Dust disc around star mysteriously disappears, calling into question how our solar system was formed

July 28, 2012SPACE - A disc of planet-forming dust around a distant star has disappeared unexpectedly, leaving astronomers scratching their heads and questioning current theories of how planets are formed. “It’s like the classic magician’s trick: Now you see it, now you don’t,” said astronomer Carl Melis of UC San Diego, who led the team that discovered the phenomenon. “Only in this case, we’re talking about enough dust to fill an inner solar system and it is really gone.” The team has proposed several possible explanations for the disappearance, but “none are really compelling,” Melis said. The star in question is a called TYC 8241 2652. It is a younger version of our own sun, only about 10 million years old (our own solar system is 4.5 billion years old), and lies 450 million light-years away in the constellation Centaurus. It was first seen in 1983 by NASA’s Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). The dust disc heats up from absorbed light from its star and re-emits the energy in the infrared, giving the system a characteristic appearance. IRAS has discovered hundreds of such stars. The team reported Thursday in the journal Nature that they reexamined the star in 2008 using the Gemini South Observatory in Chile and found the same infrared signature observed in 1983. But when they looked at it again in 2009 with NASA’s orbiting Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, about two-thirds of the dust had disappeared. Observations with other telescopes the following year showed that virtually all of the dust was gone. “It’s as if you took a conventional picture of the planet Saturn today and then came back two years later and found that its rings had disappeared,” said co-author Ben Zuckerman of UCLA. Researchers have offered at least three potential mechanisms for the disappearance. One might be runaway planetary accretion. It is generally believed that the condensation of such dust particle around a star into a planet occurs over long periods — hundreds of thousands of years. In this case, it could have been accelerated by some unknown force, occurring over just a few years. The star is too far away to observe any potential planet, however. A second possibility is that, for some reason, the dust has all fallen into the star itself, perhaps as a result of the star’s gravity or some external force. The third explanation might be that the dust particles are so small that the constant stream of light from the star has ejected them all into space, where they have cooled off. “Many astronomers feel uncomfortable with the suggested explanations for the disappearance of the dust because each of them has nontraditional implications,” said co-author Inseok Song of the University of Georgia.  “But my hope is that this line of research can bring us closer to a true understanding of how planets form.”  -LA Times 


Accepted scientific theory: “The main problem with formation theories for these planets is the timescale of their formation. At the current locations it would have taken a hundred million years for their cores to accrete. After between three and ten million years, the young Sun’s solar wind would have cleared away all the gas and dust in the protoplanetary disc, blowing it into interstellar space, thus ending the growth of the planets.” –Wikipedia, Universe Today
According to the accepted theory of science, the dust disc in the primordial solar system that would have taken 100 million years to form the planets, and 3 to 10 million years to dissipate by solar winds- has suddenly disappeared around a star like our Sun, in as little as 27 years. Not only has it disappeared in a couple of decades; scientists can’t explain why it disappeared, and why it happened over such a short time frame when this process was thought to take millions of years. This unequivocally proves the whole scientific theory on the formation of our solar system, over millions of years, needs to be thrown out the window. There are now substantial and irrefutable discrepancies that make the solar nebula and protoplantery formation theory completely implausible as I outlined in my book, The 7th Protocol. The age of the solar system of 4.5 billion years is also now completely called into question. Maybe its time for the world to entertain some of these “nontraditional implications.”
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61 Responses to Dust disc around star mysteriously disappears, calling into question how our solar system was formed

  1. davidgreybeard says:

    Planetary scientists are going to have to change their current theories to fit these new facts. I just hope that they don’t do what they so often do, which is ignore the facts or select certain ones that support their theories.

  2. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I agree Alvin! Of course why would a good scientist ever let the truth get in the way of a personal theory? Which is why so many scientist get lost in their own thoughts instead of opening their minds like the expanding universe before them.

  3. MB_Theory says:

    One theory I have on it (though, it’s unconventional) is that time is not as linear as we know it, and may also, flux at varying speeds at different points in the universe. That could also explain why we’ve observed some stars and planets that rotate so, much faster then previously, thought possible.

    • nanoduck says:

      Einstein’s theory of relativity states that gravity directly influence passage of time. So you are on to something here.

  4. Lee H says:

    27 years, is NOT a geological or cosmological timeframe. This is reminiscent of human-like strip-mining (albeit on a gargantuan scale).

    Bah, just another cosmic mystery out there proving how little we actually do know about our Universe.
    God working in mysterious ways, as many people that post here believe

  5. merle says:

    Quite simply, I have never trusted scientists’ so-called theories about “space” in general. But they are called “theories” for a reason, and these “theories” will be altered again and again, because in truth, we don’t really know a smidgen of “what” outer space entails….good try though!

  6. alex says:

    You can see god on his throne laughing really hard going well this will really make em wonder poof lets see how they explain that

    • Granny Bear says:

      Thanks. I needed that!

      • Kim says:

        Alex…I am in total agreement …and am laughing as well. POOF..now you see it now you don’t. Just like the Lord, just when you think you know he coming in to deliver….it always comes in the back door. I am so glad for that, mystery is all about God…mystery.

    • connie says:

      I’m with you Alex!!! sooo TRUE!!!

    • nanoduck says:

      Do you really believe that God is some guy who sits on a throne in the clouds somewhere up here, laughing at us or shooting lightning bolts at people who offend him? If that is how you picture God, I feel bad for you.

      • Granny Bear says:

        Of course not. It is merely a comment to help lighten the tension that is building in all of us. A tiny bit of humor goes a long way towards shaking thought and feeling processes loose from grooves of useless repetitive wrong views of ourselves and relationship with our perceptions of the universe.

        Please note that you referred to God as having gender and did not capitalize the word “him” which referred to “God”. I know that was not meant to be derogatory or make smaller your own perceptions. It is just a problem of language. These language glitches are useful for making funny stuff that helps heal all sorts of physic lesions. Humor has been been found to help heal physical ailments, as well. Hence “Laughtyer is the best medicine”. One must be careful to not use the sort of humor that is based on inflicting pain physic or physical. As for Alex, I thank him for being brave enough to be seen as having a lesser concept the he actually does, just to say something the truly did help to lessen some of the terrible, fearful tension that has been building in me, and probably others, of late. Living in this tiny fragile human body, that is wearing out, I sometimes get stuck looking outward from this miniscule viewpoint of my own. A little levity helps to lift me above my redundant negative and fearful thoughts.

        Please don’t feel bad Nanoduck. Zeus, nor even Thor, are big enough to eat galactic dust clouds. We do know that. Even mythology was just trying to put a handle on ideas that are too big to have handles.

      • alex says:

        Nope nano duck just putting a little humor into peoples lives. I mean these smart mit genius scientist beleive that the universe was created by a explosion i figured id get on their level.

      • Kim says:

        Open your mind…you cannot and will not ever be able to put God in a box…never. Everytime you think you can…God will outwit anyone…In the HOLY word of God it says, Isaisah 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
        neither are your ways my ways,”
        declares the Lord.
        9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
        so are my ways higher than your ways
        and my thoughts than your thoughts
        HIGHER THAN OUR WAYS. He is sitting on a throne…who said something about God shooting lightening bolts at people who offend him. His thoughts are not our thoughts.

        In Love, Kim.

      • pagan66 says:

        I agree with you nanoduck, smacks of Greco/Romano paganism to be honest, their Gods according to multiple ancient sources behaved in such a manner. Though, if you carefully read the OT, the Christian God Himself did, on occasion seem to throw the same sort of tantrums.


      • Dan Sherwood says:

        Anyone who doesn’t believe that God has a sense of humor needs to loosen their shorts a bit. Just look at His creation, if you can’t chuckle at something like a duck billed platypus. Then maybe you are taking things way too seriously. Why do you think all the planets spin in different directions and different orbits. God made it that way so that the only explanation could be God.

      • Aztech says:

        Im pretty sure that alex was just dumbing down a concept, gods throne is unseeable, so what would you call it? if you believe that humans are the only intelligence in the universe then I feel bad for you, in all ancient literature a ‘god’ is any being with a higher knowlege,

    • nanoduck says:

      Sorry Alex, did not mean to take your joke seriously. But you are right, we do not know everything and we make fools out of ourselves when we assume we know it all. @Granny Bear: I was aware of refering to God as a him..I was just keeping things in a traditional sense. I do know that gender is a biological thing, and God, well, is God. There is no way to describe or define God, because our understanding and language is so limited. And yes, I do have a sense of humor by the way…maybe I dont show that side here but really I am a riot :)

  7. Andrea says:

    (….Accepted scientific theory: “The main problem with formation theories for these planets is..thus ending the growth of the planets.” –Wikipedia, Universe Today…..)

    The main problem with any formation theory other than what The Word of God says …is…whoever tries to tell you what, why, where, when, who did the formation of the World …are people who refuse to believe God’s Word…He don’t lie, and he changes not (smile) so lean back and enjoy His Creation..till he exacts His plan to a “T” which He will do very shortly unpon all who rejects His Son, Jesus Christ….FACT..(smile)

    • connie says:

      AMEN to that!!!! He said there would be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars!!!

    • Jonas says:

      Do you not think that scientists are not trying to discredit god but are trying to explain whats happening with processes he put into place?

  8. wsr says:

    I love it! Wrong again ‘man’! Praise God!!

  9. Betsy Weggesser says:

    Surprise… Surprise….surprise. WE must face the truth … That only the CREATOR OF ALL LIFE KNOWS The answer to this one !!!

    • Novum says:

      Yup, the E.T’s are upto their tricks again! Hahaa

    • Wes says:

      They refuse to think GOD could not create the world in 6 days, but what is a single day in GODS time, he never said hours just days. I never did have any faith at all in science and the machines they use to detect time.

    • Anne says:

      Betsy and Andrea, you are so right!
      Perhaps you are familiar with a Frenchman’s Work on Divine Creation and Geography, who applied the Holy Word of God in the Bible for his research and guidance, unlike the others.
      His name is FERNAND CROMBETTE. He proves his lifetime’s Work thru Holy Scripture. Absolutely wonderful! You can read a summary of Crombette’s Work in “IF THE WORLD ONLY KNEW” by Noel Derose. Every Library and School should have a copy.
      I believe you can order it from Amazon.

  10. isis2012 says:

    Blessed Cosmic Smart Dust … seeded with mystical coded nano crystals and Blessed with the electrical charged High frequency Positive plasma ions …

    These elements are the building fingers of the CREATOR’s master designs … the building fingers of all planetoid hosts and Exotic pyramid power sources …

    This Exotic mixture of elements, Blessed with the breath of the CREATOR … is the hidden secret of the cosmos science can not recognize ….

    And by works of coded nano crystals … designs of planets seem to materialize within the field of Blessed seeded Smart Dust …

    There are more to planets, stars, moons and suns then mainstream are told ..

  11. Dearg says:

    Mankind trying to figure out God…never gonna happen.

  12. Sam Beckett says:

    The human understanding of physics is limited. To our limited understanding, black holes should not exist, as black holes break every law of physics as we understand & much more we do not understand out there. Keep it mind this star is 450 million light years away, so we see it how it looked 450 million years ago. 1 light year is 5.865 trillion miles, light travels at 186,000 miles per second, nothing (we know of) travels faster. The light from our star takes 9 minutes to reach us, so you are seeing light that is 9 minutes old, if our star instantly disappeared, we would not know it for 9 minutes. My point is, something beyond our limited happened, & regardless we can not see how it looks today, only 450 million years ago…how it looks today, the light will not reach us to see for 450 million years

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Though we do not know how to do it; we could probably look deep enough with our telescopes and find our solar system when it was younger. Strange thought isn’t it?

    • Astroguy says:

      Fascinating point of view, but humanity is still learning as more and more theories are getting churned out until we find the truth.

  13. nanoduck says:

    I don’t believe in the literal 7-day creation as described in Genesis that supposedly occurred only about 6000 years ago, but neither do I believe that the scientists have it all figured out. How old our universe is and how old our world is, and how everything began is all a mystery to me, but one thing that I am sure of is that God did indeed have a hand in creating, whether God did it via Big Bang or just thought everything into existence.
    Both groups of people, the literal creationists and scientists can argue all they want, but the truth is that neither know everything.
    As for the dust cloud around the star disappearing so rapidly, it may be possible that the planets form far more rapidly than anyone thought, or all that dust just cleared out. Who knows, without further observations.

    • Anne says:

      Dear Nano, That’s not too good if you are a Christian and reference the Bible as the Word of God.
      It is clearly written not as a fairy tale, but as True Divine Science. And, True Science not only accepts this, it PROVES it. Now that’s most comforting.
      See: Fernand Crombette’s Work. A summary of this, is in the book noted to Alvin, ‘IF THE WORLD ONLY KNEW’ by Noel Derose. A book that should be in every school and college library. You won’t be disappointed, Nano.

      • nanoduck says:

        The Bible is a collection of many different books, written and rewritten by many different peoples over many centuries. Then they were handpicked, edited, and put together into a single volume few centuries after Jesus died. God did not write any of it, and neither did Jesus. Although some of it is definitely inspired and historical, it is not and should not be taken as the final authority and complete truth.

      • pagan66 says:

        Anne, do you include both testaments in your theory? Or just the New? Because I’ve always found it difficult to reconcile myself to the Christian tradition that the supposed words of a Judeo God firstly translated in part by superstitious Bronze Age tribesmen then by agenda driven priests intent on forming & strengthening a newly formed religion is unassailable Truth. How this could ever be classified as True Divine science & the only infallible word of a God by any rational, modern, liberal minded person who has ever read history is quite beyond me. Even more there is no actual historical proof that Jesus himself even existed let alone was born, crucified then resurrected & during a short lifetime dictated a Testament to other likewise shadowy historical figures.

        For example – the stories of the Bible evolved slowly over centuries before the existence of orthodox religions. Many cults spread stories and myths probably handed down by oral tradition from generation to generation before people wrote them down. Many of the stories originally came from Egyptian and Sumerian cults & all of these early religions practiced polytheism, including the early Hebrews. Some of the oldest records of the stories that later entered the Old Testament came from thousands of small cylinder seals depicting creation stories, excavated from the Mesopotamia period. These early artifacts and artworks – dated as early as 2500 B.C.E – established the basis for the Garden of Eden stories at least a thousand years before they impacted Hebrew mythology.

        The Bible seems contrived & confused & there are far too many discrepancies contained within it’s pages to take any literal, historical or scientific truth from it. Nobody knows the Truth, it is such a very personal thing & that is the question that Man has torn himself & his brothers & sisters apart over for milleniums. Man has come such a very long way from the dark days of the burnings, imprisonments & tortures of people who dared to seek Truth & opposed a rigid & narrow Christian Church. God forbid we ever return to them.

        “We are again being offered the opportunity to break the fetters of this world of illusion to turn the mirror around, and in its place perceive our true reality. With this, the restraints of negativity, illusion, polarities, judgments, control, hate, avarice and greed, jealousy, killings and war will all fall away.” –Virgil Armstrong


      • nanoduck says:

        @Pagan66: I can understand what you are talking about because I came to the same conclusion. It is hard to imagine that a benevolent and loving God is anything like that monstrosity in Old Testament that demanded blood sacrifices and circumscions. However, as for Jesus, I would not write him off. While I am aware we don’t have many reliable historical documentation aside from the Gospels (which are not very creditable), Jesus was a real and very significant individual. I cannot explain how but many people have had their lives changed and transformed by his name. People have had evil spirits excorised by his name. Some people have died and met him, and returned to life. So he is real and does have power.

      • Anne says:

        Aahh yes, Pagan and Nano: I see you have modified your last post. What you were quoting is from sources that are anti Christ and anti God.

        Who better than Satan, would glory in the rewriting of religious history to make God out to be a terrible, vengeful God, when the absolute opposite is the truth. Abraham and Moses can attest to that. The Hebrews were stiffnecked and weak JUST AS WE ARE TODAY. They were in captivity and still didn’t understand.
        But, Jesus is alive today and forever. We have His Resurrection from His Crucifixion on the Cross as proof. We have the SHROUD, and The CROSS.
        Yes, people are healed physically and spiritually in His most Holy Name. After all, Pagan, Jesus is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, The Word made Flesh.

        It is the Illuminati who have the copy cat Trinity. History has been rewritten by these secret societies. Pres. John F. Kennedy spoke of these secret societies, and they didn’t much like that. Ya’ll are dabbling into serious historic errors.
        Eternity is forever. Each and every soul will live forever, whether he choses Satan or God… it’s forever and ever. It’s all our choice.
        Much love in the Blessed Trinity.

      • pagan66 says:

        Nanoduck, don’t get me wrong, I am one of the few people of my religion who actually believe Jesus as a man did exist, though not the man the Gospels portray at all. I do, & always will have, until proven otherwise, questions about his Divinity. There is not a single contemporary account of Jesus having existed, in fact, the silence is absolutely deafening on this subject which I find extremely strange considering the nature of his birth, ministry, death & supposed divine resurrection & ascension. I will not emphatically say that Jesus did not exist in this way because that would be ridiculing other peoples Faith but I simply cannot put my own into a story with no more historical reality & substance than say Mother Goose. I think one should look into antiquity a little closer & maybe read up on Appollonius of Tyana who’s ministry, miracles & philosophies are documented.

        It is Faith that breeds miracles because I have seen great beauty & salvation come from the deepest, darkest despair through prayer. I too have visited the other side & spoken with beings of Light that I know were not Jesus Christ. Thanks for your uncondescending reply, it is very much appreciated.


    • Anne says:

      Nano, again I reference you to “If The World Only Knew”, by Noel Derose.

      I pondered as to whether to answer either of you, because it’s clear you both have trashed Scripture as being manmade madness in the Old Testament, and total skepticism of the New Testament including Our Savior Jesus Christ. You do not want to believe, because you have made the decision that you are the master of your destiny, not the God who created your soul.

      But your last comment about how wonderful we are today compared to other times, begs for an answer. It’s the “killing” of God in peoples souls that’s brought us today into complete depravity, complete decay, the likes of which the world and its people has never been through before or will ever again.
      Chaos, weather contol, plagues, murders, poisoning food, secret assasinations, blood baths, tortures, man against man, children against parents, and yes zombies that eat live human flesh.
      Pagan, you must live in a special place without TV or newspapers, not to see what is going on before us.

      When we kill God in peoples hearts, we get Lucifer, the god of Destruction.
      When you see the sky roll up like a scroll and complete darkness is everywhere – I pray you will be on your face asking God for His mercy…and He will take you into Himself.
      Much love to you in the One True God.

      • nanoduck says:

        @Anne: You can believe what you want, but at least check out this site, http://www.near-death.com. i think it is a good site that analyzes the experiences of people who have died, went to the other side and came back. The stories they have to say may surprise you. I do not feel that it undermine Christianity but support it and give it deeper meaning and understanding of God and our role in life. Much love and blessings :)

      • pagan66 says:

        Oh my. I too hesitated in replying to your posts because I knew any replies directed toward me after would be all about Hell, brimstone, begging for mercy & awful Divine judgements from the Christian God. I seriously debated whether or not I wanted to see someone ridiculing my quest for Truth & my own precious beliefs so it surprises me not in the least to see how excited, offensive & condescending some Fundamentalist Christians become when they have their God & His word questioned. Still, I did bite & throughout your tiradic replies I cannot see anything that refutes my original question about the divinity of Jesus except your claims that Christians possess the shroud & the Cross which is an absolute falsehood. Everything else is rehashed Christian doctrine which I have heard over & over again. Ad Nauseum.

        You are sprouting History & Religion to someone who has spent lifetimes searching for Truth Anne, so I wonder, in a purely historical sense, do you know the actual origins of the Trinitarian beliefs you so loudly proclaim as truth? It must not be forgotten that Jesus Christ never mentioned such a phenomenon, & nowhere in the New Testament does the word Trinity appear. The idea was only adopted by the Church three hundred years after the death of Jesus, and the origin of the conception is entirely Pagan. Religions from cultures as varied as Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Babylonian, Indian, Germanic, Celtic, Egyptian & Phoenician all worshipped Trinitic Deities, some of them milleniums before Christianity. The idea of a Trinity is not & never has been a solely Christian belief, it’s just another part of other religions that Christianity borrowed from.

        To accuse someone you know nothing of except a few lines written on a public blog of being blind to current world events & atrocities that are occuring worldwide is both offensive & patronizing. You have absolutely no idea what organizations & charities I pour my heart, love, time, money & energy into & how much I really do love this planet & all peoples upon it – regardless of their religion, colour, creed or status. Needless to say I will not be replying to any more of your posts.


      • Anne says:

        I hope you continue your search.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Hello pagan66…Why are you so scared of truth..really..You keep bringing up misinformation on your blogs and reply maliciously to those who are trying to study their faith. Jesus does talk about the trinity. He just simply does not mention that word. He many times says that HE is the life… He is the bread of life.. He uses the Phrase ” I AM ” throughout his time incarnate on earth. That is the same phrase used by God to Moses at the burning bush. yes, the bush that was NOT consumed in the fire. He also mentions that he is there because the Father sent him. Also he mentions that he will send the Holy spirit after he ascends back to the Father, so you see we do have three persons in one God and just look at creation it’s self! How many suns do we have pagan66 ? one? yes one..yet from that sun we get three primary colors. these are the colors that are inert. They stand alone and need no other colors to make them. We see them as yellow, magenta, and cyan. Yellow can be seen as the brightest, like the creative genius of the Father, we have magenta, which is like a blood red, which we can see as God incarnate[ Jesus ] and we have cyan which is much like sky blue which we can see as the Holy Spirit of God. All other colors are made from the blend of all three colors plus black [ the absence of light ] for shading and pure white which is the balanced combination of all three colors in a nonobtrusive way. When you look at any photograph printed you are looking at ONLY three colors. Makes no difference how many coolors you see. I know because I was in printing for many years. Also, Jesus is mentioned in other records other than the Bible both in secular and religious writings but I can see that you are not as prone to study as you make out because of the bias of your handle. It is also recorded in history of the martyr deaths of some apostles. Why would they let themselves be murdered ? When Jesus was first crucified they ran and even after the resurrection they were scared. It was not until the Holy Spirit was sent to them at the Jewish feast of Pentecost that they became bold in their faith. pagan66; please understand that you are loved by God; the one who created you, and he created you to have a relationship with Him. God wants you to be free of fear and to know him but your wanting to make yourself God is getting in the way. God is a spirit. God is love and even though we all sin His thoughts for us are so precious that he himself paid the price for our rebellion through Jesus. Open upyour heart pagan66 and stop putting down those who are trying to work out their faith. Thanks.

      • Anne says:

        Thank you Joseph. Much love to you and yours in the Two Hearts.
        I pray in the Divine Will for all those within me.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thank you Anne. My prayers are for the good will of all that visit Alvin’s post, and of course for Alvin as well! We are all searching for truth that visit this site and that segregates us from about 80% of the general population of the world. May God bless us all with knowledge of Him and wisdom for we will certainly need it in these last days.

      • Pagan says:

        I really didnt want to turn my posts into a dissertation but this needs to be said. @ Joseph – Scared of Truth? I dont know how you came to that conclusion, I thrive on knowledge & my search for Truth & just because YOUR Truth isnt mine & just because i dont believe in the Christian God & question it all dosent mean I am a blind, ignorant, Godless soul. I am not maliciously inclined toward anybody either, why should I be? What a waste of energy & seriously dont you think if I was malicious that Alvin would approve my posts? In fact, I find that because of my religion & beliefs & the questions I ask & the statements that I make I am regularly condescended to, attacked & ridiculed by people professing to be loving Christians & my email inbox will attest to that fact. Misinformation? That’s a huge call also – part of the search for truth is research, do some yourself, it’s all there, every single word I have written is in black & white in the tomes & books that I collect & the answers to all those questions you asked me to answer are there ok? Joseph, What frightens you so much about people that question the validity & History of your God? Why do you feel it is so necessary to convince me of His power & existence? Have you ever seen me in 16 months of posting on this blog try to convince anybody of the existence of the Mother Goddess? No, so please, don’t try to convert me & don’t accuse me of insincerity.I will not be replying to any other posts in this category.

        Peace & Illumination to you

        Love & Light always my friend

      • David says:

        Amen Anne. The love of our God surpasses all understanding. In Yshuas’ name may you be blessed.

  14. Atlantis says:

    Hi Alvin.

    So what are the “non-traditional implications”?

    • E

      Non-traditional as ‘created world‘….rather than throwing dust up into the air, to form a solid object which contains chemicals, processes, and compounds entirely absence in space dust. And this matter accretes, and goes on to form its own magnetic field, atmosphere, and life on a barren planet. All this from lifeless space dust. Is it any wonder why they can’t quantify or explain what they’re now seeing?

      If God, creating the world, is a piece of fantasy; the current scientific theory is nothing short of lunacy. As I have said before, and will keep saying, science will fall flat on its face before this world age ends.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Amen! God ALWAYS gets the last laugh and I love it… and God!

      • merle says:

        “If God, creating the world, is a piece of fantasy; the current scientific theory is nothing short of lunacy. As I have said before, and will keep saying, science will fall flat on its face before this world age ends” This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen…this comment in all its simplicity is most profound!

      • yardley7 says:

        Bravo, well said!

      • radiogirl says:

        Science stumbles more and more each day…..I’m grateful for this fine site.God Bless,R

      • Thank you. I’m grateful for you.

        Gob bless you,

  15. Anne says:

    Alvin – well said and to the point exactly! May we quote you on this?

    I think you would very much enjoy reading Crombette’s scientific Works using the Holy Bible for guidance, and might even join the F.Crombette Forum – in France it is Cesche – where you can have YOUR Work introduced incrementally. Here’s a sampling of topics that his students are delving further into. On the subject of Divine Geography – “A Deceptivively Attractive Theory” (the Genesis of the Continents and the Oceans). “Reconstruction of the Earth” post Flood. Crombette reconstructs each region and the swiftness of the relocations of the continents with diagrams.
    The book summarizing ALL his Works is: “IF THE WORLD ONLY KNEW”, by Noel Derose. , A must read for true science from God’s Wor, Holy Scripture.
    For the Glory of God. anne

  16. Jon K. Stew says:

    I personally believe that whomever ir what ever created us jumpsyarted the big bang, i which thst gave birth to the universe. We can try all we want to make sense of our lives and our very existence, but i think our creator/s is some thing so amazing that it is beyond our imagination

  17. Gaur Nitai says:

    If science means to know things as they are, how can present day science purely be said to be scientific? Modern day science is based on theories which are conjectures or educated guesses based on data gathered through imperfect senses and analyzed by imperfect minds. Therefore it is not surprising when a scientist admits that his theory is not conclusive.

    In this connection, many years ago in the early 1970′s I attended a large gathering of science students at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. A visiting scientist had come to give a lecture describing in detail his theory about black holes in outer space. After he finished his lecture there was an open question and answer session. So I asked if the existence of black holes in outer space was a theory or it was a fact. He answered, “I think it’s a fact.” Then I asked him, “Throughout the history of modern science we have seen that one theory has come into popularity for some time until it is eventually replaced by another theory. So how do we know that your theory will not be replaced by another theory?” His immediate reply was, “I hope it is because then we will be making progress.”

    So what is popularly known as science today is not really science because it is not conclusive, final knowledge. Today’s popularly accepted scientific facts will eventually be displaced by a new set of scientific facts. Modern science tells us to reject blind faith, but yet it imposes upon us a new type of blind faith. The scientists tell us not to accept the sages but to accept them instead. But they have yet to prove that they know more than the enlightened sages who have given us the Vedic wisdom and have for thousands of years effectively guided spiritual seekers how to escape the repetition of birth and death.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Well sais, Gaur Nitai…It would not be so bad if scientists had theories and those theories were found out to not be accurate as more data entered the stream but I find that many scientists are already biased as to what they WANT to find even before all of the data is collected..sometimes it is because they must appease the people with the grant money and sometimes it is pure pride.

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