West Nile virus outbreak triggers Dallas, Tx state of emergency declaration: city to begin first aerial spraying in 46 years

August 16, 2012 TEXASDallas Mayor Mike Rawlings on Wednesday declared the city’s recent West Nile virus outbreak to be a state of emergency and authorized the first aerial spraying of insecticide in the city in more than 45 years. Dallas and other North Texas cities have agreed to the rare use of aerial spraying from planes to combat the nation’s worst outbreak of West Nile virus so far this year. Dallas last had aerial spraying in 1966, when more than a dozen deaths were blamed on encephalitis. More than 200 cases of West Nile and 10 deaths linked to the virus have been reported across Dallas County, where officials authorized aerial spraying last week. State health department statistics show 381 cases and 16 deaths related to West Nile statewide. “The numbers of cases, the number of deaths are remarkable, and we need to sit up and take notice,” Rawlings said during a city council briefing. “We do have a serious problem right now.” Aerial spraying for mosquitoes could begin Thursday evening, depending on weather conditions. The state health department, which will pay for the $500,000 aerial spraying with emergency funds, has a contract with national spraying company Clarke. Clarke officials have said two to five planes will be used in Dallas County. Dallas City Council members voiced concerns about aerial spraying’s health effects on humans and animals. Rawlings said the aerial dosage will be much lower than the dosage used so far during ground spraying. He also said aerial spraying recently has been safely used in California, Massachusetts and New York. The city charter allows Rawlings to declare a state of emergency and request aerial spraying, but the City Council would have to approve additional action beyond seven days. –ABC News
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17 Responses to West Nile virus outbreak triggers Dallas, Tx state of emergency declaration: city to begin first aerial spraying in 46 years

  1. I don’t suppose they will warn us if they spray us in other parts of the land. This could be very harmful to susceptible individuals, and they should at least warn us to stay inside. There is no consideration for people with individual differences such as being knocked silly by pesticides and herbicides. I saw a pic of them wearing gas masks to spray around Dallas schools. Will they warn the kids to stay inside the schools until this dissapates, or would this be an easy way to cull “weaklings”?

  2. SupremeSiddha says:

    WHAT? I hope they dont do these for other cities, seems like some sinister plan is underway. This is totally messed up. Now I hope people start believing in chemtrails now.

  3. Carl says:

    Also the H3N2V there are more cases every day, today they found the fist case in Michigan.

  4. molassis says:

    first case of west nile reported in Escambia county Florida today…

  5. Carolyn says:

    Has anyone ever watched the 1970′s movie starring George C. Scott, its called RAGE? This movie was the first thing to come to my mind!

  6. elijahsmom3 says:


    Besides this article, the evening news reported a confirmed case in Clark County Ohio, which is about 1/2 hr from me. It’s the first case there since 2005.

    We have a pond in our backyard. But not for long.

    • niebo says:

      Hey, Elijah’s Mom, before you endure the expense and mess of emptying and/or back-filling your pond, would you consider trying the “misquito dunks”, the little doughnut things that float on the surface? They are cheap, and I use them in my pond, and misquito larvae love them. In combination with a UV zapper (30 bucks @ the hardware store), our misquito problem, which used to be BAD, has pretty much vanished.Just an idea, but one I suggest because, one day, it might be good to have a water supply that is not tied into the grid.

      • elijahsmom3 says:

        Yes, definitely. I love my pond. Do NOT want to get rid of it, and I have also thought about it being a source for water at some point. Although, I do have quite a bit saved up already, that’s one thing you can never have too much of in my opinion. Thanks for the info, I’ll look into it. I got your other response about the water being the next gold too, and I agree. Thanks Niebo.

  7. FRANKIE says:


  8. krystal says:

    It does bring concerns in my mind, I wonder what the long-term effects would be after the spray. I’m glad people are starting to notice oddities of the way government have conducted their business. Sometime I feel we are in matrix, people are asleep… but they are noticing the discomfort.

  9. Athlyn says:

    Anyone else find it interesting that before the powers that be got into biological warfate and Frankensteinian science, we never heard of these weirdo viruses that we’ve all been told mysteriously crossed hosts from animals to humans or came out of the rain forest. Hmm …
    How to cull out populations: cook up a virus scare then release more toxic substances into the atmosphere, supposedly to combat the virus.

  10. I wonder how they plan to monitor the # of new cancer/Parkinson’s cases that result from the insecticide?

    • Kayla says:

      No S*it! Weird, the government making decisions without the consideration of people and animals health. They could care less.

  11. Joseph t. Repas says:

    When i was young they used to send around trucks spraying a chemical fog to kill the mosquitoes, and many of the adolescents would run after the trucks to take in the fumes…That was about 42 years ago or about you so you can see what it did to this generation ! [ lol ] but I do wonder what will happen to the birds and bats etc. that eat these bugs for food? Mosquitoes here in N.J. have been much smaller this year because of the drought earlier in the season. Will we upset the entire balance of nature now?

  12. Bill says:

    Several dead fish in pond at my office complex after first night of spraying have seenSeveral birds acting strangely building was in area sprayed for west nile

  13. elijahsmom3 says:

    This article states that most cases of West Nile do not get reported because people don’t realize they have it. It’s estimated that there are over 94,000 cases nationwide that have not been reported.


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