35 Responses to While U.S. prepares to muddle through lackluster election, Israel and Iran preparing for apocalyptic conflict

  1. wibbys1 says:

    That is exactly why these people will survive! We are playing “life goes on as usual” while they are facing up reality and preparing1

  2. David says:

    America doesn’t have a dog in this conflict. Both Israel and Iran will be held responsible for any and all actions and deaths.

    • Angela says:

      Obama is serving Israel up for slaughter to Iran all in the name of the U.N take over of Iran’s banks. Obama is a U.N. warmonger designed for agenda 21. He IS the DOG in the fight.

      • Bob Hogan says:

        hehe Israel up for slaughter against Iran? You might want to check your thoughts on that one. War to take over Iran’s banks? You might want to check your thoughts on that one as well……

      • Magenta says:

        Amen sister! People don’t know who Obama is yet. This will all be made painfully clear soon.

      • definitely the DOG in the fight. they have been in there knee deep for many many yrs now. if ppl dont think that everything done on earth and every move made by all governments is aimed up for agenda 21 and others like it, (some are much much scarier) then sadly they are living blind. ppl need to live with eyes wide open; not walk around in zombified sleeping states……. time is running out…

    • Daniel Hughes says:

      Poetic justice, David. But in this world it seems that no one is truly held responsible for anything.

  3. Alvaro says:

    Webbys1 , I wish people here in Israel would be as prepared as they show or as it looks like , but I feel that a sense of being extra confident prevails which is no good. What I can Assure is that we will start seeing events never seen before.

  4. Irene C says:

    For what it’s worth, I still feel that there will be a war before our election. It may not be an apocalyptic one, but I believe it will set everything in motion. Just my humble opinion…


  5. Dennis E. says:

    This is interesting. Flash back to the 1st gulf war and it was reported that Israeli citizens had a required chemical/biological safe room and gas masks.
    Flash forward to 2012 and with all the talk of an Israeli strike on Iran and all of a sudden 60 per cent of the Jewish States public Shelters are unfit? 40 per cent of the population is unable to obtain gas masks? I can see that if it was the USA, but has not the threat of a Chemical/Biological strike from Syria always existed? To be really safe, they would need a full body suit also.
    They were preparing for war but are not ready for war,at least not for the civilians.
    This don’t make sense to me……. Somebody has dropped the ball on this for sure…….

  6. SaW says:

    I don’t understand why Israel doesn’t just pop a couple of EMP’s on top of Iran. Would seem to me that this would end Irans abilities to do anything to Israel.

    • wibbys1 says:

      It would and they might. Problem I don’t know about is how far reaching the effects might be. They might bring down every grid in the region. Alvin would know that better than most of us.

      • IMG

        It depends on the payload yeild of the weapon used. Specific information regarding the full effects of an EMP blast from the high altitude detonation of a nuclear device is still somewhat classified. However, take the case in 1962, with older technology, as a reference point in the SP test: “The EMP observed at the Apia Observatory at Samoa was four times more powerful than any created by solar storms, while in July 1962 the Starfish Prime test damaged electronics in Honolulu and New Zealand (approximately 1,300 kilometers away), fused 300 street lights on Oahu (Hawaii), set off about 100 burglar alarms, and caused the failure of a microwave repeating station on Kauai, which cut off the sturdy telephone system from the other Hawaiian islands. The radius for an effective satellite kill for the various prompt radiations produced by such a nuclear weapon in space was determined to be roughly 80 km. Further testing to this end was carried out, and embodied in a Department of Defense program, Program 437.” US Defense

      • wibbys1 says:

        Thanks for the info. Remember reading about the Hawaii incident.

      • pagan66 says:

        Wibby – what’s an E Ticket ride lol? I know we’re in for a rough time but I will always, always, always pray for Peace & a sane outcome to all this global madness :)

    • SaW – That’s too simple. Remember the Rothschild Cartel’s agenda is to depopulate and control. They need to bring Israel and the world into a full blown crisis mode, so that they can effect the “solution” they desire. We are looking at financial collapse and the brink of WWIII, with possible limited nukes and some serious causalities for their plan to work. And work it will, for we will soon see the rise of the ten kings over the earth and the eleventh to bring in the 7 year peace agreement, as Daniel prophesied 2600 years ago!

      • Bob Hogan says:

        Why would they want to depopulate? The more people the more money available and that is all anyone at the top is after and didn’t Daniel’s prophesy come to pass about 2000 years ago?

    • pagan66 says:

      Could you imagine the domino effect that “popping” a couple of nukes on Iran would cause? That, my friend, would be the beginning of a very quick end for us all.


  7. TexasRwdNeck says:

    I am really shocked by the number of Jews that have but do not help the Jews that do not have.
    I help the Jews whenever I can with whatever I can afford to send to IFCJ.org and I encourage others to do the same. Not all Jews are wealthy, some are very poor and have to choose between food and medicine. They have been persecuted more than anyone else on earth, but they do not sit around demanding that they be “taken care of” like some people do. They work for whatever they want instead of demanding government handouts.

    • wibbys1 says:

      I’m with you Texas. The problem I ponder is: There were many races out of the middle eastern area. Assyrian, moabites, Ammonites etc. There are some who believe that not all who claim or appear to be Jews are really Jews. I am still undecided, but evidence mounts for that. The Scripture mentions those who say they are Jews but are not! I think those are the words of the Lord Jesus himself.

    • Bob Hogan says:

      Do I detect sarcasm? Why would you send your money to the Israeli poor when there are no doubt enough poor in your local setting to give your money to?

  8. Nam Marine says:

    Obama will not help Israel!

    • wibbys1 says:

      Nam Marine—Corpsman here. I fear you are right—Us WILL not help Israel. The world thinks if they can just get little Israel out of the way all will be well.

      • Bob Hogan says:

        The U.S. and Great Britain will back the Israeli’s no matter what predicament they find themselves in… Israel is home of the Jewish people. The Jewish religion bred Christianity. Jesus was a Jew. Christianity will never again stand by while the Jewish population is being exterminated. Who do you think handed them the land they live upon?

      • wibbys1 says:

        Bob, I agree that Christianity will never stand by and desert Israel, unfortunately we have a very unchristian leadership.

      • Tertia says:

        God is in controll. He made a covenant and He alone will protect His people if they turn to Him.
        God and Israel do not need America. The conditions for a great miracle is an impossibility. The miracle of saving Israel will be all to the honour of God.
        Jesus asked us to not be afraid but to pray for each other!

      • To Bob H. – The Rothschild’s bought the land for Israel and set up the U.N., which made the official vote to make Israel an official nation. You can find this history on “The Rothschild Cartel” page on my website or many other places that don’t teach revised history.

  9. john j says:

    If If you want the u.s to help Israel you have to vote Obama out in the next election .But my option is for one biblical prophecy which if you understand it is very accurate .The Jews are back in their land .And no one has been able to drive them out .And they are surrounded by their enemies .You have the one world government forming in Europe, Watch for them to regroup and become a ten nation system .As for Israel she won’t be attacked until Armageddon when all the nations along with Russia come down against her .So with that in mind I believe the bible when is states that these are Gods people nobody will conquer Israel .As for Iran I believe Israel will stop Iran in her tracks she won’t be a threat to Israel for a few years .YAHWEH is a lot more powerful than alla !

  10. Perdo says:

    Well, all of the nations are supposed to witness some harlot destroyed from “AFAR OFF” revelations states in at least 3 different places. And God Almighty doesn’t have to worry about what anyone thinks, but He will appear a lot more supernatural swooping in to defend Israel WITHOUT following the U.S. into battle.

  11. moses says:

    Israel will use neutron bombs against Iran, Iran will weep for their children. Iran will have no chance at all. Maybe Russia will assist Iran. Only God will save Israel. God will fight for Israel.

  12. Dennis E. says:

    As I posted earlier regarding the lack of war preparation in Israel, then are we to now believe
    that all the talk previously has been just “Rumors” smoke/mirrors and now that perhaps a line in the sand has been drawn and crossed, all of a sudden we are not ready or is it to provoke a strike?
    According to what is being flashed on Prophecy sites, formulated from goverment sourses, Israel cannot depend on US military equipment/intelligence if they strike Iran’s nuclear program.
    The words used are like “US disowns Israel” “US throws Israel under the bus” “Israel is all alone”
    don’t throw stones at me yet………….

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