The October Wiser Now interview on Earthchanges

Excerpt: Wiser Now: Is there a hierarchy or sequence of geological events that will signal the start of an ELE?   Alvin Conway: “The planet’s magnetic field strength declines, there is magnetic polarity deviation or migration, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increase, there are changes in ocean temperature and salinity, and the climate basically unravels. This is underscored by an expansion of magma and rise in convection in the planet’s mantle. The earth’s crust experienced the most violence in the Pacific Ring of Fire from catastrophic rupturing when there was a magmatic expansion of the planet. As I wrote in The 7th Protocol, the first time the planet had a magmatic expansion, the fountains of the great deep were broken up and geysers of hot water destroyed the world by a flood. The rupture was very pronounced in the Pacific basin, which is why the underlying geology is so fractured, and why the region is now so seismically and volcanically active. Another massive fissure occurred along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which almost cracked the crust of the planet in two. The first magmatic expansion released the fountains of water from the deep. The next expansion will unleash the magma from faults, cracks, and plumes already present in the crust. Volcanoes are erupting en masse, and will continue to do so to dissipate the build-up of thermal pressure in an attempt to prevent a catastrophe. If the planet’s heat cycle cannot be consoled by planetary geologic processes, the spectrum tilts toward an Extinction Level Event (ELE). Consequently, volcanoes also are our first telltale sign that something has gone awry with the planet. We’re witnessing evidence of another magmatic expansion across the planet, with near simultaneous ground inflation occurring from magma intrusion at Yellowstone, Long Valley, Uturuncu in Bolivia, El Hierro in the Canary Islands, Santorini in Greece, Marsili in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Katla in Iceland, and the ground around Mt. Fuji in Japan. These are the early warning signs, along with increased seismicity along tectonic plate boundaries (especially in subduction zones), that something is amiss. No part of the planet will be left unscathed from these changes.”Wiser Now, October 2012 – Earthchanges coming, Ready or Not – IPAD Mag APP
The Wiser Now Interview: Alvin Conway  39
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36 Responses to The October Wiser Now interview on Earthchanges

  1. Joe Smith says:

    Cayce’s predictions are coming true.

  2. Bundy says:

    Great insight Alvin, thank you.

  3. Brandon says:

    Does it appear that we are tilting towards an E.L.E.?

    • Geological evidence is mounting that a shift in planetary processes is beginning to occur on Earth. We are likely in the preliminary stages of an event which will hasten the end of the period known as the Holocene, and will shift the planet into a new geologic era of change. The time of confusion marked by extreme events, or transitional period of birth pangs, as many call it may be the identifying marker for the annunciation of Christ’s 2nd coming for the Christian and the advent of the next world that idigenous elders have been speaking about for many years.

      • Ann Pagels says:

        I have sought for years, and come back to what you shared here. This fills in the missing puzzle pieces. We won`t please everyone with every answer to hard questions. But enough knowledge has been given and leave the pieces where they may fall. Our creator is able to put them back together in a way that makes sense for those ready to except more in order that they may be consoled in a time which is most trying. Be bold. Time to stand strong… and firm. It is your time to remain faithful. At all costs. The earth events are a sign to those who will take heed to the warnings that we are entering into a time of testing. Love will reach out and sound the warnings and save those sleeping and in harms way. Thanks for a great work friend.

      • Thank you, Ann. All the best…


      • Yes, I believe we are awaiting the opening of the 6th seal. Revelations 6:12-17. The 6th seal is strikingly just like what you have laid out that is happening. And it’s seems to be happening very fast. It will be a very dark time, but Jesus said not to fear, because He will be with us always, even until the end of time. My heart breaks though for those refusing to see what is coming. I pray for them daily.

  4. Lisa V says:

    Alvin, very impressive. All your hard work is paying off. Thanks for being you …

    • Thanks Lisa for being instrumental in getting the word out.


      • larry says:

        Is there a time frame we are looking at ?

      • E

        The series of events before us is not so much time related, as they are event related. Planetary feed-back loop processes suggest one series of events could cause a collapse or unraveling of other processes; which is why I continue to believe this crisis will soon take the world by complete surprise. When large-scale events start occurring across the planet; everything will begin collapsing exponentially. Even the most ardent ones who are preparing, do not yet comprehend the magnitude of the ordeal before us. Consequently, this says very little about the masses, who will be left wandering the Earth dazed, bewildered, and utterly confounded when the screws come out of the wheels.

  5. merle says:

    Time has come for everyone of us to sober up….

  6. John says:

    Alas Alvin, your accurate and salient warnings primarily fall on deaf ears. The only ones that heed, and understand, the magnitude of the coming events are the fringe minority like your readers. And also the very powerful elite who have arranged survival scenarios for themselves. The rest of humanity will go into complete shock when these things start happening. Unfortunately, this will make them easy pickings for the evil forces in the New World Order when the say, “Do what we say, then we will guarantee you and your family food, water, medical treatment and shelter”. Now is the time to get straight with God.

    • Ann Pagels says:

      It is time to choose what is of value. Our Morals will not give way to anyone who manipulates this world event for thier own agendas. Truth reigns.
      seek and you shall find… as you seek with all your heart….. sincerity on this site is opening knowledge that we each will be accountable for. Look to the creator for the power and wisdom to make the purest decisions that benefit others well being. Share this site also with your friends family and aquaintences. Posts and look for other support sites which will build on this info….. Keep on keeping on

    • Anne says:

      Yes John, exactly. As for food, shelter, etc. there’s that one stipulation – The Mark of the antiChrist. He’s here in wings orchestrating all this chaos through his minions.

  7. Toe says:

    No, there is no sequence of events.

  8. Merle – “the time has come?” SMH

  9. Sue Williams says:

    Would these upcoming changes be caused by the rogue planet coming nearer to earth? This incoming planet which comes near us every 3,600 years has caused earthchanges almost every time it comes through due to the magnetic pull. Is there an upcoming announcement by the government about this event?

  10. carolyn says:

    Never heard of October Wiser before but glad you are getting more exposure.

    I am reading a GREAT book:

    …….that discusses in extensive detail what Alvin talks about here with the fountains of the deep erupting and what happened to our planet. ( Alvin, you would love this book).

    One thing that struck me was the part about how the tides move the crust and what is under it up and down, as much as 9″ or more. They don’t just move ocean water. This book postulates that over time, the heat of friction built up until that subterranean water finally burst out. I had never realized that tidal action is a constant heat imput to the earth, but it makes sense. So now we have that heat ( ie pressure) building up in the rock below from the earth movements up and down, as well as possibly cosmic sources. What happened with the water will happen with the magma.

    Alvin, God bless your efforts. This is a wonderful website and may you get much more well known ( but not too much, or I may not be able to access the place, ha). Let us all be in prayer as time grows short. The bible speaks of labor pains; I had four babies….they start slow and mild, but increase so fast and so strong. I believe we have very little time left.

  11. Brandon says:

    Is the heat in the planet’s interior leveling out which would prevent an E.L.E.?

    • i

      The evidence would suggest it’s not happening at this time and the more the planet is shaken by earthquakes; the world the effect becomes. When you shake a bottle of soda…you can put it in the freezer and the cold temperature causes the gas to contract and the pressures are reduced before you open it but if you heat it up; the opposite effect occurs. This is why the planet’s pulse and temperature are so important to monitor.

  12. Brucus R says:

    Question remains: Is the timing for all this part of the early knowledge bank of the MAYA
    and is it related to NIBIRU return? 3600 years ago, SANTORINI blew it’s top, also
    Moses wrote in the BIBLE that the ‘white columns’ of steam were everywhere he went, suggesting
    that the Earth was also undergoing some apocalyptic surprise attack ! Time is of the essence now.

  13. Lee H says:

    I’ve never seen myself as being pious, however I can discern the difference between what is deserving of true reverence and the unholy. This website highlight’s both, which is why I stay tuned.
    At the same time I do have a very analytical/semi scientific mind and pay certain views with a healthy degree of real-sight!
    In essence you cannot have order without chaos nor absolute good without evil. Balance must be maintained, this is the nature of…….well nature!
    Whatever transpires over the near future, I sincerely wish you all well.
    And finally to you Alvin, though I don’t necessarily agree with you on all things, your heart is most definitely in the right place <3

    God bless all!

  14. Leroy says:

    I have to wonder what is happening in Southern California with last month’s stinky air. They say it was stirred up from the Salton Sea by a storm. Why was it smelled so strongly two mountain ranges away in Lancaster, Palmdale and hardly even noticed in Orange County? And what the news didn’t talk about is that many people were reporting the same foul odor prior to the previously mentioned storm. It reminded me of a fumarole along side the road through Lassen National Park. One news article said the local people at the south end of the Salton Sea said they get the same smell whenever they have an earthquake. They have a saying about earthquakes down there, “Did you feel it or did you smell it?” On a map that plotted the places where the smell was reported it seemed to be along major fault lines. Just wondering if there’s something we’re not being told.

  15. devlin says:

    thank you Alvin for this great site…I also check it out every day and oddly enough, it gives me hope for humanity…well maybe just a little tiny tiny part of humanity.
    those who build their shelters, are actually the oneqs who are wrong…they will just get burried…
    Everybody needs to reconnect with the nature, because the real god is there, and no human built structure will survive all of these changes…
    should we been preparing for nomad living again?
    and what about those radiation levels in Fukushima? should we all start taking Potassium iodide?
    Alvin, you are the one with the flashlight in these dark dark times

    • IM

      We should be totally preparing for nomad living because this crisis will unsettle everything across the planet. Anything that can be shaken, will be shaken. We should all be prepared to dissolve whatever ties we have with land and possessions and place our attentions on survival, as the crisis will only worsen by degree overtime. We can all be a beacon in getting the word out to others and thank all of you for being a huge part of that process. Belivers will not be forsaken during this crisis but there will be innumberable and inconsolable hardships that only faith, perserverance, and the will to live will be indelible enough to endure.

      peace and blessings,

      • Anne says:

        “The Gospel texts that tell us plainly that the powers of heaven will be moved, and that the stars in the sky will fall along with our planetary system that will be dissolved, thrown into disorder, and set ablaze.” Fire from above.

        “By a secret cause, unknown to man, God can produce a confusion or change in the celestial movements that will, instantaneously and utterly, overturn and suspend the forces and laws of attraction that He created.

        “Divine Justice will go the whole way: evil will be conquered forever; the earth will be purified by FIRE, not by water.” Fire from below.

        “Beneath new heavens and upon a new earth will begin the Reign without end of the Elect, a Reign of Justice, Truth and Peace, the true reign of God…”

        In the meantime, we have the antiChrist biting at our heels. How long O Lord! How long.

      • Nomads to where, if everywhere across the planet will become unsettled? The early signs of methane release in the gulf are not being heeded. People are still there. FEMA knows that an emergency of great proportion is going to happen, to such a grand scale that they aren’t even trying to evacuate the gulf.God’s will be done in all of our lives.
        God’s mercy and blessings

      • The only resting spots will be the dry ground in between disasters.

      • Anne says:

        You’re so right. The Bayou Corne Sinkhole is very near to the Methane Gas Bubble in the Gulf, and all it would take is an unexpected EQ or mega storm to set everthing ablaze. Little if any time for evacuations with only 3 Alabama main highways going north from coast..

  16. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Thank you Alvin for interpreting what has really been going on with this planet. I do not think that it is mere coincidence that the entire planet is unravelling morally at this time also. I am made nauseus by the amount of stories each day of children abducted, brutalized, tortured and murdered along with the many wars just inches from exploding into a WWIII. These disasters are making the way for the person indwelt with the devil [ Matreya ] to be worshipped. The amount of horrors will be so intense that people will worship this anti – Christ because he will offer relief and bring miracles but they will be fake as in there will be no love in them, just manipulation….if anyone is interested you might want to check out a site called Lovely Healing. There is a lady on there that says she has been getting visions and they make sense with what is going on and with the scriptures. Some of the things she says she has been shown are very similar to what others have posted on this site with end of time dreams etc.
    In the meantime may the peace of walking with Jesus keep us strong.

  17. tonic says:

    God is pressing the reset button.

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