35 Responses to Iranian commanders: ‘Israel-Iran war will eventually happen and it will speed up Israel’s annihilation’

  1. Christian says:

    what can you find about the greece earthquake of today ?

  2. Dennis E. says:

    And, And, there are internet reports stating that Iran has been transporting mass numbers of Troops via Commerical Airlines to Syria. It is questionable whether they are for support of the Assad Goverment or pre-positioned for a invasion of Israel if Israel launches a strike on it’s Nuclear Facilities.
    Again, another rumor and one report said that it would NOW take U.S. Military Power to take out Iranian Nuclear Facilities that had been relocated underground.
    Some of you will not like this, but Israel has been set up for failure by the incompetent foreign policy of this administration who could have done this and gotten away with it.
    What this could mean for me and you………………deadly terror strikes in the US itself, not forgetting our overseas facilities.
    Just my opinion in this matter……..

    • William Engdahl, a geopolitical analyst, author of “Myths, Lies and Oil Wars”

    • Ian says:

      Why does Iran need to wait for Israel to strike Iran first, why not strike first itself – and use these troops in Syria and other local allies etc for this purpose? It’s not not what everyone expects, but it’s not an unreasonable expectation either.

      • Mike UK says:

        It’s a game of chess strategy and Iran have their pieces arranged to call checkmate when Israel (or the USA) makes a move to attack them, so they sit tight holding the moral high ground.

  3. Marybell says:

    I an rather tired of hearing all this. I believe the Bible. Israel will come out as a winner with or without the help of the U.S. I have heard Obama say he is Christian and he is clueless of the promise of G-D.

    • Mike UK says:

      Then why did Moses and his generation have to wander in the wilderness for forty years and not live to see the promised land as promised?

      • niebo says:

        Hey, Mike Uk: the Israelites who left Egypt did not see the Promised Land because of events in Numbers 13 and 14. When Moses sent spies into the land, they returned with a positive report about the land but a negative report about the people (some were giants) and the strength of their cities. Joshua (Hoshea or Oshea, depending on translation, from the tribe of Ephraim) and Caleb (tribe of Judah) dissented, and, in obedience to God, urged the people to march up and take the land. But they did not. Instead, they listened to the other spies and refused, out of fear. So (Numbers 14:23) God said, “Surely they shall not see the land.” Caleb and Joshua were excluded, because they remained faithful; otherwise, the promise passed to the children of the people.

      • Mike UK says:

        Not quite niebo, that was strike two, strike one being the golden calf incident when the people became impatient as although God may enter into contract or covenant with his people and make promises, it is dependent on them to follow his instructions, have faith and the patience not to preempt his will as the Jews did in Numbers 20. That was strike three(and you’re out) [10 And Moses and Aaron assembled the congregation before the rock, and he said to them, Hear now, ye rebels; must we fetch you water out of this rock? 11 And Moses lifted his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice: and the water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts [also]. 12 And the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.]

        The same in 1946 with Irgun the terrorist organisation, they couldn’t wait for God again to reclaim their ‘Promised Land’. The nation of Israel today was founded by rebels, not by God, rebels that could not wait for God and preempted him ‘putting him to the test’. Another far worse retribution awaits them I fear and they can forget all the promises as their fate is now down to grace (God’s mercy). Instead of their presumptuousness, sackcloth and ashes might be more appropriate.

  4. Mike UK says:

    Inevitable indeed and as I read the world news I conclude that mankind have lost their ability to communicate with each other rationally and peacefully. It must be a sign or fulfillment of prophecy methinks with worse to come. So I shall go my way and prepare.

    • Tom says:

      Lack of communication and a lot of other things will lead to the ultimate armageddon showdown in middle earth. Just as prophecised
      We can only pray for the best and prepare for whats coming

    • Michael says:

      US involvement in the Israel-Iran conflict may possible lead to a third world war with Russia and China backing Iran. I am glad that Obama did not give in to Netanyahu’s bullying so far. Is it really worth the risk of a world war and thousands of prospective American deaths just because some of you want to lick up to Israel? Iran is not our problem and it should not be our responsibility to defend Israel. If Israel and Iran want war, let them battle it out but dont get us involved in yet another war where we have no business.

      • TexasRedNeck says:

        Michael, I hope you can get a bible and read it, then you’ll understand that we have an obligation to help Israel and the real reason behind this coming war, it’s not oil,power or gold, it’s about a family feud.

  5. Patty says:

    I’m just throwing out a guess, a conjecture, that the comments made by the Iranian Generals about returning a big unexpected defense is because the Iranians have some very big Russian Brothers who are situated in places all over the globe and a strike on Iran will not go well for the strikers and their friends (like U.S. or U.K.). Praying for Peace in my town.

  6. Philippino Bob says:

    Damascus will be completely destroyed soon,… very soon. It’s written in the Bible.
    That’s when all the war talk will stop for a good while.
    Forget about Iran, it won’t happen! Not for a few more years.

  7. Oggie says:


    Inevitable indeed as the world seems to be hurtling towards war to settle old and new scores. Reading the news especially from the non-mainstream media is like seeing the prophecies being fulfilled one by one. In this part of the world where the Christmas season is ushered in as soon as September rolls in, I get this feeling in the gut that things are going to be different this year and the next and it’s not because of 12.21.12. The volcanoes in neighboring Indonesia are acting up one by one, 5.0 earthquakes are happening almost every other day. The mainstream media seem to be disclosing some things that have hitherto been unreported or buried in the reports — like the shrinking of the Arctic ice and accumulation at the Antarctic. Newly found asteroids in the solar system have been reported. Why, even NatGeo is bombarding us with shows on doomsday prepping and the future without oil (makes one wonder what is the bigger agenda behind this)..

    May we have the strength to weather the times ahead and may the good Lord find us ready when He comes.


  8. carpy says:

    Sadam Husein said the same thing, twice! And we slapped him all around his corner of the sand box..Twice!..they are all insane….

    • Far as I am concerned Saddam Husein was a pussy cat compared to what this war would cause.
      Do not sit there and fool yourself into thinking that we are all safe, and the U.S can easily pull us out of this one.

  9. Dan Sherwood says:

    To look at any one part of what is developing around the world without stepping back and looking at the whole picture is a big mistake. Look at who profits from what move. Then look at how big the target is on the back of the USA. For instance if you take the US out of the picture, then China take possession of of every island in the pacific. Also if you take the US out of the picture, then Russia steam rolls over Europe and the middle East.
    Yes I know and also believe that God will miraculously protect Israel, but Gog’s heart is hardened and they will be blinded by greed and rage. Just like China.

  10. Angelsong says:

    It is definitely surreal to watch the events unfolding before our eyes and to know where we are headed. May God give us His peace and strength for the days to come. Much love…

  11. ProfessorED says:

    So many empty words….anyone with knowledge of the free world forces in the area,including the Saudi’s,know that in 2-3 days the Iranian military would be uttrely and completely destroyed…..just the two US carrier battle groups alone could pretty much decapitate Iran’s military…..much less the 27 countries warships amassed now for exercises….The Saudis have more arms than all the other Arabs combined,and they alone would have no problem taking on the Iranian military if the Hormuz Strait was threatened by Iran…..

  12. Wes says:

    Some of you say we fail to communicate, but you can’t reason with these people unless you’re a Muslim and you cannot reason with a culture that wants us destroyed too.
    If they get a nuclear bomb not only would Israel would have a problem so would Europe, and eventually us. We have been trying with these people for years and nothing has changed.
    We can fight terrorist by closing our borders, and sorry to say but profiling, It’s not right but we have to keep America safe all you bleeding hearts. We wont have to do any thing to these people they will get us sooner or later, They put a bounty on the man that made that film even. Look it may be wrong and even stupid but we have that right and we don’t kill because some one makes fun of our God, but that’s the kind of people you want to reason with, GOOD LUCK!

    • EA says:

      You are right Wes. You can not communicate with them. It is an impossible task. The thing that makes me wonder is, why is Iran so confident especially against US. I know they all love to talk BIG. But, do they know something we don’t? Like a dirty bomb already in place in the US ready to detonate by a sleeper cell ( God forbid! ). Ahmadinejad is just looking for an excuse and I would not put it passed him. He is ready for Mahdi to return.

  13. Jim says:

    So let’s say just a thought out of my crazy mind, isn’t Irans leader going to speak this week in the U.S. say on the 25th or 26th and do you really believe that Obama and Netty are not on speaking terms. I think the plan has already been made I’ve read that Israel had planned to attack Iran on the 25th or 26th of this month how convienient for Irans leader to be here in the states. Prisoner of war, just a crazy thought.

  14. Best we all stay out of this war, leave it to Israel and Iran to fight it out.
    I do not want to see anyone hurt or killed, but this is not our war.

  15. TexasRedNeck says:

    Like it or not we are obligated to help Israel in the coming war. God has blessed America for over 200 years, if we turn our back on Israel now then God will curse us and we will be doomed.
    Obama is a Muslim, he never has been a Christian and it is becoming more obvious all of the time by the way he has refused to meet with the leader of Israel. God said that He would “bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel”, America has been blessed by God so far but now we are very close to being cursed by God because of the Muslim in the White House.
    The coming war will not be fought over oil, but because of the family feud between Isaac and Ishmael. All we can do is to pray that our elected politicians finally wake up and hear the word of God concerning His chosen people the Israeli’s.
    >>> Michael says: September 23, 2012 at 5:51 am <<< Have you ever read God's word ?
    From the comment you made it doesn't seem like it or you would know for a fact that this has to happen, we are living in "The End Times" when Christ is about to return for us. I hope you will get a Bible and begin to read it so that you can understand where we are in history and why everyone on earth will be involved. It's about good versus evil, not about oil, power or money.

  16. Dennis E. says:

    And, again today, A Senior Iranian Commander stated that Iran could launch a pre-emptive
    strike on Israel if it felt that the finishing touches on a strike were in place.
    And on it goes……….

  17. All the talk about Israel attacking Iran and the U.S backing up Israel makes no sense to me–when it could lead to a third world war and millions of deaths. Has the entire world forgotten the commandment, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL”? Jesus Christ taught that the two greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbor, as yourself. If humanity had been following the teachings of Christ for the last two thousand years, this earth would be a paradise.
    I believe that we are now in the “end times” as foretold in the Book of Revelation. Some things are perhaps inevitable at this point, but prayer can mitigate, or lessen, the severity of events.
    Also, I believe that conditions are so serious that God is going to intervene soon. I encourage everyone to look up the website called “The Warning” (thewarningsecondcoming.com), which contains messages of divine origin given to a woman in Europe, almost daily, since Nov. 2010. The messages say that an event will occur soon, in which every person on earth will become aware of the state of his or her soul in the eyes of God. It will be a last chance to repent.

    • pagan66 says:

      Marie – That website is teeming with Catholic propaganda & some of the “Divine messages” received are from the Virgin Mary who so obviously is a compilation of the pagan Goddesses Isis, Ishtar, Brigid & others. Other messages posted seem to be from Jesus Himself but didn’t He say in Mathew 24: “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ, and will deceive many.? I personally will wait for the Second Coming to hear such things from Christ Himself.


    • Would be beautiful if the world saw things the way your heart wrote this.

  18. Patti says:

    Marie, I totally agree. This is the time to save souls before it’s too late. Pray, pray, pray for yourselves and eachother. What will it take to wake people up, a 95 year old told me that never in his lifetime has he seen so much discourse in the world. He lived through the depression and world war II. That says something. But so many people are still watching dancing with the stars and are preoccupied with the next Iphone etc. Huge, huge, things are happening as this site reports each and every day. The warning from our Lord is coming. This was spoken about in Garbondal Spain and now through a devine seer in Europe. Check out the website Marie mentions. Alvin, I read your website several times a day, thank you for all of your work that you do.

  19. Taffyduff says:

    TexasRedNeck!!! You cant be serious about Obama being a muslim!! What proof do you have!
    This is a serious problem regarding this great uprising in the middle east! It means Obama will dither at best and not go out to support what is right, other than to be prejudiced by his own religion against the jews. The USA is a big ‘Queen’ on the chess board which could be held back by the Obama administration. Isreal could be on their own here while the US sits it out on the bench!

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