Russia: record snow, Sydney: record heat. Is the magnetic field reversal throwing the planet’s weather into chaos?

Magnetic North Pole The Extinction Protocol 2
No dramatic effects? “Many doomsday theorists have tried to take this natural geological occurrence and suggest it could lead to Earth’s destruction. But would there be any dramatic effects? The answer, from the geologic and fossil records we have from hundreds of past magnetic polarity reversals, seems to be ‘no.’” -NASA website
January 19, 2013RUSSIAUnrelenting snowfalls have caused unprecedented chaos in Russia. Over the past week, the country has seen scores of traffic accidents, flight delays and, in some cases, the complete isolation of some remote settlements and towns. While the snowstorms have caused inconvenience for large population centers in western Russia, they have been life-threatening further east in the country. Falling snow and ice caused many accidents due to poor visibility and bad road conditions. Moscow witnessed a 13-kilometer jam on MKAD, one of the city’s main highways, reducing speeds to 10 to 25 kph in the capital. More than 12,000 snow removal trucks worked around-the-clock to clean up the mess, but their efforts did little, with the city coming to an effective standstill. The chair of the Duma’s transport committee called for local transport officials to face legal sanctions for failing to cope with the winter weather. “Until local bureaucrats face the wrath of the law, winter will always be a surprise occurrence. They will continue to do nothing, as people suffer,” Mikhail Bryachak told Kommersant FM radio.The polar circle city of Norilsk has been buried under 10 feet of snow – entire apartment blocks, markets, stores and offices were buried under snow overnight. Banks of snow were as high as two people put together, reaching the second-story windows of some apartment buildings. Cars, stores, garages were blocked. Norilsk metropolitan workers were forced to dig passageways through the snow banks to create access between the outside world and the barricaded city. Meanwhile, icicles up to three feet in length have formed off the ledges of buildings, breaking at random and causing a lethal hazard for pedestrians below. Elsewhere, the extreme weather continues. In the Altai Republic in Western Siberia, 12 Russian settlements were isolated because of the snowstorm. Seven settlements, with a total population of 1,300 people, remain cut off from the outside world due to the snow drifts. Emergency crews are currently en route to deliver needed supplies to the stranded populations. Snow accompanied by strong winds has caused flight delays in the airport of Russia’s far eastern town of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The runway has been cleared, but planes are not risking takeoff due to strong side-winds. Flights were also delayed in Russia’s easternmost cities of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. More snow storms are predicted in Western Siberia and the Western Urals over the weekend. In the end of 2012, Russia saw extreme winter not witnessed since 1938. The coldest-ever December in Russia led to the evacuation of hundreds of people in Siberia, where temperatures fell below -50 degrees Celsius; Moscow also saw its coldest night ever for the season. More than 90 Russians died during the cold snap, and more than 600 people were taken to hospital due to the extremely dangerous weather, which is 10 degrees below the December norm. Nearly 200 people have died throughout Russia as a direct result of weather-related accidents and hypothermia this season, according to official statistics, although the extreme conditions have likely contributed to many more fatalities. –RT
Coincidence? While northern Russia sees record snowfall and cold temperatures, Sydney Australia, in the southern Hemisphere, is experiencing searing temperatures of 46 C (115.7°F). Is this only the beginning of more dramatic climate changes to come?
Record heat in southern hemisphere: The mercury topped 45.8 at Sydney’s Observatory Hill at 2.55pm, breaking the previous record set in 1939 by half a degree. The city’s highest temperature was a scorching 46.5 degrees, recorded in Penrith at 2.15pm, while Camden, Richmond and Sydney Airport all reached 46.4 degrees. More than 220 people had been treated for heat exposure or fainting by late afternoon, the Ambulance Service of NSW said. The heat-wave also stranded thousands of commuters, with dozens of trains delayed as steel wires buckled and a hose used to run a key signaling system melted. On the central coast, the heat caused an overhead wire to buckle onto a train at about 1.30pm, trapping about 250 passengers for half an hour. The monorail ground to a halt, spitting sparks that started a soon-extinguished grass fire next to Darling Harbour. -MOL
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56 Responses to Russia: record snow, Sydney: record heat. Is the magnetic field reversal throwing the planet’s weather into chaos?

  1. 50 below in Sibera. Pray for those affected. The melting of wiring supports in Australia is extreme. I haven’t heard of such a thing. Here in the US the weather is a challenge. Not that bad.

  2. tonic says:

    Alvin, Thank you for posting this. A picture paints a thousand words.
    The north and south poles are way off any norm, as they seem to be nearing each other. Draw a wide line between them, and some of the worst earthquakes we have seen in recently times are in that line.
    NASA must have spent quite some time, putting their summerisation together, I have never read such carefully chosen words. If humankind were around during the last reversal, perhaps they might have given a straight answer, for once.
    In my opinion only, our knowledge of magnetism and electricty, (thought used by us everyday in our tecknology), barely scratches the surface of what these forces are capable of. Not just on Earth, or the solar system, but their interaction throught the whole galaxy.

    This post is a snapshot of where this planet is today, in these new processes that are now taking place on our planet. And where else could we find it.?

    • Anytime, Tonic. When you can plot and see the change, patterns certainly emerge.

      • Brandon says:

        Somebody on Facebook who lives in Australia said that the extreme hot temperatures are normal for their summer and nothing unusual. She said the alarmists are making more out of this. I want to believe her, but is this true?

      • If it wasn’t records being broken; it wouldn’t be in the news.

      • Beam me up Scotty says:

        I wonder if the pole shift is affecting migrating animals. We have robbins all winter now in New England and our five hundred pound black bear likes to hang out near our house. This very strange times we are living in.
        Too bad man kind is not proactive, but we are reactive in a knee jerk kind of way!

      • And unfortunately, it will be our undoing. Any animal that navigates by orientation to magnetic fields will have to adjust to the changes.

      • Louise Page says:

        Australia is prone to extreme heat and cold, and everything in between.
        We have a history of cycling drought and floods; freezing temperatures in some places and frying heat in others.
        Sometimes it gets so hot that you can push a stick into melting road tar and the lands (in varying places) can be as dry as a crisp (this is when we are all on edge regarding potential bushfires).
        I live in the outer south east of Melbourne, near the mountains. We have had an extreme of 50 degrees Celsius (especially in 2009, when we experienced the devastating Black Saturday bushfires, which tragically killed 173 people and millions of animals). I also remember over my 50 years many heatwaves of very high temperatures.
        Melbourne is renowned for 4 seasons in one day. We’ve had odd days of oppressive heat, only to be broken with storms which can drop the temperature by 30 degrees Celsius. I remember as a kid, the water in the house pipes freezing and being without running water.
        Generally speaking though, we have been experiencing some very high temperatures in some places which have broken ‘their’ records. We have been known to get snow in some places in summer too.
        Australia is a beautiful place, but when it (the climate) gets ‘angry’, its’ growl and bite can bring communities to their knees. But, the Aussie sense of community and grit tackles these challenges with a determined strength we can be renowned for.
        The stories of Australian heatwaves, dust storms, freezing stretches, cyclones, floods and all other, told by my ancestors and many others are numerous and interesting too, but I would take up too much space here describing these stories….Alvin would frown upon me ;)
        Peace all.

      • pagan66 says:

        Brandon – I live in southern Australia and these insanely hot days are not normal at all. Yes, we have very hot summers here and we have droughts, but a few days ago I had a reading of 62.6c after leaving my weather station outside in the sun because I was curious after getting a reading on my back verandah in the shade of 49.9c. The thing is, our summers are getting noticeably hotter and we are breaking heat records and then comes Winter and more records are being broken for the cold. The way the seasons are changing, these crazy extremes between heat and cold confirms that our accepted way of life is in dire straights and anyone with an inkling of intelligence and empathy for the natural world can both see and feel it and should be preparing both spiritually and physically because it will escalate into something even worse.


      • Thanks for weighing in, Pagan.


  3. Alpha 06 says:

    wow, this seems to be getting more severe every week, now…looks like complete magnetic reversal in process??…coming on strong now.

  4. richfish30 says:

    Russia record snow, Australia record heat and America…”record everything!”

  5. John says:

    The answer is simple, why record cold and record heat? It means the R-factor of earths atmosphere is changing. My hypothesis is that the atmosphere is thinning. Therefore, we lose more heat in winter, and get more heat in summer. I’ve noticed oscilations in North/South winds to be more extreme the last coupdl of years also. So, with a greater difference between the temps at the poles, we will see greater extremes in weather.
    It may be related to the magnetic field. It’s possible that the magnosphere is weakening, so eventually as the earths crust cools, we will end up like Mars. Remember that movie – the core?

  6. Ken Jensen says:

    Hi Haden

    I must ask you this question.. Are you aware if scripture indicates a Pole Reversal I am aware verses at sound like such an event. I am also aware of things that have been taking place since 2010 and I studied Einstein’s Theory on Pole shift and everything he said would happen is now happening and has been happening. Now the below article along with so many others has me wondering what they really know? Something is Very wrong here?? Look at the world weather.

    Ken Jensen

    > >

    • radiogirl says:

      If we can observe these extremes and take the time to read of the changes across our planet………those whose job it is to study our atmosphere ….know it!

  7. Deb says:

    I was wondering about that this morning!

  8. David says:

    Let me provide an alternate explanation to a magnetic reversal. It is winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in Australia. Hence it is snowing is Siberia and very hot in Syndey. (0.5 degree higher than in 1939). I will get excited when the date on this story is July!!

    • tonic says:

      Crop production in the Uk dropped 20% in 2012 because we did not have a summer. Just a long wet season. Germination of winter crops here is of major concern.
      Perhaps all this is just freak weather, and everything will be ok soon.
      Firemen in Australia might disagree, and farmers in the UK might also disagree.

    • John says:

      Don’t worry David. That is coming. Unfortunately, by then you will be scraping for survival as the seismic, volcanic and social upheaval will be beyond your wildest imagination. Get close to God now, David. While you have a chance.

    • Civil says:

      Agreed!! Soo much fear mongering going on!

  9. says:

    What happens should the North Pole and South Pole collide??? I live in Chicago and no snow yet. 2011 was a blizzard where you couldn’t leave your house. Now nothing. Kinda miss the snow. The world is changing to fast in 2013.

  10. Irene C says:

    Just looking at all this wild weather going on around the world, I’m very concerned with what the weather is going to be like when tornado and hurricane season starts here in the U.S. Of course the powers-that-be will once again blame this on man-made global warming so they can squeeze more money out of those people who can least afford it. These are going to be frightening times for those who aren’t listening now and aren’t prepared.

  11. niebo says:

    “…The answer, from the geologic and fossil records we have from hundreds of past magnetic polarity reversals, seems to be ‘no.’” -NASA website


    “No, you people is so stoopid; mass extinctions and global ecological collapse is not related to any of this stuff. So a few compasses will point wonky, but that’s no big deal, come on. Chill. Worry about global warming instead. And take your fluoride.”


    yvbdfju kydf ;ol

    That’s me, hitting myself in the forehead with my keyboard. Twice.

    • tonic says:

      The essential ingredient needed to cope with all this, humour. I feel off the chair when I read your post.!! Thank you!!

      • niebo says:

        :) I thank God that you interpreted my unabashed frustration to be humor; apparently Alvin edited out the curses (just kidding).

    • Irene C says:

      Thank you for your wonderful insight, neibo. However, I have done many experiments and have discovered that hitting one’s head on a keyboard does not improve the common sense of either scientists, politicians, or the populace. It does result in cranial pain and leaves strange marks on one’s forehead. On the other hand, it sometimes helps us in dealing with the afore mentioned people. :)

      • niebo says:

        Irene C: your wisdom is self-apparent, but, at the time, the only viable alternative to take the edge off was a deep guzzle of whiskey, but my boss was in a meeting at the time, and he hates it when we drink without him. So . . . I have these waffle-like dimples instead. :)

  12. payneache says:

    Wow us kiwis here in New Zealand sure are charmed

  13. Bobbeeoh says:

    Very interresting reading. Thanks alot!
    Peace be with you!

  14. A future Doomsday scenario explained in simple terms. By putting Economies and profit as a number one priority, the Planet is beginning irreversibly to ”Crack Up”….The ONLY chance we have to eliminate the certain billions of deaths due to just plain GREED as an eventuality, is to immediately reverse the Priority to ”Planet first” and ”Economy last”????

  15. SurfinServer says:

    I think it is the more the result of the death of the Gulf Loop Current as a result of all the oil disperent chemicals used during and after the BP disaster. The disperents mixed with the oil, broke down the barrier between hot and cold waters, killing the Gulf Loop Current. The Gulf Loop Current feeds the Gulf Stream Current that continues as the North Atlantic Current. This too now is dying or dead. Extemely mal-formed, all affecting the Jet Streem Current as well. The poles may have shifted and be a factor, but this factor is being ignored.

    • I agree,I remember when all that stuff was being poured in the water and the wanings all over youtube about what would happen and nobody would do a thing,and now everything that they said would happen because of it IS happening so they were right and the crooks just got away with it all,it makes me sick.

  16. tcole says:

    Alvin, I have notice that there does not seem to be any recent survey maps available showing where the North magnetic pole is currently located to date . I would be very interested to see that location and how it corresponds to the cold weather in Asia and Europe. Thank you.

  17. diesirae says:

    Could the world-wide geoengineering operations/aerosol spraying, etc., have anything to do with this phenomenon?

    • In a word, no. This is serious change that is caused by shifting patterns in both the jet-stream, magnetic field, and oceans.

      • Brandon says:

        Is NASA correct in their belief that we will be okay during a magnetic reversal and that the only effects will be compass changes?

      • IMG

        I’m not forecasting doom but dramatic change is certainly part of anything happening that affects the entire planet and a polarity shift or magnetic polar deviation certainly qualifies. Earth is dynamic and is always changing. According to the geological record, the last reversal happened 780,000 years ago. Now they’ve gotten themselves in a pickle by declaring the Earth is that old- because that means nobody was around to record what happened during the last reversal.

  18. Brandon says:

    I’m relieved you’re not forecasting doom. LOL! However, a majority of earth’s inhabitants perishing in these changes seem like doom to me. :(

    • People are killed in tornadoes and hurricanes and they have ample forecasts and warnings…so how can unsuspected change of such magnitude strike the planet and not take life, I ask? When fringe news events becomes mainstream headlines, then people will take the signs seriously. Unfortunately, for many…this will be too little, too late.

      • Brandon says:

        I apologize Alvin. I didn’t mean to irritate you. It takes me longer. I’m not an intelligent man. It’s more about humanity being right with God as opposed to surviving what’s coming. The Bible is clear that few will survive.

      • I

        You didn’t irritate me, Brandon. I think you’re quite bright, and my question wasn’t at all rhetorical or satirical. It simply means if people know what’s coming, and they still die…woe to the planet if 99.99% are still sleep-walking through life and caught up in the cares of this world, that the day of these events overtakes them like a thief.

        “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” 1 Thess 5:4

        “And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.” Luke 21:34

    • tonic says:

      Never stop posting Brandon. Every possible view, question, opinion on all that is happening is very welcom and needed.
      Sorry for butting in here, Alvin.

  19. richfish30 says:

    Speaking of the Pole shift and Animals being effected…there was an intresting Story about two weeks ago where people on the beach in flordia were finding dead and live arctic birds on shore that aren’t native to the south. They usually fly to Virginia in the winter but dozens were found in Florida “WAY” Off course. Extremely strange!

  20. richfish30 says:

    Strangely enough due to the 80+ degree winter we have been having here in south Florida ..which by the way has broken records…I and many others have noticed that animals have been acting very strange… the ducks all around the ponds and lakes in my area are mating and having babies…I have never seen anything like it…its winter, Not spring! not to mention the fact that the wild parakeets have also stuck around instead of flying south…these changes are confusing me and the wildlife!

  21. cameron says:

    its always hot in Australia this time of year, but never this hot. it has been over 35 nearly everyday since december and it hasnt rained nearly all summer. it isnt hard to tell that the world is changing

  22. wise says:

    Iv noticed a lot of dead animals over the last 12 months an there a birds out in the snow I wouldn’t normally see at this time of year, very strange if you ask me, but over 15 years ago I had a conversation with a christian about evolution, an my theory is that the planets are moving closer too or further away from the sun, there for changing the temperature an there for atmosphere of that planet, thinking of it like this means that one day are planet will be inhabitable by life as we know it, an the only way the planet will survive is if it evolves

  23. JR says:

    Isn’t this why thousands of fish are continuously washing up? They are getting completely disoriented.

  24. SOSO says:

    well i have had my roses all year round, my cabbage all year round, i had bell peppers in October, took pics of all this, birds that are not native, and are flocking like crazy in the trees, squirrels are acting very strange, odd little insects new to the area, 3 years invasions of those pungent nasty stink bugs, no honey bees, nor bumble bees last year – O wait saw a couple exactly 2 of them. Red ant piles as never before. My palms and tropics are flourishing (even right now) and my other plants are dying out, and my soil is turning sandy. hmmmm yep me thinks there’s tilting happening. My flora, fauna and land critters are confused.

  25. Brandon says:

    Thank you for your reply to me. These earth changes will only worsen until it leads to Christ’s return. :)

  26. tonic says:

    Just a thank you, to all the people from Australia who took the time to post here. It’s the only way outsiders (like me) have access to what is really happening in your country. The media are selective in what they report. Thank you again.

  27. Hazard on Russia’s icy roads

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