37 Responses to Reality check: Germany and Italy, the two most indebted countries in Europe, vow to save the Eurozone

  1. davidgreybeard says:

    Gee, their solution of printing more money sounds like the current American president’s suggestion of printing more money. You’d think that the Europeans, at least, would remember that the Weimar Republic tried that trick and ended up with money that was worth virtually nothing.

    • We never learn. This is a now-me generation and no countries are focused on long-term debt reduction- only more printing and spending. The pattern of the past are destined to be repeated with even more terrifying consequences.

      • Bone Idle says:

        [quote]If all the nations in the world are in debt, where did all the money go?
        - Steven Wright [/quote]

        The pattern of the past is that all Fiat currencies have failed throughout history. They have all eventually printed themselves into worthlessness.

      • Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value- zero‘ -Voltaire

      • Good quote, Alvin.

      • Very true, Bone Idle. Even in ancient history, and up to the first use of paper money, when the only money was coins stamped on metals like gold, silver and iron, inflation was a problem. What am I saying, even in societies that rely on the barter system “prices” flucuate. But the current mindset that we can print our way out of the problem is ridiculous and will only further devaluate the dollar and the euro.

  2. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Hi Alvin! One question keeps recurring in my mind over this last year or so and that is; just who is owed all this money? Please excuse my ignorance on this subject but it seems to me the governments are just playing frontmen for a world bank that already got bailed out recently. Reminds me of the world situation shortly after WWI. Would this be accurate? Thank you for bringing up these news items that the politically charged news stations will not touch.

    • International bankers, and they have been growing the world in a negative vaccum every since post world war II. You can never catch up, and the debt can never be satisfied, despite the population boom. So we can’t grow our way out of this under the current system; yet the world of credit continues to expand at a maddening pace. Now, there are more poeple on the planet than jobs- and you’re in trouble because the next step in the scenario involves nightmare solutions. When most of the wealth creation engine of the world shifts to servicing the money supply, instead of industry (which is what creates jobs); you know you’re in trouble. All the industry in the West shifted to developing countries, and London and New York became the world’s financial centers after banks were deregulated.

      This crisis is unsolvable under the current dynamic…plain and simple. A crash is not only certain; it’s inevitable.


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thanks Alvin! That does clarify things some…So the governments give into the banks and take that money from the peons who really don’t have it and like you said, it is never enough so they always need to pay more since the principle is never paid off and of course the banks will never say they have enough for now so let everyone live, so yes, I believe you are correct, the crash is inevitable.

  3. niebo says:

    After I read the article, your comment/editorial reminded me…:

    In 1964, to end the run during which he broke the 500 MPH barrier and set a new land-speed record, Craig Breedlove crashed his now-legendary rocket-powered car, The Spirit of America. A parachute failed to open, and he lost control, jumped an embankment, and ended the journey with the car partially submerged in a lake. When rescue personnel reached him. he climbed from the cockpit, staggered out of the lake, swooned on his feet, and, somewhat drunken by confusion, announced: “For my next trick, I’m gonna set myself on fire!”

    Then he fell unconscious and collapsed.

    When the ride is over, after they have lost control and crashed the coolest Euro car (Audi? Benz? Ferrari?) ever, I wonder who will be left standing and what they will mutter….

  4. jehjeh007 says:

    Reuters is doing some serious “influence peddling” when they wrote this one OR this is a code to those to pull the plug. Germany is not in debt like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania. NOT EVEN CLOSE. The wording of the numbers are skude throughout the article. The fact is Germany lent this amount to be doled out in portions over 3 to 4 years, NOT THE ENTIRE $4 TRILLION at one time. So far, only $1 trillion has lefted the German banks. AGAIN, ONLY $1 TRILLION. What this article is about was to cause people to pull out of German Investments before the German Project Managers have a chance to complete the auditing currently in progress since last Thursday. The European/US crooks are getting nervous because they are about to be exposed BUT if they can create a panic on the top of the water, no one will know what is going on under the water while they shuffle/cover/deguise money coming in and out the pipe. Why? So Asian markets can swoop down and pick at the carniage that will occur in 3 weeks if investors fall for this lie. China is stoked for a deception right now becuase they are being overwhelmed with highs of the Olympics and lows from local protests. They will not pay attention to the worth until it is to late.

    Pull out TEPer’s BUT stay German, Gold, Silver and Oil.

  5. James says:

    LOL that is just too funny

  6. Irene C says:

    Reading this almost made me laugh, if it weren’t so serious. Sounds like the blind leading the blind and they’ll all follow the can they’re kicking right off the cliff.


  7. yardley7 says:

    This seems surprising, if not shocking to me. The debt crisis snowballs as our leaders and bankers ‘kick the can down the road’, so to speak. Tension is building, and not only in this arena–also in the middle east, and in our physical planet (plate tectonic movement resulting in vulcanism and earthquakes)….what if it were all to ‘blow’ at the same time??? The answer: stay close to our God in prayer…

  8. Thank you, for adding the common sense comment “and now for the next trick”. I tell anyone who will listen to follow EP
    Gerry Charlebois

  9. onthemark55 says:

    Sound familiar? The leading economic advisors were saying that the US economy was fine in Sept & Oct of 2008. More than ever i understand why it’ll be easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than have a rich man enter heaven. Do these fools really believe there’s no consequences for their actions and judgement day is comming?

    • jehjeh007 says:

      You got it Mr. Onthemark55, they siad nothing about the collapse until way after the facts. And yes, the elite truly believe that money is going to buy them power when this goes down. Frankly, the money will be worthless becuase they can’t get to it or people will only barter because that is something they can control without the government. However, it may get down right brutal with groups raiding other groups.

  10. The only remedy would be if the USA/Great Britain debt crisis can be solved. That can only happen if the riches of the Rothchild-Morgan and Jesuit controlled stockpiled riches are being internationalized and re-distributed to the countries and peoples from whom it had been robbed over centuries. Start by ending the Federal Reserve System and all other banking systems that refused to be audited and being protected from probing by threats from the ADL!

  11. Debbie says:

    This is just so silly and weird now. Can anyone tell me what exactly they could br buying time for by “kicking the can down the road”? I can imagine its not for the aid of the general public.

    Also I see many people (mostly Europeans) that say “let it all collapse!!!” like it’s no big deal and everything will be crap for awhile then get better if the EU as we knew it succumbed to its economic black hole. My other question is, what would be real consequences of the EU breaking up or even collapsing (if those 2 scenarios don’t automatically happen in some succession)? Thanks so much!!

    • IMG

      Unmitigated suffering for the masses because they have nothing to replace it with, except draconian socialism. Civilization models are failing one by one, and will continue to do so because debt-based growth is not growth at all, nor is it progress. You don’t move forward by taking two steps backwards. 70 to 80% of the U.S. economy is driven by consumer spending. When you ship all the factories to Mexico and Asia, and your consumers don’t have jobs…how can they grow your economy with no money? Consumer debt in the UK is at a record high, Italy is drowning and the technocrats are gasping in desperation for air, Spain is beyond remedy. The real estate bubble has burst- and the banks are going down with the ship; Greece is staring into the pit of oblivion, and Germany can not bailout anyone. Germans can’t even pay off their own budget deficits. The more money you print; the worst the problem becomes. Consequently, what is their solution—the Federal Reserve and the ECB setting new policies of ‘quantitative easing,’ which is a fancy name for printing money.

      What the world should be terrified of now is bubbles in the financial and precious metals markets.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        So true Alvin; the day is fast approaching when gold will be worth less than manure; you can not eat either one but at least the manure will help the veggies grow…and all money in banks will suddenly be evaporated.

      • jehjeh007 says:

        Alvin, I just reviewed a financail advisor’s propaganda which included Dr. Ken Moor and John Forbes. One fact they brought up is the U.S. only has 3 percent of the worlds gold while China has 43 percent (and growing through military actions to obtain more gold) and the Saudis have 37 percent most likely acquired through oil sales, with IRAN HAVING THE LARGEST STOCK PILE OF GOLD in the area. This change is wealth took only 20 years! This is terrifying to say the least. It also makes sense as to why there is so much war in in Saudi Arabia lands as the poor see none of this extreme wealth trickling down to the masses. In essence, they knew/know about this increase in wealth and are very upset. They are trying to use “democracy” as a cause to get that wealth to spread around the only way they know how (through war) while attempting to preserve muslim beliefs system. China is doing a better job in spreading the wealth by attempting to create a middle class with it’s newfound wealth, but it can not do this fast enough unless they use the draconian socialism you spoke of, hence causing them to invest globally to stimulate growth . The quickest fix? For the US to become the worlds consumer again. Currently that is impossible due to the political strife we are in. The US needs investment into new energy methods and bring home the jobs. If this is true then it makes sense why Israel is losing pateince with Iran and why China stance on Syria is what it is. It is about preservation of idealogy or principilities. The US fiscal soveirgnty has been sold by the Federal Reserve in the interest of self preservation.

      • Civilizations across the planet are on the verge of unraveling. There’s no question, we stand on the precipice of the most dangerous crossroads in human history.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Oh so true Alvin! Not only are we seeing more of the obviously hellish things people are doing to each other but if I may share examples of the most expanding abberation in raising a generation that I am witnessing today is mothers[ and probably dads too] verbally abusing their children in public and even turning their vents to innocent children nearby. Over the last two weeks both my wife and I witnessed mothers who just constantly yell at their child or children to shut up! or even worse shut the F up! and yelling this at decibles that can be heard by other children nearby. the innocent children are traumatized and need comforting reassurance from their mothers. I am talking about children between the ages of 2-6 years young! Yes, this society is unravelling exponentially. So sad.

      • These so-called ‘honour killings’ are some of the most disturbing things I’ve read. How anyone could do such a thing to their own children defies all reason. Using religion, any religion, to committ acts of atrocity against innocent human beings is beyond heinous. How any believer think that will stand innocent before a holy God, garbed in flames so terrible that angels veil their faces, defies all human sanity. O the day of judgment to come, when there will be such a wailing and moaning, and the gnashing of teeth!


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thanks for that link Alvin. I agree, and am also mystified at how callous parents can be to their own children even to the point of killing them, but like I heard one lady say to another on the bus going home one day, “I told my daughter,you having twins, yes, we have no room for them they just got to go!” and was actually happy regarding that choice.

  12. I believe that a lot of the problem is also the pervasive and generally only hinted at belief that an economy – whether American, European or anyone else’s – can just keep on expanding indefinitely. No economic system (or anything else, for that matter, especially a species) can grow indefinitely. Sooner or later there will come a time when the entire bubble will burst under the strain, and we are living in that time. I also believe that you are right, Alvin, when you say that the only answer they will find is draconian socialism; I believe that is exactly where we are heading and that is what was predicted in the Book of the Revelation when it talked about global economics, ie, the Mark. The technology is there but as yet no one has seen a reason to implement it – that reason is right around the corner. And I agree with the fellow who pointed out what would happen if the global economic meltdown happens while our planet goes into the period of upheaval that it is heading into.

    • Herkimer Diamond says:

      I wonder if this is what the powers to be when they mention “New World Order” through out history? I’m getting the feeling we are the sheep headed for the slaughter house and they are the herders.

      • Sadly, Herkimer, your conclusion is the correct one. The power elite will still be in power and will ram whatever new system they want to down our throats, and those of us who don’t like it will probably all end up in camps – or worse – for “the greater good”. Remember, there are elements in society who believe that euthanization (a sanitized term for murder) of the undesirables is an acceptable means to move society forward.

      • jehjeh007 says:

        Davidgreybeard is correct, however in concern of euthanization, this generation will not fall in line like what occurred in slavery and the holocust times. this kids are narcisstic, ego-centric and have grown used to violence. They will die fighting or worse become the home grown terrorist we all fear. Unlike us, they are wise to proporganda because they have a mountian of knowledge we never had before, the internet. I don’t like this at all.

      • Good point, but so many of the young are so self-absorbed and infatuated with gadgetry that they may not notice that they are being propagandized. Also, propaganda has come a long way since Joseph Goebbels and is a lot more subtle, incremental and insidious than ever before.

  13. sKeptical citizen says:

    A old timer once told me that during the depression you could buy the very best milk cow,s for 12 to 14 dollars. But a good milk goat would command 40 or 50 dollars. He stated the cow wouldnt produce milk unless you had grain & hay to feed it when there wasnt green forage. But that a goat could make milk on forage that would starve a cow.

  14. Stewart says:

    All part of a very evil and devious plan by the global elite. Soon we are going to see things most people never imagined possible.

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