29 Responses to Russia sends warships to the Mediterranean

  1. Marybell says:

    Think Hilllary’s gonna say ” This is not acceptable?” haha – It’s her favorite for all situations in that part of the world. Poor Hillary- uh, uh, and uh- Age is taking a toll on her. uh and uh–Listen to her and you will see what I’m talking about.

    • jehjeh007 says:

      Yep, she is old and wise. One should only wish they could grow old and have a lot of money to enjoy Marybell. As a woman maybe you should appreciate that. A woman with power is something you can relate to right?

  2. jehjeh007 says:

    Unfortunately, Hillary saw this coming 2 weeks ago. If a single shot is fired from these ships, then it is gonna be a blood bath. Instead, it may turn out to be political posturing to say “See, we got bigger guns than you. Now get out you Yanks (Brits and American foot soldiers currently there collecting logistics and yes, defending themselves).” Stay tuned boys and girls, the boogie monster may be real after all.

  3. Pray4love says:

    Just as sure as my dog gets seizures, so there will be a war in Syria and Iran. The bible predicts the last battle in that area between all parties involved. Israel will destroy its enemies with the breath of God(nuclear weapons).

  4. Cerey Runyon says:

    All of this while everyone ignores the South China Sea…

  5. Donald Price says:

    This may be the final link to 3rd world war.

  6. Irene C says:

    I’ve had a feeling, call it an intuition. President Obama might be desperate enough for re-election that he would welcome a war, maybe even start one. Sad to say, this will be our last war.


  7. paulwayers says:

    It sure seems funny to me, that Russia has a training exercise with??? In Pearl Harbor?? Then Russian Heavy Bombers Twice Came intentionally into U.S. Airspace with a Fleet?
    Sure seems Funny that the blame game.. Come on we see these countries trying to start conflict?
    War makes money and population control?
    And Why DOES THE Constitution get Ignored??
    United States of a Soviet America?
    How is it Assad lived here in The UNITED STATES and top cog for a oil company.. and next he is a president?..
    A Italian filmmaker shown the Truth of some deep truths…

    • jehjeh007 says:

      Because of the New World Order put in motion back in 1992/93 by Bush Senior and sustained by Bill Clinton although both sides (Republicans and Democrats) tried 3 times to supercede it. The main design was to eventually pull the US into the EU currency BUT IT NULLED THE US CONSTITUTION IN WRITTING (Ugh !!!!) when Bush signed it. Rep and Dems stopped the stopped the monetary change BUT that left open the status of boundaries/soveirgnty because governments are trying to expand into (wait for it) Saudi Arabia through the actions of the United Nations! This is not just the US. It is all the major players, Russia and China included. China got smart and took Africa instead and are doing quite well considering Africa’s demeanor at first. HENCE is why some believe we (the US) need to war against the US government to reestablish the Constitution. BUT both Reps and Dems are too invested in the New Order and REFUSE to respect the people wishes. They play us stupid and weak by controlling the monies. The people should have stood up against this in 1993 BUT the race card got played by Reps and whites with big money fell for it while the middle class had no knowledge of what was happening OR refuse to stand up because of fear of the whites with big money. This is why a lot of whites help elect Obama because they knew they should have stood up since. But again, when Obama tried to fixed this BUT BOTH SIDES parted from him and the Illuminati put him in check because he had no one to back him up. Instead of looking like a fool, he plays puppet just like Bush junior (you can’t beat em, join em). Ugly ain’t it! I personally could not get anyone to understand what had happened back then, so back to the bottom of the pond I went. Like you, I have been very concerned since. Right now, it is too late to do anything accept pray, hence is why I’m here. Any suggestion would be GREATLY appreciated. However I will not war against my country or any president. You will lose. I truly say with concern and a tear, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  8. MAD says:

    What is it about what they do to make jobs , the world dose not have that much time to stay this way, I had a good life for 56 years, ya a lot of bad crap happen, but I don’t believe what happen to me will be any thing like what’s coming, I love you all, but we don’t stand even a chance,

  9. Dublintaff says:

    And so it continues gently spiralling on an upward trend of violent rhetoric and counter moves, until eventually a non reversible situation occurs… Like an old wild west gunfight, one twitch and boom…..unfortunately this is with nuclear cowboys.

  10. George says:

    Is it not strange that there is no mention via any press of the Russian/Syrian agreement to allow Russia to construct a huge naval base in Syria; for speedy and easy access to the Med.

  11. Dan Sherwood says:

    This is a scary add released by China related to a false flag attack on Europe during the Olympics.

  12. Dennis E. says:

    Well, you never know here. So many false flags but I agree Irene C., Obama is that type of person.
    The most dangerous threat to our security.

    USA playing blindman`s bluff with Russia and Communist China,
    WHILE in Bahrain the abuse continues Honduras now attacked by Usa
    1st 6 months of 2012 50 billion in USA arms sale.

  14. suz says:

    When the US declared war on Iraq back in 2003 and many other nations supported them they threatened Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia saying they were coming after them once they took care of Iraq. We are going to be in the Middle East for a long time.

  15. Ernestisms says:

    “Well, you never know here. So many false flags but I agree Irene C., Obama is that type of person.
    The most dangerous threat to our security.”

    Dennis E. and Irene, you both seem to be somewhat astute however it is a little disturbing that either of you refer to this man (The President) as the “most dangerous threat to our security”. You cannot be this “simple”. This is rhetoric, pure and simple. I suppose the gentleman he succeeded was just fine in your eyes based on your simple logic. The truth is that this fruit (our nation/world) is rotten to the core and it didn’t “spoil” overnight…their was a decomposition over time. At the root of it all is GREED! The U.S. Senate gets a pass? Congress? Past is prologue and in that vein we as a culture have learned nothing from the past, we continue to repeat the same mistakes to our detriment and the detriment of those yet to come and when they arrive, we taint them with our hatred, intolerance and bigotry. We have a tendency to divide and separate rather than bring together. What you are espousing is nothing more than politics at it’s worst, meanwhile the world around us all is falling apart. For the record, I am not a big fan of the President because he ran on one platform and once inaugurated, he was on a different platform all together. But then again, how is that different from any other politician?

    • Irene C says:

      Ernestisms – Actually, it was just my comment that was simple, since I was touching upon my feeling, my intuition. Does President Obama’s predecessor get a pass? NO! Does our Senate or Congress get a pass? NO! There’s a lot more involved concerning my intuitions, but I’ll just leave it at that. And the only reason I’m singling out President Obama is because he happens to be our current president. And yes, they are all politicians. And I do appreciate your comment. Thank you.

    • jehjeh007 says:

      Ernestism, you got it right accept to Obama comment. How in the world do you or anybody else expect this one man to control the greed around the US? The president first priority is to protect the soveirgnty of this nation both nationally and internationally. Obama is doing a great job of that unlike Bush who had to have a plane dumped on his head and 3000 killed to FINALLY do something. But Democrats stood behind him in solideraty and union as Proud Americans. And yes he knew about Osama long before that happened and was warned numerous time about this people that do not hold to the Geneva Conventions of War. McCain and Democrats warned him. Most of that money/greed is generated by Republicans. Don’t get me wrong, they are THE BEST at creating business because they have the old money, hence connections. Democrats honor this and try to put out the best products the Republicans say to sale. Not everyone wants to be a CEO and are proud to be part of a GOOD company and will bust their butts to produce UNTIL it becomes, “you can’t have a day off, you can’t be sick, you can’t get off to see your kids baseball game OR WE WILL CREATE A REASON TO LAY YOU OFF”. Oh, but they can? They play the race card then the gender card while not believing in rewarding the true producers because they dont look like them. All the while they borrow more money earmark for expansion then sit on it while publishing it as “growth” and lining their FAT pockets. That is greed. I’m not going to bow down to those devils, come hell or high water. The only difference between them and Osama is location, location, location. But that is about to change. So go ahead, keep on living. If you don’t like America and what it surpose to stand for then get the hell out!

  16. Ernest says:

    Irene, I appreciate your comments as well. We have to all be mindful that ultimately we are all part of one family…warts and all. Within that family is what I refer to as the EP family! I think we are, for the most part, cut from different cloth than most! ;)

    • Irene C says:

      I agree. People see us as crazy, conspiracy theorists, or just plain nuts. However, since Alvin has over 4500 followers, this is a pretty good sized family. Either we’re all nuts or we’re all informed (or a little bit of both?) ;)

      • suz says:

        Most people don’t have a clue what’s going on and don’t care. But the rest of us care and want to understand what’s going on in the world because we understand that knowledge is power. Illusions are being shattered and we’re realizing that it’s not so cheap to reach the ultimate realization of truth.

  17. George says:

    Just a quick hello from Greece. Just read all comments and I must say you people are well informed. East Med. right now is a hot place to be for sure and it will be even hotter the next months. Seems like everyone is taking positions right now. Russian ships are on the move, 6th fleet is already there, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Syria… everybody. All it takes is someones “mistake” for a war that the world has never seen before. As for politicians… well they are the same liars everywhere.

  18. Emanni says:

    Navy Beginning To Implement Underwater Drones In Gulf

    Amid concerns of Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz during a potential crisis, the U.S. Navy is beginning to develop and release a set of underwater drones to find and destroy sea mines present in the Persian Gulf, according to U.S. officials.

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