The Great Collapse: crust weakening, slipping, and collapsing across the planet

February 23, 2013Geological event rips road in Arizona: A 150-foot section of U.S. 89 south of Page that buckled and sunk four feet Wednesday might have been caused by ageologic event,” according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. The road collapsed at mile post 526 just 2.5 miles north of the intersection with U.S. 89A, about 25 miles south of page, according to an ADOT spokesman. He said the incident was not related to the weather. The road was closed in both directions and there was no estimation when the highway would reopen, said an ADOT spokesman. ADOT officials said northbound U.S. 89 was closed at the U.S. 89A junction, which takes motorists west toward Jacob Lake. In Page, U.S. 89 was closed at the junction with State Route 98. Northbound motorists were being routed to U.S. 160 east to State Route 98, and north on SR 98 back to U.S. 89 in Page. The detour is about 45 miles longer than the direct route, the spokesman said. The Coconino College campus in Page was also closed because of the road closure. DPS reported a number of collisions within the collapse, but none appeared to be serious. No injuries were reported. No other information was immediately available. –KPHO

UK nightmare: The landslip, described as one of the worst in living memory, has twisted tracks in the area, disrupting train service to and from the region for untold months.

Massive landslip in the UK: There is no end in sight to the severe disruption a landslide has caused for Scunthorpe area rail passengers, according to a leading rail expert. Sim Harris, managing editor at Railnews, the national newspaper for the British rail industry, says the landslide near Hatfield Colliery that is affecting thousands of North Lincolnshire rail passengers is the worst in decades. The disruption for passengers travelling between Scunthorpe and Doncaster has seen their journeys extended by up to an hour as they take buses to and from their destination. Work cannot begin repairing the track until the landslide stops moving – and officials at Network Rail say they have no idea when this will be. Mr Harris said: “Landslips themselves are not that uncommon and over the last year there have been quite a few because of the heavy rain that we have had. “There have been a lot of landslips that have not been rail-related, but some railways have been affected. This one is certainly the worst in my recollection and you have to go back a long way to find anything of this nature. In 1953, there were floods along the east coast service near Newcastle, where bridges were washed away. I don’t think I have seen anything like this in recent memory. I don’t recall anything as serious as this. There is no end in sight. He says repairing the line will not be an easy task. Until the ground stops moving, there is not much that Network Rail can do – their hands are tied. When it stops moving, it will take more than five minutes to rebuild four tracks of main railway. There are junctions that are involved which make it much more difficult.” –
A massive landslip destroys dozens of fields and roads near Cendea de Galar Spain
Unprecedented landslip in Spain: Heavy rains in recent weeks have caused a major landslide in Subiza (Cendea of ​​Galar) that has devastated rural roads, farms and caused serious damage to two electrical towers that are at serious risk of falling. The landslide is located on the southeast slope of Mount of Forgiveness, towards Bells, and therefore did not affect any house in this small town of Basin, about 190 inhabitants. The dimensions of the land mass, dragged stones and vegetation, as a result of heavy rainfall are calculated such that can reach 800 meters long and 700 wide. “It is of immense dimensions, and quite tremendous.” I’ve never seen one this big slide,” claimed yesterday Esteban Faci, geologist of the Government of Navarre, in an initial field assessment. Continuous rains, during January and February, along with the snowmelt, are behind this spectacular landslide, which began about three or four weeks, according to Ismael Amatriain. As if it were a glacier, the tongue of land, rocks and vegetation has shifted gradually from the hillside, taking about six or seven fields of wheat and barley crops with it. It has also destroyed three rural roads; sometimes breaking them so dramatically that you could see a stretch perfectly, you can see where the next, 10 or 15 feet had moved. In addition, roads, are covered by tons of earth in places, and have large and deep cracks. The council has sealed off many of these roads, making access totally impassable. The landslide also destroyed a cattle track that crossed the region. –Noticias  translated
Nightmarish cracks, splits land in Kashmir: At least 200 families of Yamrad Bala, 16 km from Handwara have been forced to migrate to other locations after cracks developed in the land around their houses. The cracks are widening constantly giving a nightmarish experience to the inhabitants. Locals said that land was developing cracks, which were widening with each passing day. They expressed fear that their residential structures may collapse anytime and result in devastation of life and property. The land is developing cracks and it appears that major soil erosion may wreak havoc to life and property,” said Habibullah Qureshi, a local. The village is located at a slope and a non-metallic road connects it with the Handwara town. We have a joint family of 18 members living under a single roof. Fearing collapse of our house, we were forced to evacuate during the night and stay with relatives in Magam since Monday,” Muhammad Ayoub, a local said. Some families who muster courage to stay in their homes during nights said it was a nightmarish experience for them to spend nights amid increasing fear of widening of cracks. Following a representation by locals about soil erosion in the village, a team from Soil Conservation Department accompanied by Tehsildar Handwara Ghulam Ahmad Khan today visited the village. Officials of Soil Conservation Department collected the sample of soil and sent it for testing. There is no need to panic and necessary measures will be taken for the safety of inhabitants of the village,” Khan said. Most of the families evacuated their houses and moved to safer location in nearby localities during nights. “Staying for nights here may prove disastrous because land is developing more cracks at different places. For past two days, we have been moving to other locations to spend nights and avoid any eventuality,” a local Muhammad Sarwar said. “The soil may have turned marshy after many years. If that is the case, then the entire village may be forced to migrate to other areas for rehabilitation,” said another local Abdul Rashid Lone. –Rising Kasmir

Giant sinkhole swallows rice field in China: Frozen rice fields in Sichuan province were swallowed up by a massive sinkhole Tuesday, with farmland collapsing into a pit ten metre across in the province’s Weiyuan county. The cave-in occurred around 7pm on February 5, with an explosive sound heard by villagers 100 meters away, which some compared to the sound of firecrackers. No one was reported to have been killed or injured, according to China News Service, but villagers will have to deal with the gaping holes in the middle of their land, while authorities monitor the area for further geologic instability. –Shanghai List
A 2nd sinkhole? The state is taking a closer look at what residents say are bubbles in Lake Peigneur in Iberia Parish. The departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality took samples from Lake Peignuer today to find out what is causing the bubbles. Last night, public officials, residents and other groups spoke out against AGL Resources, which wants to expand natural gas storage below salt caverns under the lake. Residents fear it could be another disaster waiting to happen–like the current sinkhole in Assumption Parish. Residents near Lake Peigneur are already on edge since a 1980 accident involving an oil drilling rig. A miscalculation sent the rig’s drill directly into the salt mine instead of under the lake. The whirlpool that was created swamped several acres of land and was strong enough to swallow barges from a nearby canal. Fast forward to today–this is AGL’s second attempt to get its permit. Several concerned residents want AGL’s permit denied. “We have unknown bubbling, it’s definite. There’s no two ways about it,” Nara Crowley, President of Save Lake Peignuer, Inc. said. Crowley is worried that the bubbles indicate big problems, and she’s against AGL’s proposed expansion of an underground natural gas storage facility. “They should deny this permit. We should have the environmental impact statement we’ve always asked for because that’s all we’ve ever asked for, and stop this project,” Crowley said. “If we get a big sink hole what’s going to happen? We don’t know. The previous accident in 1980 took in 150 acres of land, What’s this one going to do,” concerned resident David Lecompte said. DNR says that its investigation into the bubbles is not related to AGL’s permit process. -KATC
contribution Emanni, Laura
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78 Responses to The Great Collapse: crust weakening, slipping, and collapsing across the planet

  1. nickk0 says:


  2. Joe Smith says:

    Cooincides with St. Malachy’s prophecy about the 7 hills of Rome falling and Cayce’s avalanche of the crust.

    • Brandon says:

      Malachy’s prophecy is not God’s though, is it? We need to stick with God’s Word not mans. That always gets us into trouble. I find all of these earth changes intriguing to say the least. It fits scripturally with where we are today. Thanks for the site Alvin, it’s much needed.

      • didnt God say if a man says a thing and it come to pass then that man is a prophet of God and a man say a thing and it not come to pass then he is a liar and to have nothing to do with that man,these old prophets are proving their words true if you ask me.

      • Ray says:

        I can’t remember the bible passage that states the test of a prophets words truly being God’s words,but so far St. Malachy has been right.If the next Pope comes to be known as “Peter the Roman” ….

      • Me says:

        Yes but who gave Malacy the prophesy in the first place.

      • Kaileo Cross says:

        Which god’s word, Brandon? Isis? Allah? Elohim? Buddha? Thor? Once you let me know which god you’re talking about, then let me know why you think that’s the right “god’s word.” Then we can decide if it’s worth following. Thanks.

      • Magenta says:

        Ditto, Brandon. I recently watched an interview on Utube with Roger Moroeu (sp) by the Houghtons. Roger talks about how a satanic cult tried to indoctrinate him into the cult in the 1940’s. This is very interesting info on how the satanist’s have tried to undermine the Word. If anyone has any comments that has seen this video, I would love to hear them.

    • niebo says:

      @ Ray: Deuteronomy 18:22, “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

      See also Jeremiah 28:9.

      One of the “burdens of the canon” of the Hebrew Bible is the inerrancy of the books of the prophets; the prophets who are included were NEVER WRONG. Some events of which they spoke have not happened yet, but of words spoken, warnings given, and events foretold that have happened, only the ones who proved true are canonized as scripture.

  3. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    The increase in “Land Slips” to me seem to be as disturbing as the earthquakes. If I am anywhere close the earthquakes = plate movement and the land slips = surface being torn apart by the movements below. Alvin, what is the significance of the land slips in your view?

    Thanks for your effort to maintain this site!


    • e

      As I alluded in another post, the planet’s crust is under simultaneous assualts of a geophysical nature. Seismicity, and volcanism are inherently obvious; but other hazards are generated by hydrocarbon resource extraction, and ground water depletion. Ground water reservoirs and aquifers can also be drained by seismic events striking nearby faults. We’ve had a lot of earthquake happen, and people readily dismiss them as being a significant event because they don’t always see the immediate effects of the quake. However; in some cases, the underlying soil strata support has eroded in a quake, and water tables disappear through fault crevices. As the oceans warm from increased submarine volcanism, evaporation rates also increase across the world’s oceans. Consequently, torrential rainfall totals are increasing in many places across the globe, which is exacerbating the risks of landslips. And here’s the cautionary tale; landslips can happen basically anywhere.

      Take care and thanks,

  4. I am surprised you didnt include Louisiana sink hole in story

  5. Reblogged

    Amazing! Thanks Alvin for staying on top of this!

  6. Yipes! The one is Arizona is not that far from me. Crazy!

  7. Dennis E. says:

    We have had a problem in recent years with this in the mountains of North Carolina.
    In regard to the sound of an explosion prior to the sink hole developing in China, can we get the pencil and maybe start collecting the dots to the “booming sounds/tremors” that have been reported on this site for the pass three or so years in this country?

  8. hellen says:

    the earth is changing and soon we facing a pole shift.this time the earth will totally collapse.the native call it the great we are probably in this part of the purification of earth.she is accending as well.hellen

  9. Rachel L.S says:

    WishI knew if we are more aware of these things because of the Internet or if they are increasing. We have no long term records for these things like we do for actual earthquakes.

    • Dennis E. says:

      With the advances in digital media, we can get information 1/25 of a second from the other side of the world. The entire world is plugged in to the internet and using a common language. Therefore, incidents that the national mainstream media don’t deem important
      get reported on a site like this with input from locals who monitor this site.
      Sinkholes are being reported all the time on the news, especially when they occur on a major highway, under a city street from bursting pipes or change of water flow form an under ground stream. They happen all the time.
      If you are interested, do a google search or bing on sinkholes and you would be amazed.
      have a nice day

  10. Nancy Coleman says:

    It seems like the old earth is finally wearing out.

    • Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

      If the time for man is nearing an end then maybe no need for the earth. Do not know if the earth is sick and tired of what man has done to it and is going to put an end to the “cancer’.


      • Planet Earth is multidimensional. Spiritual Humanity is ascending to the fifth dimensional Earth (in lighter bodies), and the 3D Earth will be given a period of rest and recuperation before 3D life is again allowed to exist here.

        Humans who are not spiritually ready to ascend at this time will be removed to another 3D planet and given more time to awaken, before another opportunity to ascend occurs at the end of the next major cycle.

        Love, Light, peace and healing
        Messenger Spirit

  11. Irene C says:

    Fascinating. The Bible says that God will create a new heaven and a new earth. Maybe this is part of the dismantling of our world. imo

    • Breakdown the old to build the new.

    • Andy Prigge says:

      There is the Kingdom age which will last 1000 years. So the earth is not unraveling as quickly as you think. It is after all only 6000 years old.

    • Magenta says:

      Irene, I have my heart set on a new heaven and earth! We were forewarned that these earth changes were coming and a sign of the times. I try to replace fear with scripture when I am trying to balance being in this world, but not of it. God is in control whether we understand it or not. All we can do is stay in love and send our prayers to those who will be and are affected by these calamities. I am not saying don’t prepare if you can, but no one really knows for sure where the devastation will be. There is a general idea of where not to be, but there are no guarantees. Stay strong, your faith will be tested like never before.

    • ju says:

      Creation is angry with humans, and now is against us! God almighty is offended every second by us, nature follows the rules, we don’t. We don’t even respect life at all!
      according to the Holy Bible there are more to come.. this is just the beginning! ….Only the chosen ones will-be able to overcome the PURIFICATION of sin on earth…After that the new heaven and earth will start again…we’re half way in the book of Apocalypse!!

  12. Jude says:

    remember when your Mum said enough is enough, but you kept on doing what you were doing anyway?………………………………….

  13. Deb says:

    i’m doing my daily news sweep and now have come across this. I have so many goosebumps right now…there’s so much happening AT ONCE and though i’m still quite young and have been “watching” for a short time, the acceleration in the deterioration of every conceivable facet of our existence in the past couple of years is almost unbelievable.

  14. Could it just be that huge amounts of rain, caused by a shift in the jet stream, has caused the excess landslides in the UK? I think mother earth is fine for a few million years yet.

  15. Dennis E. says:

    I think that the internet, as long as it stands, will save many lives because of the information available,like the information presented on this web site. You can go to some sites and the information is third rate. If I could not access this site after this day, I now can say I am aware of what is happening, what could happen and to expect the unexpected……

  16. Ismael gonzalez says:

    No it’s not caused by Al Gore and his carbon foot print, it’s just natural earth changes that have been happening for millions of years caused by polar shifts other celestial events. Its like a big shaggy dog getting up and shaking himself. EL MUNDO GANA!!! The eather will win.

  17. Bobi Becker says:

    I still believe that the voids left inside the earth from all the oil extractions are eventually causing the crust to start buckling, causing sink holes. Kinda like the domino theory, once the rocks start falling in to fill the voids, it keeps going and eventually the crust will also give way…..

    • nickk0 says:

      Bobi – Drilling for & extracting oil, doesn’t necessarily go down “into the crust” – However, this doesn’t mean, that extracting (too much) oil, will not have some consequences.

      Personally, I am still quite concerned about the man-made hole drilled into the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico by BP and Halliburton, which was ‘done in a hurry’ and botched up.
      I am afraid that we have not seen nor heard the last of this yet. :(

  18. Louise Page says:

    I wonder if the reverberations from the many larger quakes occurring around the world, that the earth (generally speaking) is being rattled, is helping create landslips (apart from the effects also from weather events), awakening fault lines, creating new fault lines, triggering some sinkholes and so on. The earth’s crust is definitely not a static entity. I follow many worldwide seismographs, and when the larger quakes occur particularly, seismo’s in many places on the globe ‘pick-up’ on this movement – relating to ground movement at great distances. The activity, for example, surrounding the Santa Cruz Islands region, is rather constant and quite worrying.

    Peace to all.

  19. tonic says:

    You realise Alvin we would not have access to this corelation without you.
    Thank you.

  20. Kevin says:

    Could be the planet is getting close to a physical pole shift. I know so called “experts” say a quick physical pole shift won’t happen but I have a feeling they are wrong on this. I hope not but lets face it, there is no doubt a wall of silence from the media over all these earth change events that have been and still are accelerating at a phenomenal rate.

  21. Kevin says:

    Sorry to post again but I would like to say that this last 6 months or so people around me have suddenly started awakening to what’s going on. Now some of these people are friends and family of mine who have never had any interest in “alternative” news, I admit I don’t really try to push this kind of news on anyone as I tried that method around 3 years ago and was basically laughed at and called paranoid. Now some of these people have since came up to me and have admitted to having a strong feeling that something is going on. It’s like alot of people are actually “awakening” , A big thanks to to the editor of this site Alvin? For taking the time and effort to bring us this news.

    Ps sorry I Havent used paragraphs but it’s 5:50am uk time and I am tired. :)

    • Irene C says:

      I’ve noticed it too. I have friends and neighbors waking up and watching these events. When something actually comes through the main stream media, I have them asking me “Did you hear about …? I’m thankful that some people are waking up.

  22. Irene C says:

    Alvin, did you notice the recent activity in Arkansas today? It’s not much, but they had a 3.6 followed by a 2.6 in almost the same spot.

  23. GordonFvanZyl says:

    How interesting to see that the planet, a young planet, has decided to start imploding on itself. Yet, it’s not the planet is it? God has decided. Take the Volcanic activities of the past ten years world over, also the meteor explosions in Russia, these are warning indicators to those who know or have read the Word of God. God is telling us to ready ourselves, and should we not be ready right now, we should seize becoming and begin to be. God has started displaying His fury in a very, very miniscule manner, just wait and see the larger scale. By the way, when Japan got hit by the tsunami, the earth’s orbit shifted by 10 centimeters, this could also be a factor to consider. Because of the orbit shift, the earth no longer has it’s normal gravity pull, even by a tiny fraction, and because of this, the earth could be trying either to restore to the best gravitational orbit possible, or it may as well be starting to deterorate. May God be with us.

  24. David says:

    Earth takes on the persona of her inhabitants.

  25. Dear Alvin, it’s my first time on your blog: Wonderful work you do*** Thank you. It’s only the beginning of this year I started publishing channeling s to the great rebirthing (in german it would be different) of our earth. And the most important thing to me in this process is to stay calm and trusting. So far. greetings from my heart Scarlett

  26. honorgod says:

    The Great Collapse?

    I request consideration of the following: That a collapse of the earths crust is not what is happening, but rather a expansion. The causes of the expansion may be debatable, but I submit that a “exapansion is actually what is happening.

  27. M C says:

    So whats happening to the secret underground bunkers they are supposedly building ?

    Are they caving in or flooding out and what about the suppossed underground high-speed rail system, once the ground quakes is it still useable?

    The next few years will be interesting to say the least.

  28. Mr H says:

    It sounds crazy to anyone not familiar with the concept, but the truth is that suns and planets grow! The Earth is currently in a growth phase. This growth occurs within the planet and pushes outward, Over time this can cause surface crust to buckle, forming hills and mountains, or spread, even ripping, creating sinkholes (which become lakes), fissures, and crevasses. Before you write this comment off as crazy, do a little research. The truth is evident and scientifically sound!

  29. Nothing to do with God. This is bad management from our part for being too stupid to think, that we can treat the planet in the way we do and nothing will happen. Another important question is, what about the animals in our planet? How do we treat the nature? Where does our food comes from? And so on….. I believe we are doomed, it is just a matter of time.

    • ruth cohen says:

      nothing to do with god???? really . then you really are doomed brother . its all about the heavens and they gave us the earth and we destroyed it. i have the prettiest little garden here in city centre and it thrives and rewards me with being so vibrant. that is how we heal the planet and all there is in.but i do agree with you we are doomed as as the majority of people are facing destruction. its called the final war gog and magog in hebrew. you know it as armageddon. its here.its time. and its the right thing. men have been behaving disgustingly for too long. it has to stop

      • Coyote's Bro says:

        Ruth, speaks the truth, a garden grows because the ONE wants it to grow, we are lucky to know that the judgement is unfolding, the harvest is coming in, one by one , some in mounds others in mountains but the way we face it and for those who will survive all will need skills–in love and life giving, Praise the ONE.Let’s grow gardens and plant the seeds for to a better tomorrow.

    • pagan66 says:

      @ OWN – It’s a personal belief of many that “God” has everything to do with the wreckage that Man is discovering he is standing amidst of. I personally cannot believe that a God of love and peace would find it necessary to condemn Man to live in an environmental misery. I do believe however, that God is within us &,therefore within Nature Herself and when we screw with such sacredness there must be repercussions for us all. Everything is entwined, Man, Earth & God & until we realize this and act reverently toward this holiness – yes, we are doomed.Look around you – Mother Nature has decided, it is up to us, the guardians of this planet to repair the damage we have caused and strive to prevent any more from occuring, and to respect each other and all other creatures upon the Earth. When we learn these lessons maybe then we will have a chance but I truly believe there will be a cleansing before this will happen.


      • Coyote's Bro says:

        Sister Pagan: Heaven and earth are connected as is mind/body/soul and elements are one. If there are yesterdays filled with exploitation what will tomorrow bring? The earth is not devoid of energy, but the two-legged egg headed people (mostly males) are doing very short sighted actions to “make life better (ie. make money),” that will speed up the mass suffering. Have we made any preparations to bring in a better way of living, that will be a test of all our skill sets. I hope you know how to heal, grow food and even fish in a balanced way.

  30. Marlene says:

    I just saw this today. The day of the geological event in Arizona there were 3 far away sounding booms and my windows rattled each time for no apparent reason. I live on a mountain (Unobstructed long distance views approx. 180 degrees) so after each boom it rattled my windows and I would look out and see absolutely no reason for it. Is it possible that my home somehow felt the wave of energy as this event happened? It would sure explain the booms and rattling.

    Thank you for taking the time for this site. Awesome information and I love the explainations, they’re very informative. Thanks again.

  31. I gotta say… as a person who sounds a fair number of alarms on twitter/redactyl… that the headline here isn’t actually true. The Earth’s crust has next to nothing to do with the landslips and sinkholes… torrential rains (outcome of shifting climate patterns and global warming) and in some places extraction mining play a role, but it sure Isn’t the crust in this instance. The Earth going to hell in a handbasket because of human self-indulgence and over-indulgence and lack of self-control (including of births) is not in question, it’s a fact… and mis-use of known science terminology only hurts an otherwise good cause. Science is on our side but let’s not flip it *on* its side (and weaken our case) by hollering “the sky is falling” when there a excellent, easy-to-share and scientifically-accurate ways to point the blame where it rightly belongs. These travesties and lack of Earth-care can still be stopped. In other words… stop getting so excited about the End of the World and re-double your efforts to stop bad practices, waste, carbon emissions, waste & over-consumption.

    • IMG

      If it could have been stopped; it would’ve been stopped, and you wouldn’t be writing in a reply on a blog post. I didn’t realize human psychology was so geared towards the notion of suicide, of cutting off its nose to spite its face. Laying out your scietific treastise, I ask you if this is life-affirming behavior that humans are currently engaged in on this planet? The only organism that destroys its host environoment, in indisciminate indifference to thrive, is a virus. Bad ecology erodes geology…and I honestly don’t think it get much plainer than it already is. Further; there are no humans turning on water or mining in dense remote forests of Venezuela, where the largest sinkholes on the planet occur, as a result of natural geologic processes.

    • tonic says:

      Your forgetting the tsunami, Japan, and Haiti. Almost 1 million deaths, via Earths crust in a very short period of Earths history, and crucially within your lifetime.
      I agree with everything you say about over indulgance of humankind, but, this is only part of what is taking place. And the option to reverse it have passed. Methane is nearing its run-away temperature. Salinity in the Gulf stream is closing on shutdown.
      This site is about awareness, and if you gave it some unbiased time, it would become obvious.
      And regarding the planet and all we can do to save it. Make public transport free. Full stop.
      Co2 will drop to where the planet can cope with. Will this ever happen? What do you think?

  32. TNO says:

    We’re quickly entering the time of the Fifth Sun – just as the Chilam Balam prophecy states. On 13 Ahau the katun will end – the T’zolkin calendar comes to an end. December 21, 2012 was never the end date of the katun. The 13 Ahau 3 Uayeb,, is March 31, 2013. Coincidentally it is also Easter. Thinking the next 4 weeks ought to be interesting.

  33. Paul says:

    what twaddle, the examples outlined above are merely examples of the planet doing what it does. God has nothing to do with it. God has far more important things to do.

  34. This is a fun blog! Congratulations to the originators! Or perhaps I should say, “Psssst! They’ve found a way to gather all of the end-time speculators in one place! When are they coming to arrest us?”

    Respecting the subject at hand, a few years ago I argued to a Large Hadron Collider physicist that mini black holes which many feared the Collider might accidentally produce would persist, relative to us, rather than “evaporate quickly,” as they argued. He answered, “Oh, yeah? Well, if mini black holes are possible, proton-type cosmic rays slamming into the upper atmosphere should create one, every now and again. When has a persistent mini black hole ever slammed into the Earth?”

    I suggested, “Tunguska?”

    He challenged, “If Tunguska was a persistent mini black hole event, where did it come out the other side of the Earth?”

    I responded, “Why would it come out? As captured molecules contribute their mass and random Brownian motion momentum vectors to the non-massive particle’s accretion disk, the persistent mini black hole would quickly lose its heading at impact and simply travel to the center of the Eath and eat the Earth up from the inside out as gravity force-feeds it.”

    “Well,” he responded, “Then why are we still here?”

    “Who knows how long it would take for an Earth-eating mini black hole to finish the job?” I responded.

    I thought to myself, “When it starts making respectable progress, the mantle should start shrinking beneath the lithosphere, causing lots of sinkholes and linear collapses.”

    A now there is a report that, beginning in 2006, sinkhole-related insurance claims doubled, and they are still accelerating!

  35. A. Gabriel says:

    I can ony hope that we are preparing for the 2nd coming of Christ to cleanse the filth and immorality of life on earth, especially in the USA. I welcome these changes if it means He is coming to make right all the wrongs being done.

    • Coyote's Bro says:

      I believe in a surpreme ONE creator of the heavens and our earth, I don’t accept any doctrine that says a mortal would ever show up in Jerusalem and proclaim his or herself thay they are “Divine” or that they are G*d ( of the ages), it’s pure foolishness to think such a mental midget would show up in public (much less on youtube) and proclaim such a lie. Who in this day and age would believe such foolishness from a mortal? Most people are NOT in Cults.

  36. Martina says:

    Greetings! I know this is kinda off topic but I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest authoring a blog article or vice-versa? My website addresses a lot of the same subjects as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other. If you are interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Awesome blog by the way!

  37. Irene C says:

    The “powers that be” might not know about everything that is going on and/or they might not listen to those who do know, but if they knew, “the powers that be” wouldn’t tell anyone, because it would it would cause mass panic and disrupt society and the economy that they so desparately need. On the other hand, never let a good crisis go to waste. imo

  38. ruth cohen says:

    if you think anyway gives a damn about mass panic you are reading the lies in the media too much. they want panic. the powers that be want panic. that is how they rule. dictators. every where in the world we see the rise in dictators. panic brings the fools the crowds running to them to be saved as people are too much lazy and stupid to save themselves. they prefer coca cola and sneakers and to be braindead. proverbs tells us that the advantage of wisdom is that it keeps the wise person alive while the fool runs into all the diasters to his destru tion.dont worry about the panicking crowds worrry about fixing yourself up so that you will survive and things are going down at the speed of lighting. as i have been telling americans for years get the hell out before the obamination locks the doors and throws away the keys and you will be marching into those camps they are building for you.wake up folks. its time. to wake the hell up and think for yourselves.stop being brainwashed.

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