29 Responses to Economic crisis: riots, food raids, and the collapse of Spain

  1. Montana Jim says:

    Sounds like that would not be any fun

  2. nickk0 says:

    Gordillo has an interesting idea.
    HOWEVER, raiding the local supermarket to feed people…. Is only a *temporary* “fix”.

    I’d like to see him propose how the are going to replenish the supermarkets, after the raids. :|

  3. The serfs are revolting. The elites will soon reveal their true colors and mow them down with machine guns as Macarthur and Eisenhower did to 1st world war veterans in Washington under Hoover. Though I applaud this move by the Spaniards, I’m afraid its doomed to failure.

  4. Bill Ford says:

    The storeopwner should have shot him or are guns illegeal in Spain?

    • jim cohn says:

      Sir, personal ownership of firearms in Spain is limited for hunting purposes only …not personal protection for the average citizen. God Bless America!!!

  5. bryan says:

    The elites will all perish in the lake of fire and those of us who have suffered for their pleasure will bear witness to GODS JUDGEMENTS of them. In the present resist them at all cost short of your SOUL

  6. StevenJ says:

    And so it begins… This scenario will repeat itself very soon throughout the many countries hit hardest by economic disasters. I would not be surprised to see Islamic extremist groups quickly weaving their way into this new paradigm, to establish a presence and offer assistance. Interesting how the article characterizes the mayor having a “Palestinian” style scarf along with a beard like Castro’s – what can be inferred by these statements?

  7. Matt says:

    Obama wants the same thing in America. It’s easy to imagine him as that Mayor

    • BJ says:

      Hi Matt,
      You say Obama wants the same thing for America, what has he done that you have proof of that he wants the same thing for America. I just want to know so I can be prepared, I’ve heard a lot of people saying the same thing about him but I wondering is this really true or is it because most of the people who are saying these things are really prejudice. I really want to know because I personally think it’s fair that the rich pay more taxes than the middle class and the lower income. And if you think Obama is trying to collapse the economy, it will be the same with Romney as President. Because all politicians are the same whether they are black, white, republican, democrat, tea party, or independent.

      • MadMaxi says:

        Agreed, BJ, those who are putting Obama down at every turn need to really look, study and think intelligently about those running for every office in the upcoming US elections this November. No one party is moral and just, and all beholden to big money. Lots of sound bites, but little real substance on how real helpful change for the average working-class person will be accomplished but much on how the very wealthy will be protected-again. Since the bulk, over 75%, of the economy is dependent on consumer spending the logical inference is to get the money to those who would actually spend it now and not hold onto it. Those who spend money fastest out of real need are the poor and lower middle class who live paycheck to paycheck. When the vast amount of wealth in the system is given to the wealthy first, the trickle down is minimal and the wealth is not spread and re-invested into the vast economy. Then greater disparity spreads and people fall even faster into lower states of the socioeconomic classes. When that happens on a large scale people start to wake up because it is happening in their houses, to their loved ones and then riots start, for talking points don’t feed and house the needy. This is what we have in Spain and spreading soon to a country near us.

      • EA says:

        Hi BJ,
        I hope you really are joking. There is plenty of proof, all you have to do is read. I am not taking up for Romney by any means. But, to think Obama is innocent and has this countries best interest at heart is very naive. He is out to destroy this nation. I know for fact that he is a Muslim. He is a snake in the grass. A puppet…This not an issue of being prejudice. We are all made in the image of God and created equal. Please open your eyes. I hope and pray that the Lord would raise up godly man and women in this nation as leaders, on both sides. Only thing that matters is their heart not their color. Also wanted to mention that I was raised as a Muslim ( by the grace of God I am not any longer) so I know everything it stands for.

      • Paul says:

        To talk about the rich and the poor and Obama or Romney. is a talk on a low level that discusses only the outcome of whats going on. Sure its an issue for everyone. World domination by Muslims and enslavement through the banking system is the bigger picture. Muslims are serving the goals of the few. Even Mubarak couldn’t believe what had happened.The bankers don’t care what religion is in charge, as long as they can enslave the masses to their one world governement.

      • wiggety wee says:

        It’s not about the rich paying more taxes but getting inventiveness creating new jobs and getting the rich to invest in these project, with taxes the goverment waste it on new computers n stuff? its the only way, get people in work. But until the ethic of invest abroad is changed the (meaningful) usa rich with money kept off shore will never come home roost. The Elites of usa use its military as its own toy and people as chickens in the hen house.

      • Foxtrapper says:

        Well, he bailed out the bankers, the auto makers, and any other eliteist corperation that needed it..You know, the whole to big to fail deal. It has put us in the same situation as Spain and Greece and other countries that have debt that is higher than their GDP. It all comes back to haught us in the end. As far as the rich paying more, we would be better off making the corperations pay their fair share by closing the loopholes in the tax code, and ending subsides on big oil. I’m all for the rich paying their “fair” share, but not robbing them with 50-60% taxes. One of the comments I keep hearing is that the more you make, the more the government takes, and this is true. When you remove the incentive to make more money by taxing more, it causes stagnation, and decline of our econmey, which we don’t need right now. This stuff in Spain is coming to a town near you soon. Get prepared for it..

  8. Irene C says:

    Coming soon to a country near you…

  9. Dennis E. says:

    This type of conduct has already happen in the USA. Yes it has. Flash back to “flash Mobs” who invade a local store and overwhelm the sales clerk and walk out with free goods. Maybe not urged by the local mayor, but from community activism.
    Not so long ago, a Wal mart was assaulted by a large group estimating to be over 100.
    In the future, could we see armed guards at supermarkets?
    Could we see blood in the streets? Oh, most definitely. It is only a matter of time, sorry to say.
    Not to keep a person awake at night, but imagine a group assault on a home with children.
    The people who are urging this type of conduct may not be judged in the lifetime but will in the next.
    Be watchful, live not in fear, just be aware……….

    • Sam Beckett says:

      The only response I can have to your comment, is prepare now. You see this mob mentality every year year in America when people are rushing to prepare for natural disasters…hundreds of people cleaning out stores & so on. In addition to food, water, medical & other survival supplies…buy guns & other weapons…I know my AR-15 & I will be very happy to stop anybody that would dare to rob from my family & I when society breakdown.

    • Foxtrapper says:

      So true..and it might happen sooner than later..

  10. Skeptical citizen says:

    stealing the supermarkets goods is wrong. No matter what the reason. Two wrongs never make a right. I think there is a spanish proverb that states Take whatever you wish. You will pay for it!

  11. truefaith says:

    if you must live in fear live in fear of not knowing god!

  12. tonic says:

    What do people do when they want to work, but there is no work? And the people who do have work are screwed by tax on all sides.
    I’m sorry, but I can only see events like this lie squarely at the door of banking. Their bonuses, and arrogance, displayed even today, as they still believe they are untouchable, because we cannot carry on with our society (as it is ) without them.
    As already discussed on this site many times before, global debt is way, and far beyond any control.
    World leaders are not responding simply because the is no solution. If they choose austerity, it inevitably leads to zero growth. So there is simply no way out.
    And without any light at the end of the tunnell, being shown to people, are events like this really so surprising?
    Our society relys on paper money, and cyber transactions. Its credibilitry relys on us paying each and every day for goods and services, with paper or electronic money.
    And it’s simply falling apart, because it no longer has any real foundation.
    Paper money had its origins based on trust. It equated the amount of gold or other assets behind it. Greed destroyed this basic, simple, concept.
    And yes, it might well be coming to a country near you soon. Rich and poor may suddenly find themselves on a level playing field. Not a good scenario.
    Robbing a supermarket is not a solution, but it is a sign of what may be to come.

  13. titan1111 says:

    so unnecessary…..the work of the human mind and ego….love can fix it all

  14. If they will raid a supermarket they will raid your home. The Khymer Rouge used the same tactics in Cambodia… at the start.

  15. rtspayne says:

    Mayor Gordillo is a hypocrite. The stores his followers rob already give a lot of food to charity, so why steal from them too? He, dare I say like many powerful local politicians in Spain, has been on the receiving end of a lot of palm greasing for building permits and other quid pro quos. The Spanish press has documented the mayor’s financial gains and hidden accounts. Here is a link to a blog with pictures of the good communist mayor in his first class plane cabin on a trip to Venezuela. I guess some communists are more equal than others. This guy is not highly regarded in Spain. He is considered a public relations phenomenon.


  16. BJ says:

    Hi EA,

    I am glad to hear you are no longer a muslim. I agree with you, I believe Obama is a muslim, no christian would want to divide Jerusalem with the Palestinians. Or should I say, no christian who has read the bible. I do know that Obama is all for the New World Order, he’s said so in many of his speeches. All I’m saying is that Mitt Romney is not a good replacement either. He talks about the rich create jobs, that may be but where are the jobs now. Unemployment is at an all time high. Romney has jobs and money over seas, he wants to cut everything from the low income. If the rich do not want to be cut, why does any one think the low income want to be cut or taxed more. (they do not have it) The rich have hoarded up all the money and they are buying up gold. My thing is I do not trust any of them (politicians) I remember before President Obama took office, he was against bailing out the bankers, automakers, etc. But as soon as he got into the Presidential Office he did just that, bailed them all out. And what did they do with the money? Gave themselves bonuses and expensive vacations and the country is still in a mess. I was just wondering if a lot of the people who do not like him, do so for the right reasons. I do know that we will not have real peace and prosperity until Christ comes to earth and reign for 1000 years. That when everyone will be treated fairly.

    • EA says:

      Hi BJ, you are so right. I totally agree with you on everything you said. I hope there are few honest people left in Washington… Maybe not! In my opinion the only way for us to get out of this situation we are in is, if the Lord himself miraculously intervenes. I keep wondering when the Church is going to wake up… At least where I live. Nobody wants to talk or pray about the elephant in the center of the room. I am astonished! We are the only ones that can change things thru prayer and intersession but everyone is in a deep sleep. I guess one can not appreciate the LIGHT unless they have been in total darkness. Wake up call is not going to be fun.
      May the Lord bless and keep you.

    • tom baxter says:

      Bush planned all this, it’s what Bush wants to takeover as a dictator and Bush will destroy the middleclass…. etc etc. O! Sorry, Bush is gone isn’t he? Now its Obama we all rant about. But in a few months maybe not?
      It never ceases to amaze me, the gullability of the average blog poster who has played straight into the hands of the political trap and can’t see the Bushes for the Clintons and Obamas. lol lol lol

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