31 Responses to Bad moon rising: ‘It’s the end of the world, and they know it’

  1. So naive. What if you lose your thyroid to precancer, have it removed, and must take Synthroid?
    What if you have a breech baby and don’t know how to turn it, as an obstetrician would? So do you say to that mother, you just aren’t hardy enough to survive in our preppie world, so die and take your imperfect self away? My grandsons were breech; without the obstetrician and the surgeon they would have died; they are perfect now.
    Are you prepared to shoot your neighbor if he asks to share your stored food? Preppers are prepared for just that, although some plan limited sharing…but this whole system won’t work unless you reorganize a wider society to cooperate in it, in other words, start over with a new culture. It will just be shoot-em-up, as things come down, ultimately. Again.
    The New Jerusalem promised by the Bible; let us hope for that.

    • Kaos says:

      What you’re describing is natural selection at work… Survival of the fittest, and you seem to have an argument with it. – Good luck with that!
      If you rely on western medicines, (We all know someone) chances are your screwed if it all goes tits up… but if man had stuck to a natural way of life, you may not have needed all the meds a doctor will give you in the first place… The fact is, the gene pool is full of dirty blood and well overdue for a cleanse!
      The technologies of today such as GM foods, cloning, chemicals, & drugs etc are no good.. I can’t personally prove it but I morally know they are doing the body harm, much in the same sense as you eat an apple and know it’s healthy or knowing that the first cigarette won’t kill you but the 100,000th might! –This is life, and its full of choices.

      “What if you have a breech baby and don’t know how to turn it, as an obstetrician would? So do you say to that mother, you just aren’t hardy enough to survive in our preppie world, so die and take your imperfect self away?”

      This comment really gets up my nose…

      Sometimes Mariel shit just happens!!! I’ve lost 2 children without reason.
      It’s the reason I lost my faith… But does this mean I’m going to die and take my imperfect self away for something that’s out of my hands???
      Don’t be childish!
      There isn’t a professional heath worker on the planet who can say he or she can save everyone that walks (or is carried in) through their door.
      I don’t live in the past or cry over spilt milk. I look forward to each day, and take nothing for granted.. You have one life so live it!
      Be grateful you have healthy grandchildren, but for every healthy baby, there are hundreds and thousands who are not so lucky…
      Go back 90 years and still birth, miscarriage, breach and cot death percentages in children were higher when compared to today.

      “Are you prepared to shoot your neighbour if he asks to share your stored food? ”

      Not if he asks… No!
      The question is though… Would I share it?
      Well in my case, my neighbour is over 70 one side and early 30’s the other.. neither are the next generation so it’s in my nature to ensure my daughter of 2 survives, I would protect her with my life and any man who says they wouldn’t is a liar!
      However I have other neighbours who have children, and I would feel compelled to join forces (where possible) in order to give both children a chance!

      You are making preppers out to be lunatics that would sooner kill you than look at you.
      I’m a prepper, a good neighbour who has time for anyone and more than all that.. a father.
      I enjoy the creature comforts, but am mentally prepared to have it removed from my life, as a matter of fact I yearn for it, mankind was not designed to sit on its arse watching TV or shopping in multiplex stores.
      When the modern society fails (and it will – it’s just a matter of time) I will be relieved, scared, and maybe a little anxious but above all.. I’ll be Grateful i still have air in my lungs and thankful for having an opportunity to make a fresh start!
      I don’t need modern society – But I do need it to fall!

      • Kerry says:

        You are right on with this post… we have become very spoiled and I think we need a complete start over.. bring it on :)

      • pagan66 says:

        What a great post Kaos. I know what is coming straight at us & it’s somehow comforting to know my loved ones & I are as prepared as can be. There’s two things that amaze me the most about the whole prep/nonprep debate. Firstly – non preppers who ridicule other’s freedom to make the choice to prepare. It’s each to their own – if we want to stock items & knowledge that may save our lives after catastrophe – so be it, it is our human right to be able to. The second thing is that preppers are portrayed as dredlocked, tree hugging hippies or that they are Godless heathens who have no Faith in the return of Jesus. This one really gets to me. Maybe some preppers do like to dance with flowers in their hair in the forest under a full moon but seriously, the majority of serious preppers hold down jobs or own businesses, are educated & hold trade certs & are affluent enough to be able to afford to prep properly. Each to their own!! Onwards & upwards!!


      • Scott says:

        I agree with most of what you said, but I do not want it to come. Keep in mind all of the nuclear reactors that would melt down without the power grid. The power goes out and we are all dead. It will be a matter of time. I am prepared myself for things to go bad, and there are so may ways that it could, but am I looking forward to it. NO. (I will agree a little natural selection would help clean the gene pool a little)

  2. Good survival skills but all of the new age save the earth junk, blah. When it all comes down, no amount of survival skills will be able to save us. Only JESUS CHRIST is the DELIVERER! Praise God!

    • steven meekins says:


    • julie says:

      @ Rob Zion
      Braavooo!! I’m actually happy that all this is happening, breaks my heart to see how basic moral values are going to the drain…Children and young are the main victims of this ‘sick modern mentality’ just few ppl observes the Biblical scriptures in the book of Apocalypse which in Greek means: “scrutinize” EVERYTHING is happening! the best way to be preper: WITH THE FOOD OF THE SOUL, God will provide! we just need a good dose of faith, (we earn it with prayer) My humble testimony: I have had a hard, sad life FULL OF LOSSES, but I stick to God no matter what, frustrated or angry! Jesus my example of self deny we’re in this worldly life for a short time, we should aim heaven, NO LOVE TO OTHERS, NO HEAVEN! I could starve to give my material food to save someone, I’ll give a good example and i may win haven!! CHEER UP EVERYBODY, JESUS COMING TO CLEAN THIS MESS!!! <3

  3. Rebecca says:

    Keep your hand in God and Prep away. What can it hurt to be extra prepared? What can it hurt to depend on others for your survival? You answer that.

  4. Yeah……..it’s going to Happen….But SLOWwwwwwwwSo just be prepared for the Day…

  5. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Yes, our New Jersey pine barrens are an awesome expanse of pine and oak / scrub oak forests. I remember hiking in the autumn when no one was about and it was so quiet I could hear a plane that was 30,000 feet up fly by.Most people in this state will not make it there if disaster hits but it is one of the few places you can still see the milky way at night…and have incredible quiet. Ther most difficult survival challenge however will not be with nature but with the needs of our fellow man.

  6. Irene C says:

    Suddenly I have an urge to listen to Credence Clearwater Revival.

    Seriously though, training is probably the one part of prepping that most people don’t think about, especially for those who are thinking of heading to the backwoods somewhere. But even if one is thinking of surviving at home, training should be considered. Try turning off the electricity and water for a day. It’s one way to see where your plan needs tweeked. Of course, this only works for those households who are all on board with prepping. And, unlike this person from Florida, don’t be telling everyone what you have and where’s it’s kept.

  7. Skeptical citizen says:

    I agree with Mr Brown. What he is advocating Is folks learning the skills necessairy to Know How to be Self Reliant. being self reliant is much prefered to stockpiling & hoarding massive amounts of goods you might be killed for or have to kill to protect.

  8. LouiseGray says:

    The world that would exist at such a time would not be the kind of world that I would care to part of. There would not be much quality of life. What would be the purpose of survival? It is unlikely that the world of the past would be restored. Even if possible, not in a reasonable timeline. Examine the results of hurricane Katrina. Seven years later, the aftereffects are still visible.
    One should prepare for many things, but then how far should one go?

    • Magenta says:

      Trying to visualize just how bad it could get is very difficult, as it will be unlike anything anyone has ever known. Yes surviving after all is gone will be very difficult. People are assuming that their house will be standing and roads will be available. What most preppers don’t understand is that their will be no services. There will be many dead and dying. If you are unlucky enough to survive, will you be able to give the kill shot to the dying? There will be no hospital, ambulance, etc. Or will you just walk away and let them die a slow painful death? Christians know not to fear, we know where were going, live or die. The atheists think this is all there is, they have no reason to act in any moral way, yes I’m sure atheists will be in the mix of survivors. If you have a gun, can you kill them while they trying to steal, rape and do whatever their self-interest directs them to do?

      • Magenta says:

        Alvin, when I seem extreme with my words, I only do it to make people think. Seems like a lot of people have lived such sheltered and pampered lives, that they have never had first had experience with evil. Surviving after the shift, will surely be survival of the fittest. I can imagine so much of what we’ve seen in human nature to still be prevalent, do you really want to live in those times?

      • pagan66 says:

        Magenta – I believe that people such as Mark Twain, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Richard Branson, Ayn Rand, Thomas Edison & countless other atheists would object to being labelled immoral. Being pure in heart & spirit & living a good, clean life is not exclusively reserved for Christians.


  9. Kathy says:

    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and pray. Keep God close to your heart and he will provide. No matter how much time we have left, we need to use our common sense.

    God Bless!

  10. Taffyduff says:

    Yes LouiseGray. Now where did I put that rope ?
    I knew it would come in handy for something!

  11. I prepared this year and put in the biggest garden ever its more like a plot, the children and i have diligently cared for it tilling and watering the harvest is going to be huge over a 150 butternut squash and bushels of tomatoes for the children to sell at there stand. were saving seeds preparing to expand nest year to feed our community. I am realistically looking at how much it will take to grow to completely feed us for the year and more to sell and share. We are setting up for fresh salad fixings to grow inside this winter. But Im home full time and have a crew of 3 eager, sturdy helpers. We pray for the world as we work.

    • Irene C says:

      Excellent plan Caroline. Two things I would like to add if I may. Learn how to can and preserve and invest in some simple canning supplies. There are resources available in several places online that can teach you how to can, from the simplest to the more complicated. Also, make sure your seeds aren’t GMO. GMO seeds have been altered genetically and are probably sterile, meaning they won’t produce. For good information, google off the grid news.

    • gina says:

      Caroline, I think it’s lovely that you are also thinking of others. You are setting a wonderful example for everyone.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Back in the days before water and electricity were ready available with a turn of a knob or flick of a switch, people lived in houses. They used the restroom in an outhouse, washed clothes with well water, spring water, or whatever water made available nearest to them. Times were hard, but families were united then. We can survive and we will. Some will be able to cope and some won’t. IF it ever happens we will be ok, just have faith the Lord has already provided everything we need, and then some.

    • Skeptical citizen says:

      heck we never had electricity until 1962. carried our water from the spring and kept the milk butter & eggs inthe spring also. mom washed with a wringer washer powered by a one cyl gas engine. used cols oil lamps and a cloeman lantern to light the house. We had carbide lights that made acetlyne rather than flashlights It wasnt all that much fun. I like the elecrticty and modern conviences. there will be a way for the McIver thpes to rig up generators that run on wind & water.

  13. Dennis E. says:

    Times of disasters, brings out the best and the worst in people.
    In the posted article, I did not see any plan in the plan described, to kill sick or deformed people: to to kill those who have birth defects or needs (C’mon Mariel). In the event of a disaster occurring as being prepared for, many will die for lack of access to treatment. Many will be rolled or taken into a dark room and nature take its course. Why is that Gap in your mouth: it is happening now and has happened in furnished hospital and nursing home settings. If a doctor lives in your community or on your street, you will be fortunate. However, you can do on the internet to .ehow.com and get training resourses on how to treat for gunshot/stab wounds and other issues.
    I believe that the training described in this posting is good training. Let us supposed that an EMP
    blast occurred over the USA which brought down the grid and communications, that is when local neighbors in the community are going to have to set up a self-governing system until order is restored. There will have to be curfews and perhaps travel restrictions through certain areas
    to contain looting and violence. And yes, you and your neighbors may have to defend your families resourses. I assure each and everyone of you that some bad guys are as well armed as the local police force and some good guys too.
    I prepp. I have put a lot into it lately. I finally got my mother to start prreping.
    But, regardless how well a person prepares , if he/she does not practice consistent personal sanitation and disposal of waste, disease could run unchecked. During this time, good people, decent people, non-violent people will have to resort to do things they would not normally do.
    You do what you have to do………………………..
    The Lord will look after his people………..
    Just my opinion

  14. That is my point, Dennis, no one will survive long without a community. Some of these communities will not be intentional prepper communities which we now see forming in various “safe’ locales (nothing will be safe, in my opinion). Some will grow out of already in-place old fashioned pieces and bits of preppiness which has existed for generations. In my community,
    I don’t know if anyone will defend me, but it is possible they will. I am too old to learn to shoot,
    and I have no man in my family who has ever owned a gun, probably no man who has ever touched a gun…we have been weak pacifists, if you want to call us that, whether we have been atheists or Christians or Jews.
    I am somewhat prepared. I could live off my supplies for a few months. But I have no tough guy in my family to guard the door with a gun, and I’m not going to start now doing it myself. I do everything else myself, even though I am retired and have two rare diseases, one of which I was born with (the so-called royal ailment, Porphyria). I am “bad blood”, as someone said. But I have standards of decent behavior, and an able to teach them to my grandchildren, so my life is not a total loss as far as contributions go. I was a great teacher, I now realize, after the fact. I had value even if my blood needed cleansing. I do need it cleansed, and only God can do that.

    I do not have faith in modern medicine as it is now practiced. I’m just saying that some people of value would not exist without some medical intervention. Those who are old and ready to pass on should do so…even Obama says so, right? I would be glad to join my husband in Heaven,
    but I am committed to waiting for the Lord to achieve that, even if life now is almost intolerable, both in what I experience and what I see “out there”.
    Hanging on to your life, Jesus said, won’t work.

    • Dennis E. says:

      Hello Mariel: Dennis E. Here: Try to understand want I mean in lieu of how perhaps I keyboard it. Many postings have been published regarding Future Earth Change events and its catastrophic effects on our personal,economy and business life. It is possible
      that the expectation of these events, plus the underlining social unrest can create excess paranoia and anxiety which can lead people to do things that creates a so-called security
      blanket. Nearly every home in America has at least one weapon, whether its for hunting or personal/self defense. Many families go to sleep with the secure feeling that if there is an intrusion in their home, they can defend themselves and their loved ones. These are not tough guys. I am not a tough guy. These are men and women looking out for their families, that’s all, nothing more. If a snake or wild animal invaded your home space, surely you would not let it reign. Yes, there are some out there with multiple assault rifles
      and handguns,well trained in their weapons and more than willing to use them.
      That is not what “prepping” or preparation is about. What it is about, is being able to live through a world wide situation until some kind of order can be established, I think the next ten years are going to be tough for everybody. In a world wide crisis, we all have something to offer. Because you have no gun doesn’t make you worthless in a catastrophic birthed community or any community, somebody else has that covered. I am sure that in your community, if so, there would be people to stop in on you,to check on you, or perhaps recommend you relocate temporarily to a safe area with others. Ask people to check on you. There is no sin in wanting to live. In your last statement, I think Jesus meant that people will lose their lives trying to save it was that if confronted by another religion demanding that you choose their way and deny Jesus and they would let you live, you would lose your eternal life by doing that……….
      Be Blessed,

      • Chuck says:

        I too share your view point which is bibically based regarding those who would force us to turn from Jesus Cristo. We in the mean time, need to continue developing our skills so knowledge can be used and or passed on as the collapse happens.

  15. ProperPerspective says:

    Before putting all the time I’d like to into talking about “the human condition” with regards to nature, I’d like to say that the major problem facing humans is overpopulation. Every *other* problem we face is exacerbated by our rising numbers.

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