30 Responses to The pain in Spain falls mainly on the plain folks: lies, deceit, and an austerity sales tax of 21%

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    Alvin, I try very hard to stay positive, see good instead of the bad, keep hope. What has been going on these past few weeks have really challenged that. We see Europe Union just getting worse & things are getting really bad here in America. Just the other day, ALL public employees are going to be paid minimum wage & lose benefits, & yes that included Police & Firefighters making $7.35 a hour now. Many other cities have cut way way back. Over 10 major big cities have gone bankrupt & filed for bankruptcy with many many other smaller cities doing the same & going to pay minimum wage to public employees, etc…austerity is destroying the economy, everywhere! It are times like this, where it really makes me wonder if there is going to be a total collapse of society due to the economy and/or natural disasters. [break] I am buying lots of food items like beans, nuts, etc…water, water filters, medical supplies, etc…am I just paranoid or is my gut feeling have truth behind it? I have always shrugged off the 2012 doomsday, etc….but honestly for about the past 5 months this feeling has been growing that something is wrong, things will keep getting worse & this gut feeling is the strongest it has ever been lately.

    • Sam Beckett says:

      That city paying minimum wage is Scranton, PA…

    • We have some scary challenges ahead. American austerity would make Spain look like a vacation on the French Riveria. The truth is the world is drowning in debt and sooner or later, the music is going to stop and we’re going to come up two chairs short. All it takes is for one major country to default and the ripple effects from the fallout would destroy the global banking system.

      Most are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall. The government is broke, Social Security is basically negative, U.S. municipalites are broke and declaring bankruptcy, and even the U.S. postal service is running in the red.

      All we can do is what we can and prepare as best we can.

    • prayntongues says:

      You are not paranoid at all, you made the best decision to spend your money on your future! I’ve been building up my pantry with peanut butter, tuna, salmon, ready to eat canned soups-ravioli-stew-tamales, all kinds of fruits, veggies….little by little with each paycheck, I bought a few items at a time since July 2010…when I watched Glen Beck’s program, he showed a few grocery items with future inflated prices. For example, a chocolate candy bar will cost $15, a gallon of milk $20, etc. Not to mention gas will be unaffordable. To be frank, it scared the heck out of me! I heard in my spirit “BUILD UP YOUR PANTRY NOW” . I know one day, i’ll come to this website and it will show us all, our worse nightmare, the economic collapse hitting our country like a bomb. You, I and others will be safe at home while people are trying to withdraw money, and it will be in limited amounts. There will be riots and looting. Also if you can, have some money on hand at home. Everything is done electronically, when the USD is devalued, the banks will conveniently readjust your “secured” bank deposits, your balance will be worth 50-70% less. It will happen, its happened in Argentina and Mexico. God Bless! you are one of the few who see things as a sign that its not going to get better.

      • Holly says:

        Also, because of the record high heat wave and drought, big producers of corn in the US are predicting a very poor yield. So whatever is being made from corn or is fed corn, expect the prices to skyrocket. According to ABC news yesterday, it has already increased in price by 30%.

      • prayntongues says:

        I heard a few days ago, can’t remember which network, that the rain and flooding by Hurricane Isaac has damaged what little salvagable crops surviving the drought. Of course, the food prices will jump even more with prices at the gas pumps. Hard times are here for a long while. My husband and I grew up during the energy crisis in the 70′s, so we know how to make a dollar stretch and how to live/shop frugally.

  2. Sam Beckett says:

    Just saw this on CNN, a brand new veterans home just got finished being built in Fresno, CA that cost $158 million to build. Now, because of our states budget crisis…it will not be opened…& earliest they will open it will be October 2013…I live here in CA & just a hour away from Fresno. Very sad because there are many vets that are living in poverty, homeless..that were going to move into this home…now it stays closed & myself & other taxpayers will pay the $283,000 a month it costs to “maintain” it…haha…the economy here in California is REALLY bad

    • Emanni says:

      California High Speed Rail
      Yet Californians just voted yes for being responsible for 4.5 billion in bonds

      • cossack55 says:

        I certainly hope you don’t really think that $4.5 Bil is going towards a train. Not to mention the $3,2 Bil kicker stolen from the other 49 states via the Gubmint that will be coming your way. I think the Black Hole of Calcutta has been renamed The Blackhole of California.

      • prayntongues says:

        The “strange” thing about this high speed rail is that the 1st segment will be built between Bakersfield and Madera. The rail is going to go right through orchards, crops and dairy farms. Farmers were unable to stop this from happening. Why are they starting the rail in this part of California? the goal is to have a rail from LA to SF. There is nothing but rural areas, small towns and the farming communities between Bakersfield and Madera. There is a prison in Corcoran between the two cities. I’m thinking that this railway will serve to move people like cattle to FEMA detention sites in the near future. Where else can they build such sites but in a rural area of open land??

      • Michele B. says:

        In answer to prayntongues: I agree! PLUS there is already Amtrak rail between Bakersfield and Madera and northward. I take Amtrak going south to visit my adult kids in LA. Love the ride by train from home to Bakersfield. Then everyone gets off and rides a not-so-modern bus over the Grapevine to wherever they’re going in So Cal. Seems like that would be the place to start building if they ever do. Which would surprise me greatly!

      • Sam Beckett says:

        I live in Tulare County, which is in between Bakersfield & Madera…I am not sure why this high speed rail is going here…the entire area it covers is farm land…my county provides the highest % of oranges to the country…we grow A LOT out here. Corn, oranges, almonds, walnuts, grapes, & many other things. It is hard to explain this to people that do not live in this area but a high speed rail here makes zero sense.

  3. tess says:

    Everywhere is the same, the east coast of Australia is suffering too. Good you see through the haze of lies and find the truth, and yes, you are all spot on.. be prepared, but no fearful. People who smell smoke, before they see fire all ways have time to leave the building.. we can all smell the smoke my friends, so be prepared!

  4. Conrad says:

    It is time to get out of the cities! The purchasing of practical food items is a good plan but to be living in the large cities will be the worst place to be! Just a word of thanks to you Alvin for your diligence in keeping us informed. America will see the same resentment regarding austerity as measures are implement here. I so not see your feelings as paranoia but just reality.

  5. cossack55 says:

    As long as the bankers get their bonuses all is well. If you have not yet figured out the IMF, WTO, BIS, the Central Banks and the TBTF are running the planet, you may be too late. Spain can fix itself in two easy steps. Hooray for Iceland, the new home of the free.

  6. sKeptical citizen says:

    The US goverment ,state & local goverments need to start implementing a gradual recuction of spending instead of waiting until they are broke and bankrupt. I think a slow steady pace toward a goal of fiscal responsibility is to be preferred to trying to climb out of a hole after the floor collapses. And there is nothing wrong with being prepared to be able to take care of you & yours.

  7. TexasRedNeck says:

    Yes it is coming to America very soon and we will have a new civil war because of it, this exactly what the NWO wants to happen and obama is part of it. Obama is set to sign a UN treaty on the 27th. of July to set the stage for them to disarm ALL Americans so that we cannot fight back.

  8. Barbara says:

    Sam, I think we’re feeling like this because we’ve been told over and over and over about being “on the verge of economic collapse” for quite a while now. With the bailout in ’08, we supposedly averted this crisis. I find it highly suspicious that the ones running the show are just figuring this out — how convenient. I guess when you keep getting multi-million bonus after multi-million bonus, things look pretty good in the 15% tax bracket. Sickening.

    If this LIBOR-gate doesn’t bring them all down, nothing will.
    see this

    and this
    “The LIBOR scandal is the biggest financial and political threat since the Masters of the Universe almost took down the world in 2007–2008.”

    You’re doing the right thing. We just need to take it one step further… (the seeds of revolution are germinating)

  9. Barbara says:

    buff — we do have a Ferdinand Pecora. His name is Elliot Spitzer. Unfortunately TPTB took down his reputation just in the nick of time (March, ’08 – just when he was going to spill the beans) HOW CONVENIENT. Too bad more people don’t watch Current TV. Spitzer has been screaming about this LIBOR scandal, along with Matt Taibi for almost two weeks now.

  10. Carla B. says:


  11. BubbaBoey says:

    I’ve been following this blog, almost daily — the past year — and I agree with Sam Beckett, the pressure seems to have intensified the last few months. Have you heard about the the crime in Chicago? “The Chicago police department, undermanned and outgunned, is doing what it can, but the odds are stacked heavily against them with some 100,000 gang members roaming the streets and only about 200 officers in the city’s gang unit – a ratio of 500 to 1.” I live in Los Angeles and was here during the Rodney King riots — that was just opportunism by a bunch of thugs. Can you imagine a full scale panic/riot? There will be no escape from L.A. Only hope is to bug out to sanctuary ASAP, while others are looting, packing and hoarding gas. It’ll be tribal warfare. I have our “bug-out” plan, but nothing really goes according to plan, right? What if we have a 8.0+ earthquake taking down major highways, then what? You have to form alliances with a few “choice” neighbors and seal off the block. Oh — have you seen the curren sunspot 1520? One of the biggest I’ve ever seen, pointed directly at Earth. It’s not just economic anymore, threats are coming from all directions at an increasing rate!

  12. suz says:

    lol…I can relate!

  13. suz says:

    In the late 1980’s more than 2 dozen deeply indebted countries asked Europe and America to reschedule their debt so that they could pay the interest and principal on time. ir request for help did not receive empathetic responses. They charged that the leaders of the debt-ridden countries were ill-equipped to govern and had gluttonous appetites for corruption. This time it’s not Latin America or Africa threatening to implode because of its sovereign debt crisis and they expect to be treated better.

  14. Irene C says:

    Never fear, one day a man will come who will have the plan to “cure” the world’s economic woes and promise global peace. People will be desperate enough to believe him and will follow him no matter what, even if it means being marked in the hand or forehead. Do not be deceived.


    • Debbie says:

      I just imagine how bad things will be when his perfect opportunity arises. We’re not there yet but looking at the big picture, you can tell it’s rapidly getting close. Something big is gonna tip the scales…the perfect storm is brewing yet God is in control and He can be our refuge.

  15. LA says:

    It is crazy to see how socialism is literally falling apart in Europe — they are trying to privatize all these government run facilities now… and it seems like the US govt is moving more towards socialism every day. Crazy!

    • suz says:

      Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, Liberalism, Fascism…none of it works. We need to stop thinking along the old lines. Any human system will be flawed, but hopefully we learn from our mistakes and get closer and closer to perfecting it. I would like to see a blending of them all. A nice balance always seems to work best.

      • Barbara says:

        Well said suz. When I am asked if I’m a dem or repub, I reply: I’m a bleeding heart, tree hugging, fiscally conservative, libertarian socialist. Most people reply “your crazy” and I say “THANK YOU”!

  16. tonic says:

    When paper money is seen as paper money, and it will happen, poor and rich will not exist. Just desperate people.

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