Major earthquakes strike near north and south poles

From increased ice melt reported from the Greenland Ice sheet to the sublimation of methyl hydrates near Spitsbergen, to an increased number of swarms and large earthquakes; the dynamics of the Arctic Circle is quickly and ominously morphing.  
August 30, 2012ARCTIC CIRCLE - A powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake erupted in the Jan Mayen Island region of the Arctic Circle, north of Iceland. The earthquake had a depth of 9.9 km (6.2 miles) and was followed by a 5.2 magnitude aftershock. Seismic turbulence has been increasing in the Arctic Circle in the month of August, as seen from the map above. On August 14, a – 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck in the Sea of Okhotsk near NE Russia. Today’s 6.8 magnitude Arctic earthquake was preceded by double moderate tremors along the Western Indian-Antarctica Ridge in the 5.4 and 5.0 range. The seismic dynamism that has the planet reeling, from pole to pole, increases the potential for major seismic disturbances along the Nazca plate of South America, the Cocos plate, along Central America; and, or the SW region of the U.S. near the Gulf of California, where the Pacific and North American plate are experiencing increased agitation. –The Extinction Protocol
Arctic quakes increasing: A powerful earthquake shook the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen, about 700 kilometres north of Iceland, shortly before 2 p.m. local time on Aug 30. The magnitude of the earthquake, which had its epicenter 428 km east-northeast of Ittoqqortoormiut in eastern Greenland, was initially measured at 7.0 on the Richter scale, used to determine how strong an earthquake is.  But the earthquake’s magnitude has now changed to 6.6. The station manager at the Norwegian research facility station on the island of Jan Mayen said the earthquake was dramatic. Thor Paul Gjelseth said the ground “was shaking, and people found it difficult to stand upright. Stuff from the walls fell down from the walls everywhere, and we now have our hands full cleaning up,” Gjelseth told VG Nett. Iceland’s Meteorological Office also reported an earthquake near Reykjavik, with a magnitude of 4.1. Over the past 80 years, about 2,000 earthquakes have been recorded in Nunavut. Most are of these have been minor, falling below a magnitude of 4.0 on the Richter scale. These light earthquakes may make a low rumbling noise, but they produce little movement of the ground. But Nunavut and northern Nunavik, where a 2006 earthquake of 4.0 magnitude shook Puvirnituq, are among the most earthquake-prone zones in Canada. According to data gathered by the Geological Survey of Canada, the northeast coast of Baffin Island and the High Arctic islands have a particularly high incidence of earthquakes. In nearby Greenland, the annual number of glacial earthquakes is rising, a study from 2006 shows. From 1993 to 2002, there were between six and 15 a year, but in 2003, earthquake scientists — or seismologists — who track the movements of the earth, recorded 20 glacial earthquakes; in 2004, they recorded 24; and, for the first 10 months of 2005, they recorded 32. The seismologists also found that the earthquakes occurred mainly during the summer months, which suggested these movements were associated with rapidly melting ice. -Nunatsaiq
Record melt of Arctic sea ice: “It’s hard even for people like me to believe, to see that climate change is actually doing what our worst fears dictated,” said Jennifer A. Francis, a Rutgers University scientist who studies the effect of sea ice on weather patterns. Scientific forecasts based on computer modeling have long suggested that a time will come when the Arctic will be completely free of ice in the summer, perhaps by the middle of the century. This year’s prodigious melting is lending credibility to more pessimistic analyses that it may come much sooner, perhaps by the end of the decade. “It’s an example of how uncertainty is not our friend when it comes to climate-change risk,” said Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University. “In this case, the models were almost certainly too conservative in the changes they were projecting, probably because of important missing physics.” –Anchorage Daily News
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66 Responses to Major earthquakes strike near north and south poles

  1. Skeptical citizen says:

    I think this event is important. A 6.8 at the pole is significant. The USA so far has dodged the bullet, as far as big earthquakes so far. I’m of the opinion the San Andreas or New Madrid will happen very soon. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Irene C says:

      Unfortunately, you’re not the only one with that opinion. I don’t want to see it happen, but I keep looking and waiting. I want to be wrong too. I’ve been planning my retirement, pretending that all will be well. It keeps me entertained and allows me to temporarily live to live in my fantasy world. But I know what the probabilities are. It’s not a matter of if – but when.

  2. S. Jones says:

    I have a gut feeling that all of the recent earthquake & volcanic activity is due to an increase in the Earth’s internal thermal dynamics, triggered by something either from without or within. This would explain some of the increases in recorded global temperatures, as well as the apparently accelerated melting of ice caps. If this increase in thermal and fluid dynamics continues, things may get very ugly – and hot – within a relatively short period of time. Given the global nature of what’s happening, I don’t think anywhere will be considered “safe”.

    • John says:

      I know Alvin does not agree, but I think it is a force “without” that is driving this major earth change. Specifically, a large object like a planetoid or brown dwarf, that has entered our solar system and is on the verge of passing very close to earth orbit. We will see increased catastrophic effects on our weather and seismic activity.

  3. Wiseguy says:

    Planet earth is slowly morphing, ice melting and strong quakes are not the only indications that something is brewing, climate changes are happening so fast, faster than any forecasts from ”scientists” I really think now that within 5 years, earth will be a living hell.

    • StevenJ says:

      I don’t believe that we have even 1 year – matter of 6 months or so at most. We’re seeing earthquakes in places where there were no known faults, and dormant and extinct volcanoes exhibiting activity… It has begun all along the major tectonic plates, but is, and will continue to, radiate outwards to involve the vast majority of the Earth’s surface. When it’s all said and done, I believe that the new geography of the planet will be drastically different from what we know today…and likely on a scale that will dwarf the many “predictions” prognosticated by the many “seers” and others.

    • dedesert says:

      that sounds very scary

    • acceleration is happening so fast!!! Month by month!!!! week by week!!! WoW!!!

    • Mike UK says:

      Absolutely. Many of us have seen it coming for years and been prepping, though the last five years have shown me personally how extreme and unexpected events have found me lacking in something essential, like prescription or over the counter medications, pain killers, codeine, etc. Good practice though and the worst thing I experienced was unexpected ‘cabin fever’ through being cut off by deep snow and ice for six weeks. The fear of getting ill or injuring myself in the icy conditions, with no help being able to get to me in my remote hillside location as my only neighbours got stranded where they were whilst visiting relatives miles away. So always be on the watch and prepared for sudden climatic events that could last for weeks or longer. The weather does not feel compassion or take prisoners/refugees to a safe camp.

      Five years might be wishful thinking, perhaps giving people the idea they have still time to prepare, but if you haven’t been putting your preparations to the test for the last five you will be caught lacking as I have been IMO. It’s going to be grim that’s for sure and I’m now gearing up early for this coming winter in the vain hope that I wont get caught short by the weather again.

      • We’ve been prepping, too, but we are also aware that we can only do so much and that when SHTF it will affect everyone on the planet. As even the best of plans can be undone by events that are beyond our control, the best preparations to be made are spiritual.

    • David Smith says:

      Earth is not a living hell now?

  4. yamkin says:


  5. Duke says:

    Yamkin, what is your reason for saying so?

  6. Duff Smith says:

    The politicization of this very real issue by certain politicians has been a disservice. We need to seriously examine how to assist adaptable plant species in colonizing from southern latitudes northward. The alpine forests of Canada and Russia must be kept green however possible, so carbon sequestration can continue. With a longer growing season in the northern hemisphere, it could even be increased. Maybe that will even happen naturally if humankind sits on its butt, but I would bet there is a useful role for humans. The taiga is going to be taken over by invasive species of warmer-adapted trees. Which ones?

    I live in Key Largo, but if I lived farther up the Atlantic seaboard I would try planting live oaks, longleaf pines and bald cypress as far as Maryland and New Jersey before whatever pitiful excuse for a winter sets in. And then, I’d throw in an orange tree. If they don’t make it, they don’t make it. One of these years, they will.

    • Mike says:

      Just out of curiosity ,I planted an orange tree in my back yard . I was told by some of the local nursery’s it would never survive the winters here in Newport News ,Va. Well it has .I originally planted it and built a tiny greenhouse around it for the winter, I provided a small heater for the slightly cold winters,but last winter was so mild ,didnt really have to even use the heat. Maby this winter i wont even have to use the heat at all.

  7. Richard says:

    Climate has been changing for how long? How many ice ages preceded this warm period? How many ice ages, warm periods will come? It’s all cycles – and it’s natural; as natural as extinction events.

    • Exactly! The same people who clamor that climate change is all man’s fault are the same ones who blindly deny that there could be any other connection, such as geologic or astronomical. Look at how many times the Sahara Desert has flourished and dried up over the 50-100,000 years!

  8. Bobi says:

    I still believe that the amount of oil extracted from this earth daily, is the direct cause of the escalation in Earthquakes and Volcanic activity. Something has to give, inside the earth, as theses voids do not just sit there. Magma is moving at an escalated rate and, I believe, causing the arctic melts. This is the most logical explanation that I have found and the scientists totally overlook and/or ignore this issue. So be it as they are the “Experts”, so to speak…

  9. pat says:

    I read not sure which article that they only have records starting from 79 and 79 was the end of a 40 year build up in ice, so much so that at the time there was articles about possible ice age. just wondering what thoughts are on this. As data is useless if not in context.

  10. Kaos says:

    Has anybody here started prepping??


    • pagan66 says:

      My boyfriend & I & several very close likeminded friends have been prepping very quietly but very surely for over three years. About 3 & a 1/2 years ago over a few drinks we came to the conclusion that things were changing & IF something bad happened to our country or even the planet itself we’d prefer to be aware & prepared for any eventuality. Between the six of us we have medical, mechanical, electrical & building knowledge & skills. From our last supply audit we have stored enough to last us for over 36 months. We do not advertize the things that we are doing – in fact, nobody but the six of us have any idea & once a month a couple of us drive the five hours to the nearest capital city & buy more supplies. We have generators, food, water, water purification etc, everything that may be needed in event of something happening that will drastically change our way of life. We’re lucky because we live rural so we can be discreet & we also get together at least once a month to discuss anything that may be relevant. I suppose it’s each to their own but I like to think that maybe we do stand a chance of surviving if everything does go the dogs.


      • Herkimer Diamond says:

        Purchasing stuff is good for the short term. But learning how to grow food and make stuff will sustain you and others for a life time. Knowledge will become more valuable than gold, if a disaster were to happen.

      • Kaos says:

        I have done the same but only have enough food for about 12 months as i will be relying on hunting (we live in a good area with plenty of woods and fresh water).
        My partner thinks im a little bonkers as there is rice, pasta’s and thousands of herbs, rubs and flavourings in all the cupboards..
        She will thank me soon enough :)

        Over the past couple of years i too have been experimenting (even made a flat bow from a tree with nothing more than a knife, axe and hand rasp… just to see if i could.! its not needed as i have a full compound bow setup..)
        My more recent projects (which i’ve just finnished – today!) is my clay oven, which i am dead chuffed with :)

        To be totally honest i cant wait for a change and in some respects… i’m ready!


        PS. Peace and love to all :)

    • Herkimer Diamond says:

      I have started prepping two years ago. I cleared acres of land for current and future gardens. I have started practicing seed saving. I have been cross breeding Hubbard squash with many other types of squash to create unusually large squash that will last a year or more once they are picked. I have become proficient at storing, drying and canning foods. This is just a start but I have a ways to go.

  11. Montana Jim says:

    A polar shift

  12. Tom E. says:

    On the melt, there was a massive cyclone in the arctic a month ago and with the winds it caused a lot of the ice to break up. Thus it is likely to be the cause for the “record ice loss”.

    Also note, that record, is only the record for the last 33 years. So lets not get too excited over the sea ice loss.

    Sea ice extent dropped rapidly between August 4 and August 8. While this drop coincided with an intense storm over the central Arctic Ocean, it is unclear if the storm prompted the rapid ice loss.

    As far as the earth quakes, yes, we have been lucky that North America has not seen any urban areas hit hard with one in the past few years.

  13. Georgina says:

    I really hope all these global disturbances are not mounting up towards something big- being a student i fancy living till i’m older than 20

    • Granny says:

      You must live and act as if you will live a very long time, and that you will have great grandchildren whom you love and want to have good lives also.

  14. LouiseGray says:

    Something huge is about to occur. One must be prepared physically and spiritually. Padre Pio said, “Worry less. Pray more.”

  15. hellen says:

    all earth and the solar system is changing.and more is to come.hellen

  16. michael says:

    seams to me that nostadamus china’s calender the mayan calender the weather in the bible are right on Q and intertwined in our 26000 galactic cycle as our sun approach our galactic center it will all continue to take place intel our sun passes through it and a few years after that welcome to Aries

    • Michael, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. If you only look at one of the sources you mentioned then the validity of the statements made on these pages could be questioned, but when you look at the confluence of the predictions from multiple sources, it becomes clear that they right on the money. Thank God, that means that the prophecies of His return are true, too.

  17. Onlyaskin says:

    In your opinion. Would you agree that increased tension globally is occurring?
    Do you feel that it is close to the SHTF????

    • Yes, unrest across the planet is spreading and geological change is expontentially increasing. So many more things will occur, and they will only grow more ominous and catastrophic with time and each episode. I think a series of shock events will reign in the beginning of the days of terror.

      That hasn’t happened yet.

      • Kaos says:

        This is what i fear the most!!!
        The days/weeks of chaos prior to the secondary stoneage…
        I do fear the day i am put in a situation where its me, or the other guy!


  18. Thanks ALvin once again for keeping us well informed.
    Mitch Battross has said (yesterday) Ongoing studies supported by the NSF (National Science Foundation) indicate a connection between submarine troughs (rifts), Earth’s mantle, and Earth’s outer core. Furthermore, new research indicates the shifting of magnetic flux via Earth’s magnetic field, has a direct and symbiotic relationship to Earth’s outer core, mantle, lithosphere, and crust.

    As a living entity, Earth fights for its survival. If internal or external events begin to throw Earth out of balance i.e. orbital, tilt, or magnetic alignment – it begins to correct itself. When oceanic tectonic subductions occur, it cools the mantle and outer core. To balance this shift in temperatures, the Earth’s core increases heat and as a result released what is known as “mantle plumes”. These plumes filled with super-heated liquid rock float up to the ocean bottom surface.
    This action both cools the outer core and heats the oceans. As a result of heated oceans, we get tropical storms and various forms of extreme weather. When troughs, subduction zones, and rifts shift, as a result of convection, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes occur.

    What makes this all work is the Earth’s magnetic field. Right now the magnetic field is weakening significantly. This will continue until it reaches zero point, at which time there will be a full magnetic reversal. Until this time, we will witness magnetic north bouncing in the northern hemisphere. Closer to the moments of a full reversal, we will see magnetic north drop down to/then below the equator.

    As a result of a weakened magnetic field, larger amounts of radiation via charged particles such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, gamma rays, and galactic cosmic rays – are more abundantly reaching Earth’s atmosphere and having a heightened reaction with Earth’s core layers. This is what causes looped reaction. Radiation heats the core layers, the outer core reacts by producing ‘mantle plumes’, which causes crustal fracturing, which then causes earthquakes, volcanoes, heated oceans – all of which cools the outer core.

    This seemingly repeating loop will continue until the Earth will once again find its balance. Until then, we can expect naturally occurring earth changing events which will produce the loss of mass in some parts of the world, and emergence of mass in other parts. Maybe this is the time to change the things we can (attitude, environment, community, self, surroundings), one would be a fool not to apply themselves within their means – but then there is the time to loosen up a bit, know what is happening is just part of a process.

    Just as the Earth, we humans can just keep on trucking, and maybe, just maybe, some will simply ‘enjoy-the-ride’.

    Important Articles to Read for More Details:

    (Part I) Something Is Happening With Earth’s Core:

    (Part-II) Magnetic Pole Reversals and Possible Crustal Displacement:

    (Part III) What Are the Effects to Animals and Humans?:

    We Are Witnessing a Pole Reversal “Right Now”:

    The Only joy I have in all of these dire changes which are to come is KNOWING The Lord is in control and He love us.

    • Thank you for a very clear, comprehensive and rational explanation of why these forces work the way that they do. In this age of scientific specialization it is rare to come across someone who actually connects the dots across multiple disciplines. Thanks for the post and the links.

  19. Tina Marie says:

    I’m not very familiar with the frequency of quakes in the North and South Pole regions. Alvin, is this something way out of the “norm” or is it just that it’s happened in the past and we didnt hear more about it because we didn’t have the internet and sites like this one that are reporting on it?

  20. Deck says:

    I would really like to know how old the ice that is melting. Are we melted down to ice that is 20,000 years old or 200,000 years old. How long has it been since the earth was in this position if ever. No matter what the answer is i know we are in trouble. Could be we are watching the earth reset itself to a new starting point it.

  21. Kate says:

    Does anyone here have an earthquake map and info site that is OUT OF COUNTRY?? I am so sick of USGS dumbing their site down… They don’t even show the polar regions on their world map, They also do not post all the quakes that happen in other parts of the world… Plus, I have watched them in real time, downgrade or totally move or delete a reported quake… If you do know of a reputable site outside the USA would you please post it here???

  22. Glen Thomas says:

    it’s been recorded that All calenders were 360 days that there was once one continent pangaea the earth was smaller then and had a shorter orbit. all creation is groaning

  23. And yet the experts and the pundits all keep trying to say that this is all normal activity. Our world is entering a period of severe convulsions, and no, there is nowhere that will be safe. The time for real prayer and turning to God in faith is now.

  24. dave says:

    I agree with everyone, I am also glad that no one said that this is to do with global warming caused by humans; the martian ice caps on Mars is melting too. I believe this is a combination of a few events. The elite we will call them and the fact that if you look around the world from animal deaths, earthquakes, events in space, and the simple fact that most people believe we are heading to a disaster that will be on a epic scale; these events, but not limited to any single one should show everyone that they need to prepare for some epic events that will unfold in the near future. Every knee shall bow. Amen

  25. …could this be a precursor to a pole shift….

  26. jim says:

    several large earthquakes 7.0 near the phillipene islands today check out

  27. A Jones says:

    USGS thinks the world is flat, that is why they took the maps off their website that allowed users to see the world from both poles, I am so mad I want to spit…

  28. Charles Williams says:

    If anyone is aware of the fact that our entire solar system is entering the Dark Rift/Galactic Equator of the Milky Way Galaxy – and if you are not you have literally been asleep at the wheel – the increased amount of radiation contained in the Galactic Equator has been bombarding our entire solar system for some time now. And I have read that some more open minded scientists are attributing the changes throughout our solar system to something outside of the solar system, namely the increased radiation mentioned above.

    The Earth has been orbiting around our Sun for some 4 BILLION years. The cycle of our solar system passing through the Dark Rift takes around 23,000 years. Do the math – that makes the current cycle number 160,000!!!!!!! So if it is true that the increased radiation we are experienceing is the cause of the increased activity in many areas on our planet this has happened more than 150,000 times!!!!!!!

    You can draw your own conclusions regarding the above facts…..

  29. kris says:

    Kate, I like earthquake as they also cover some things in depth as well as listing numerous recordings from various government sources

  30. David says:

    The Mayan people spoke of 21/12/2012 a time of change, with the weather changing, Earthquakes not massive, fires/water/drought, fish deaths, trees dieing, the world does seem to look a dangerous place, but when your on a nice sandy beach with blue sea, blue skys it shows you that the world can and will not ever die, life will, but planet wont.

  31. Mike UK says:

    I fully agree with Kaos in that one has also to prepare to reap where one has not sown as a hunter gatherer. Foraging, fishing, trapping game and collecting fuel to cook with and keep warm in winter. Learn how to catch and trap game and fish, esp eels that are everywhere it seems, how to smoke and store them without a cold store, just for starters. There is just so much knowledge and skills we need to gain if we are to survive in a post apocalypse world. It’s a daunting task that we in the 21st century can never be fully ready for no matter what we may think. Above all make sure you have the tools you will need to survive and to make more tools as necessary. Skills will soon be learned if you have them and you can’t chop or saw scavenged wood for your fire with bare hands for instance.

    Much of what I read on survival websites is no more than a Yuppies guide for self sufficiency advocating almost a bunker stockpiling mentality that does not address the long term survival reality that many of us can see coming.

  32. Edward says:

    Its 2013!

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