28 Responses to As austerity measures bite, more babies are abandoned across Europe: in 2 years, it could be epidemic warns politician

  1. amy says:

    Don’t get pregnant if you cannot.support your child. Duh

    • Carina@SA says:

      @Amy. Even though babies are being abandoned, a lot of the children being left to fend for themselves, are a few years old already. 4years ago, for example, when some of these kids were born (like Anna), their parents could have been able to afford caring for them. 4 years later, that’s not the case anymore. Don’t Judge

  2. tellthetruth1 says:

    As is done to the old and the sick, (believe me, I know what I’m talking about), so it is now done to children. This has been reported in various places, but now it seems to be a child’s ‘inheritance’. Yet another spiritual line has been crossed. God help the little ones. They always get the worst of it.

  3. Judy Carriker says:

    We are not here to pass judgement on people. I would rather see someone leave their child with someone than to abort. Even circumstances here in the United States are affecting families. People with six digit incomes have lost their jobs overnight, food prices are steadily increasing and the price of housing has rocketed. We don’t know their circumstances nor should we pass judgement on them. Leaving a child somewhere safe is better than throwing a baby in a garbage can.

  4. Michelle Agee says:

    This is so sad, i could not stand by like so many that walk past these hungry and tired families on the streets of Greece. Do not judge them, you have not walked in their shoes, when hope is lost and the will to survive is the difference between letting your child go or starve to death, then you can sit here on a blog and judge them, but remember the elites who are sitting on their thrones allowing things like this to happen with all the paper money power to help make a difference, it is time to quit idolizing man made items and help our fellow humans, this is what God, would divinely want, if we don’t it will be you next, and so on.

    • alex says:

      Thank you michelle you took the words of a angel and told people. It makes me sick when the technology of free energy and unlimited foos and water for our species yet the elites hold us back when will the world revolt against this giant tyranny. Lord save us.

  5. Sarah says:

    What a nasty and judgemental remark Amy.
    I cried when I read this, this is just truely heartbreaking. I deeply fell for the children and parents in this horrible situation. the little children must be devastated.

    • It is hearthbreaking and its a signpost of what lies ahead for not just Europe, but the world over.

      • Magenta says:

        Seems that most people just don’t or won’t see that we are headed for disaster, socially and globally. It sickens me to think children are starving and abused, while this insane idol worship of so called movie stars is never ending. Not to mention the millions of dollars that are paid to ball chasers. We can’t change the earth changes that are coming, but in the meantime, comfort can be given to people who are suffering now. Too bad we can’t force these millionaires to help those in need. So much could be done to create jobs and make this a better world. We have to realize that our government is just an embarrassment now, don’t expect them to do the right thing. The majority of them are probably psychopaths, just like most celebrities, they have never cared about anyone except themselves. So sad that the most evil ones are controlling the world.

      • People will sleep in the bed they make. I know what you’re saying but willful blindness is the worst of all human handicaps.

  6. Dennis E. says:

    We(Adults) have a responsibility for the little ones and as well as the old ones.
    We cannot afford to close our hearts towards them.

  7. Greg says:

    ” and the love of many will draw cold…”. Everyone, please understand that not everyone that comes to this wonderful site is a believer. Be gentle.

  8. John says:

    This is so sad. We must open our hearts and wallets to help those less fortunate. Dont
    walk by someone in need.

  9. SoSoSon says:

    Ahhh this breaks my heart for all. So sad, so heartbreaking.

  10. SoSoSon says:

    Yes this is true, but to be in this situation is heart wrenching. To give up your flesh and blood, so hopefully they MAY have a better life, is an act of great love. This is very sad that human beings are put into this situation in the first place. VERY SAD.

  11. Irene Santos says:

    I did not read Amy’s post as a judgement. It appeared to be more of a suggestion. I think it an honorable and loving act to NOT bring a soul into this sickness. If I had understood this then I could have made better choices for myself and others. It is more damaging to the soul to be abandoned than to be aborted. I, too, used to think that the baby would feel the methods of aborting ( which are heinous ) but studied and expanded my knowledge base. It is the mother who lives with the horror of her actions and this is psychologically damaging. Among qauntum scientists/spiritualists and Astrologers it is common knowledge that the soul does not enter the fetus until the 5th month or later, and, while in the womb, is free to come and go as the soul pleases. What is damaging to the soul is the abandonment as this leaves a psychic wound that must be healed either in this lifetime or another.

    When will we come to understand the magnificence of each other and the harmony we could create together?
    This article made me physically sick.

  12. Columbine says:

    At the break-up of the Soviet Union hundreds of thousands of children were abandoned due to their parents being unable to care for them. I would much rather see them abandoned like in the article above (the hatches or at their day care center) than thrown out on the streets to survive. Or even worse – sent out to beg or prostitute themselves for the family (this is the reality of the world we live in – I’ve seen it with my own eyes!). The children and elderly are always the first to suffer and the first to be abandoned when a crisis like this happens. The older children like 4 year old Ana will bear the scars of this abandonment the rest of their life. For those who pray – pray that God will touch these children and give them security in HIM. Keep praying – it’s only going to get worse in these countries and the rest of Europe. I fear, it will be happening here more in the coming years as well.

    And if you are able to help in some way, please do so!! Find an organization that truly helps and give to it. Or if possible, consider adopting an abandoned baby or child and give him/her a loving home.

    • Magenta says:

      Orphans Promise helps to rescue children from men/pedophiles. Unfortunately some of these children will end up in the hands of pedophiles. As they prey on the weak and vulnerable. We have seen the incredible damage done to children from catholic priests, in some instances nuns were involved in this demonic behavior. Brazil is experiencing epidemic child prostitution from the extreme poverty that exists there. Because most of these pedophiles are wealthy well connected men, they can buy their way out of being exposed. Because a lot of pedophiles have wormed their way into politics and law they too have no accountability. They think they are above reproach, so did the priests. Because we can see the thousands of priest pedophiles on their web site, one can only wonder how many were never caught?

  13. Cassie says:

    This is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to give up one of my children just to know that they are taken care of.

  14. todd says:

    I agree that Amy’s comment seems cold and callous however, I believe there is a plan for each of us. Moses was abandoned as a child in an effort to save him from trauma, to assume we understand the issues surrounding a decision to abandon a child is pompous. Man should not pass judgement unless/until man is without sin.

    “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye?” – Matthew 7:3-4

  15. Devine Moment of Truth says:

    Of all the headlines I’ve read, this breaks my heart the most. How did that four year old feel when her mother never showed up to get her? I can hardly bear to think of it. To those passing judgment (“then don’t have kids”), you truly don’t know sh*+ and you are setting yourself up to learn life’s lessons the hard way.

  16. Donna says:

    wow….that’s disgusting. I had no idea there were even ‘baby dumping sites’. At least in Africa etc. the mother feeds the child as long as she can and they starve together.

  17. Colleen says:

    I feel so sad for these helpless innocent children. If I could afford it, I would adopt all of them. I love babies and children. My arms are empty now that my children have left the nest. The poor souls do not have a voice, but we, as adults can become their voice. God bless all the little children and babies worldwide!

  18. Joseph t. Repas says:

    God is certainly letting the world shake rattle and roll but I believe it is not out of vengeance but from Love. When we see such heart wrenching situations happen before us we are reminded of what is important in life and we know that we have the opportunity to do something about it. Love can not really be shown unless there is a need first. Love is eternal. Now we are all seeing people that need help all around the world and if we dare to look in our own neighborhoods we will find them there too. I believe God is saying to start letting go of the temporary and embrace the eternal.

  19. Gunasekhar says:

    No financial distress can justify abandoning one’s kids…

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