39 Responses to Libyan attack underscores fires of U.S. hatred still seething in the Middle East

  1. Roy Hinkley says:

    And our president is apologetic towards the perpetrators. Pathetic.

  2. Montana Jim says:

    That is what happens when you give democracy to a bunch of people who are filled with hate. Democracy is mob rule, unlike a republic which is rule of law.

  3. TexasRedNeck says:

    Yet our govt. continues to send billions of our tax dollars to the people that absolutely hate us.

  4. Irene C says:

    Well, I’m not sure what to say (for once). I want to ask President Obama if he understands now who the Muslim Brotherhood really is. I want to know if this means another war. Then I wonder if this is the war that will come before our election (a war before the election is something I’ve believed would happen). It could be because of an anti-Islamic video (we know how they feel about those) or it could just be because they really don’t like us. So maybe I’ll just sit and stew in my own thoughts about this. Just saying…


    • iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

      I don’t know what to say either, I actually threw up when I saw the pictures. This is the reality of the peaceful religion they want us to believe. And we’re apologizing! This is beyond pathetic, it’s one more chapter in how things are going to end. I can only say, pray, pray like never before.

  5. j says:

    .they’re putting justice on their own hands..killing innocent people just to ease their anger is so selfish!..

  6. Tina Marie says:

    This, like all the other deaths overseas in these turbulent times is such a tragedy. It is a true sign of how less and less human life is valued by these extremists. I know this isn’t really the site for political comments but I just have to say what an outrage it is that Governer Romney tried to turn it in to a political issue. What was Obama suppossed to do, not comment on it at all as if it didn’t happen? I’m sure if he were President he would have done the exact same thing which was denounce the killings and assure the American public that it would not go unpunished. That’s what ANY American President should have done regardless of which party he was affiliated with, Democrat or Republican. It looks to me like he was the one who turned it in to a political issue by even making such a comment.

    • Debbie says:

      I am SO glad that you posted this. I cannot understand how easily some people judge our president when things like this are not so cut and dry. These radicals WANTED an outraged reaction…this would lead to war more quickly. It will only get worse in the middle east. We should support our president with the hard decisions he is about to make.

  7. max roytenberg says:

    Obama has been soft with regard to the Moslem Brotherhood, thinking,or lulled into thinking he can negotiate with them. How can one negotiate with people who carry a knife to cut your throat behind their back waiting only for the chance to strike. They are a world wide presence that has always fought against the idea of democracy and for a theocratic Muslim world. They seek to uproot Israel for what it represents, and to destroy any presence that represents western enlightenment. They see America as the primordial expression of the ideas they wish to see eradicated in the Arab world first, and in the world generally, (They have attacked in Indonesia as well)

    Max Roytenberg

  8. History Repeating Thomas Jefferson first act of WAR against Libya, Historical the USA ATTACKS.
    1986 & 1989, USA Attacks Libya. OIL let me say it again, Chris Stevens & Embassy staff KILLED FOR OIL, MONEY WHITE MAN`s MONEY, I see more coming soon. Shame USA cannot keep their hands off of other peoples resources,lands & OIL&LIVES=SHAME ON USA

    • radiogirl says:

      Lest we forget..we are sending billions in aid to these oil rich nations who are not taking care of their own people and even murdering their own citizens! Blame to go around my friend…look at history from all sides before you lay it all at the white mans feet…period.

      • radiogirl says:

        P.s. I am about to order Sparkle as away to help soothe my soul .In addition to going to my new church here…I’m looking forward to some extra positive perspective for these times we are living in.Ive heard the book is wonderful…thanks Alvin…your sister in Christ..Radiogirl

      • I really like Sparkle… Make sure you check out the names in the inside cover.

        Thanks as always and good to hear from you,
        God bless

    • Kevin Kehl says:

      peter knopfler, learn your history first. Thomas Jefferson declared war on the Barbary Pirates after they started attacking our ships in the Mediterranean when we refused to pay them tribute. Then in 1986 & 1989, we attacked in response to the 1986 West German Discotheque bombing and the 1989 attack by Libya on our planes in international waters. If we’re attacking Libya for Oil like you say then why haven’t we invaded and taken their oil fields?

  9. Dennis E. says:

    And even today, 09.13.12 there is riots outside our embassies in Yemen and Egypt and reports from Iraq. All sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood allegedly; the same people our administration has invited to the white house, the same people, bill O’Reilly told the president could be trouble.
    We are in grave danger in our embassies over seas and at this time Israel is in grave danger with this pathetic foreign policy on going disaster.

    just my opinion……….

  10. Bob Miethe says:

    Please look at the real problem ,1 Obama gives them money,
    2 Corp.Raid the country killing innocent people .3 the people of the country are savage /no education religion oriented morons caught up in a social era of the caveman …..

  11. TLindemann says:

    Obama et al are globalists. Enough said about that.

    This commenter’s heart is heavy today. Upon going out for the mail on Sept 11 (Canada is home), there was a very eerie feeling. Not sure if this was why, but it is most certainly interesting to say the least. The heart is heavy because Canada played a role in the events that led up to what we are seeing now, even warned something like this was coming.

    In case anyone is interested, to date, there are riots with violent attacks on US embassies erupting all over the MidEast (even in Manilla, Philippines).

  12. Julie says:

    Alvin –

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if people decided not to be offended? Taking offense is ridiculous, a waste of time and energy. I’m tired of everyone being “offended” by anything and everything they disagree with. Here is a thought: accept that someone has a different opionion. I’m not “offended” at the President’s “apology” (I’m still looking for it, by the way) and I’m not offended that Mr. Romney chose to make statements that were neither true or helpful. And I’m really disappointed, but not offended, at the religious folks all over the world who want to berate, belittle, torture, maim, and kill those “other” religions that disagree with them. I’m just looking for the love, man; just looking for the love.

    Have a great day, Alvin.

  13. JL says:

    I am an ex-american who left the usa in shame when bush was president, gave up my american citizenship when he got reelected..Its a shame to see how things like this come to pass, but the usa can thank itself for its economic and foreign policy nightmares..The Middle East has always been a war in the making..Long before 9/11 i saw something was gonna happen in the united states, so i wasnt surprised when it did, all i could do was sit back with popcorn and a coke and watch it unfold..People cant blame Obama, these things were happening long before him..Its the policy of the united states to force its views on every nation, and those that dont adhere to it, are either sactioned, boikotted or invaded..Its time for the united states to remove its armies from the rest of the world and focus on its own society which seems to be unraveling at the seams..Who made the united states the world police? The united states has the last 30 years not known one single year of peace, as its been in one conflict or war at all times and thats sad..That a few civilians die by american bombs or shot by soldiers are just everyday busniess as usual,but when a popular diplomat who represents the greed and the warmongering of the united states dies, well suddenly its a travesty..Polititians are wondering WHY? hello look at the last 20 years of war in the middle east and you have the answer in black and white, or should i say black from oil and red from the blood spilled over one nations greed.. I do not in anyway support the actions of the makers of this mohammed video being spread over the internett nor do i support the opinions of this false priest or what ever he calls himself who is supporting it..and i do not support the warmongering of the united states whos interests are only to spread its economic reach and armies throughout the world..I am not a follower of islam nor do i support muslims in their plight for supression..But i do believe in letting people live in peace and that every nation has the right to govern its own citizens regaurdless of religion, economic or sosial systems..Get the hell out of the middle east and let them live the lives they choose them selves!!

    If this gets any worse than it is, we are headed for a disasterous world war where billions will die..

  14. Frank says:

    I’d recommend the movie “Incendies” to obtain a glimpse of how complex religious conflict is in the Middle East. The Western mind does not have much insight into the region’s long-standing legacy of anger and vengeance. In the U.S., we are lucky we have avoided another civil war but people in the U.S. seem to be creating more and more anger (starting with their unresolved inner conflict) that I hope we do not have another one.

  15. Hannah says:

    I too don’t know what to say, it is sad that innocents are dying in the middle east, women and children, non extremists but is it not horrific that our armed forces and representatives are dying too? Why do those supposedly intelligent folks calling the shots not see that this is wrong. No more not another US and allies blood should be shed. Leave them to their business. This is how our help is rewarded we can’t win. This breaks my heart.

  16. me says:

    When did our president apologize? I watched his entire statement online because of ppl screaming that he apologized. Please direct me to this “apology” he made.

    Or was it Willard Romney’s gloating statement you heard?

  17. Skeptical citizen says:

    The USA gets less than 10% of our crude oil from the middle east. I think it would be best to leave those folks to fight among themselves. Kissenger was the guy who started paying to not fight with each other. Now where paying for the fights and are drawn into the mess.

  18. Bill K says:

    Alvin, do you think Obama has a hidden agenda under neath all of this Muslim brother hood that he keeps around him constantly? I just have a bad feeling that something big is going to hit the that big ol, fan p.d.q. If you have any idea or thoughts on this I would love to read about it.

    • Sorry, Bill. I don’t follow politics; so I honestly couldn’t tell you. In my minds, it’s a theater of drama to keep our minds off the relevant and spiritual issues at hand. There is no solution for the world’s problems, only containment measures for the fallout when everything finally goes “boom.”

  19. tonic. says:

    The younger, internet savvy generation, will hopefully win through, in the years to come.


  20. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I suppose we are all fortunate that when people make blasphemous movies or ” art ” exhibits against Jesus ,[ Christians just make a little noise and leave] because it happens so often. and I am sorrowful at the comment of peter knopfler because the governments in the middle east never had to let corporations drill for oil in their lands, they instead lusted after the money available with the drilling and some of them want nothing to do but make war with all that money. So are they any better than anyone else?

    • And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” -Matthew 12:32

      Honestly, one doesn’t know who these fundamentalists are worshipping, the prophet or the one he claimed was god.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        So true Alvin! So true. As a good friend of mine says….all because Abraham listened to his wife instead of God… ;>

  21. niebo says:

    Joseph t. Repas: I hear what you are saying, but, is it really that simple? Genesis 16:11: the birth of Ishmael is the first in the Bible to be announced beforehand by an angel of God, who also named him….

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Hi niebo; of course there is so much more to this story and mankind would still have many woes to contend with because we are all sinners. Ishmael was born of Abram and so God promised he would make a great nation from Ishmael which the angel said would be his name for God heard Hagar’s prayer after she ran from the abuse given her by Sarai and the angel also says in Genesis 16 vs. 12″ He shall be a wild ass of a man, his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him; In opposition to all his kin shall he encamp.”
      Now God I suppose had it planned this way all along ? Perhaps waiting for Sarai and Abram to falter first before blessing them with Isaac, but I think it is very impoortant that God shows concern and providence for all involved in this story.

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