6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes remote region of China: fourth major quake to rattle the planet in 3 days

August 12, 2012 CHINA - A shallow 6.3-magnitude earthquake rattled western China Sunday on the border between Xinjiang and Tibet, the US Geological Survey said. The quake’s epicentre, at a shallow depth of nine kilometres (5.6 miles), was in a remote area of the border region some 280 kilometres east of Hotan town, the USGS said. The quake struck at around 6:45 pm (1045 GMT) and there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties. The China Earthquake Networks Centre measured it as a 6.2-magnitude quake, the state-run Xinhua news agency said. A similar 6.3-magnitude quake jolted Xinjiang on June 30, injuring at least 24 people, according to state media. Xinjiang is a vast region with a population of around 20 million, of whom some nine million are Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking, mainly Muslim ethnic minority. -AFP
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25 Responses to 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes remote region of China: fourth major quake to rattle the planet in 3 days

  1. Joel says:

    Alvin, thanks for th follow up on those quakes.
    By the way, did you check the shallowness of those quakes and the strange fact that they happen around the same depth.
    The last 6+ :
    – 6.2M 2012/08/10 18:37:43 – 12.9 deep FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA
    – 6.3M 2012/08/11 12:34:35 – 9.8 deep NORTHWESTERN IRAN
    – 6.4M 2012/08/11 12:23:18 – 9.9 deep NORTHWESTERN IRAN
    – 6.3 2012/08/12 10:47:06 – 9.7 deep XINJIANG-XIZANG BORDER REGION

    But there are also 5+ at the same depth :
    – 5.0 2012/08/11 15:43:19 – 10.0 deep NORTHWESTERN IRAN
    – 5.1 2012/08/11 22:24:03 – 9.7 deep NORTHWESTERN IRAN
    Intriguing, there was one also on the mid-atlantic ridge same depth.
    – 5.3 2012/08/11 17:47:32 – 10.3 deep NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
    and the one in Chile
    – 5.2 2012/08/10 11:40:04 – 10.3 deep WEST CHILE RISE

    What do you think?


    • E

      That’s not uncommon, most earthquakes happen within 10 km of the surface. The seismic unrest breaking out across the planet is only a shadow of worse things to come. And it will only escalate with ever more dangerous and disastrous results. Some places will enter seismic spasms that will become incessant. Whole cities will be destroyed. Coastal regions of countries will crumble and fall into the ocean. Land bridges, connecting continents, will be broken asunder. Vast waves will sweep across islands, smothering its inhabitants in the billows, as it huddles them out to sea. The chorus of destruction is being rehearsed, as unrest continues to build within the planet.

      We should all prepare ourselves mentally for massive changes coming to the planet.


      • Brandon says:

        Is there a point in preparing physically?

      • Yes, because none of us know how long we will be here. Some will make it through to the very end. We must do all we can to get the word out and to warn as many as we can both of the coming storm, and the return of the Son of God. Never lay down the shield until the battle is done.


      • Desmond says:

        Hi Alvin looking at the picture of the earths magnetic field, would the moving of the field have any effect on our current tilt and rotation. As I look at the picture now our magnetic field is in a wobble with respect to the moon and as the moon is our anchor point, what now?

      • Heavy patterns of large-scale seismic events can cause redistributions of mass on the surface and that could affect the dynamics of the planet’s angular momentum.

      • Brandon says:

        This scenario is similar to the movie 2012.

      • SupremeSiddha says:

        How soon do you think these cataclysms will happen, will there be much happening in the rest of this year?

      • I think from the period from the winter solstice to the spring equinox could be a very turbulent period. Otherwise, time will bring a further erosion of planetary stability.

      • I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this fall will see major political and economic upheavals, followed closely by a severe escalation of natural disasters, especially geological ones. The timing on everything and how it’s all coming together fit too closely to what has been prophesied for the turbulent period leading up to the return of Christ. I also expect that the great dictator known in Revelation as the Anti-Christ will be revealed as such during this period. I’m so glad that the reign of man on this planet will soon be over, but I am saddened by the human cost that will have to be paid in the interim.

      • I
        The vanishing magic art of Sleight of hand

        Well, it’s interesting to note that just one month ago, the European members announced they would do whatever it took to solve the EU crisis…then most skipped out on vacations and left the people suffering. Now many are returning, and the future has blackened even more in their absence. People can’t slice through the rhetoric and political postering deep enough to see its a classic case of misdirection. The olympics shifted the public’s attention from the pressing issues at hand. After the U.S. elections, reality is going to set in that austerity measures, involving deep cuts, will have to be made in respect to U.S. federal and state budgets to close the gap between tax revenue shortfalls and growing expenditures.

        As writer William Goldman said, ‘Magic is nothing more than misdirection. It’s making people look in the wrong direction at the right time.’

  2. Jean says:

    Simultaneous events ramping up, a U.S. Navy ship launched a strike on another ship in the Gulf, waiting to hear more on that

  3. BlueMoonBrightStar says:

    Water now earthquakes, please give them a break.

  4. Shaun says:

    thought this article was interesting and thought I’d pass it on!

  5. And yet, the geologists and others are saying that things aren’t escalating! At least those of us who understand this can take comfort in knowing that the return of Christ is coming soon. Hopefully we can help others to see that.

    • Brandon says:

      Alvin, Do scientists want us to die? What is their motive for saying nothing is escalating when it’s so blatantly obvious?

    • krystal says:

      All eyes were on Olympic Games, but now that is over (thank goodness), but sadly there will be something else to distract people… media is a true form of Idiocracy. Media, go away please, start being real and report real news! Heh! My eyes are looking up, waiting patiently for Lord Christ!

      • alienrobbery says:

        …media is a true form of Idiocracy. well said!
        was watching the movie by the same name, and god, how in not even 10 years, the humanity has gone there…We have exhausted ourselves as a human race. we are ready for exctinction. caused mostly by ourselves sadly. I think the planet is just kicking off the flea on it’s back

      • The media has become little better than a nonsense favoring propaganda machine. They would rather talk about Lindsey Lohan and the Kardashians than real issues, unless of course it is something that they can use to further their own agenda. Our media is in dire need of a serious reality check!

  6. Ali says:

    Preparing physically really won’t help, you need to prepare spiritually for the shift in consciousness..

    • Being spiritually prepared for the calamities to come is the best form of preparedness. Many will be lost, but many will still be saved by their faith, and at least a portion of humanity will still be here when our Lord returns. Preparing physically is still a good idea as a means of buying time, but ultimately it will be up to God to decide who survives and who dies.

  7. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    I am sure you have seen this, but in case you hadn’t…
    7.3 Mwp – SEA OF OKHOTSK
    Preliminary Earthquake ReportMagnitude 7.3 Mwp
    Date-Time 14 Aug 2012 02:59:42 UTC
    14 Aug 2012 12:59:42 near epicenter
    13 Aug 2012 21:59:42 standard time in your timezone
    Location 49.796N 145.113E
    Depth 625 km
    Distances 160 km (100 miles) ENE (66 degrees) of Poronaysk, Russia
    361 km (225 miles) NNE (28 degrees) of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
    445 km (277 miles) SSE (160 degrees) of Okha, Russia
    1630 km (1013 miles) NNE (14 degrees) of TOKYO, Japan
    Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 14.6 km; Vertical 7.1 km
    Parameters Nph = 1126; Dmin = 1735.1 km; Rmss = 0.68 seconds; Gp = 16°
    M-type = Mwp; Version = A

    Wow… what’s that 4 major quakes in four or five days?.,…..
    Thanks and God Bless us all

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