran out of gas

  18. tonic says:

    Maybe quantum physics becomes more apparent and visible when looked at outside the influence of our sun. Remember dark matter and dark energy exist but we know little about them. And without a true understanding of them, how can we even guess what Voyager is going to find?

    • Relic says:

      May I suggest a video series on the true nature of magnetic fields. It’s called “The Primer Fields” and is in multiple parts on youtube. It may change the way you think about quantum theory, dark matter, black holes, and so on. It would seem that even our fundamental ideas about electro-magnetism have been flawed from the beginning, and these new discoveries explain everything from the Newtonian to the quantum levels. The videos are also available on our website under the ‘Electric Universe’ tab.

  19. Jimmy says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is. The Sun’s magnetic field protects the solar system from cosmic rays, just like the Earth’s magnetic field protects us, from the excesses of the Sun’s radiation.

    • Relic says:

      When it comes to cosmology, quite frequently what mainstream science predicts will happen in new territory is not at all what they discover. For me, this is a ‘big deal’ for two reasons: It rewrites how we perceived interstellar space and also gives more credibility to those of us who have adopted the electric universe theory. Science is ever-evolving and long-held beliefs and theories often have to give way to these new discoveries and more refined theories. If doubters of the electric universe would pay it some attention and funding, I think the outcome would be not only a more clear understanding of the universe that we live in, but would merge newtonian physics, general relativity, and the quantum world into new, simple and elegant equations that fit into both the macro and micro worlds around us.

  20. kt says:

    Many of the logical elecrtical/magnetic experiments suggested above ,as well as the hypotheses’ are flawed in one serious regard. We are living inside a large magnetic/electrical field. Whether or not you apply these tests in a vacuum, they will still be affected by our surrounding field, much the way the radio signals and infrared signals are. To set the parameneters in accordance to ignore our own stellar fields or filter out background terrestrial frequencies would still not recreate in any form the conditions that a craft may encounter. so i am simply awed , and I tend to lean on a biblical reality that “we see through a mirror dimly” i.e. we are looking through a fog, at a forest trying to see that very fog and forest. Everything involved with space exploration is filtered through an atmosphere, a cloud, radiation, magnetic fields,gravitational field, radio waves, etc…and any probes sent are built in that very environment. I think there will always be 3 new questions for every supposed answer.

  21. mattwkennedy says:

    I’ve always found it interesting that space is referred to as a “void” when everything we’ve learned about the ionic charge of objects is more consistent with the space between planetary atmospheres being an electrical ether. The presence of water crystals throughout the distance of Mars and Saturn should negate the “void” theory. The relative atmosphere of the various bodies in our solar system corresponds to other systems in very specific ways, and it all relates to the total charge values of the planets and satellites in a plasma cosmology. We need to go back and examine the pre-relativity, James Clark Maxwell model of electromagnetism (before Heaviside changed the equations). We’ll never get off fossil fuels while we follow the special relativity road. The secret to a unified field theory lies within the original set of 20 equations. Why we’ve continued with only 4 is why we’re still decades away from hyper-drive.

    • bobby90247 says:

      Hi Matt!

      Check out, Nassim Harramein, he is on the right-track to Unified Field Theory equations that don’t follow “popular” physics! Did you know, that the so-called, “sun spots” are actually “holes” that penetrate, straight-through the center of the sun? AND, the so-called “plasma” that is being ejected from these sun-spots is 85% water?

      Surprise! Surprise! If you’re not, I can tell you, I certainly was! These are just a couple of examples of what Nassim has discovered in recent years.

    • Chris says:

      Well, I see you are on the right road. You are very correct about Maxwell’s equation being edited to fit the established authorized view. Tesla made a great step in proving them wrong and that there is more to the story we are not being told, but deflected elsewhere. And torsion explains the rest. Read Nassim Harriman’s paper which will show proofs that should unify everything, from the largest to smallest unit of existence. But, that still leaves how everything began, or is It that everything has always existed __________p__________________________.. And they have set a goal that we will have hyperdrive in 100 years, not so far away. The door is open. Maybe the limit they found is for containment….

      • bobby90247 says:

        Like your last remark, “…Maybe the limit they found is for containment…”

        You’ve noticed this, also…huh! You’re 100% correct. “They” (still not sure as to whom “they” really are) have subdued our abilities to progress or develop any further than we already are. Kinda’ like being “quarantined?” (for lack of a better word)

        Quite frankly, I would NOT want everyone on this World to have access to any more faculties than they already have. Their is simply too much “ignorance” in our society.

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