Brutal heat wave: 2,000 temperature records have been matched or broken in the past week

July 3, 2012 – CHICAGO- More than 2,000 temperature records have been matched or broken in the past week as a brutal heat wave baked much of the United States, and June saw more than 3,200 records topped, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Monday. From June 25 to July 1, some 2,171 record temperatures were either broken or matched, the NOAA said. For the 30 days of June, that number rose to 3,215. Accuweather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said the number of records broken was very unusual. He said that while some aspects of the heat wave are unknown, much of it is because of a lack of snow cover during the late winter on America’s plains. Instead of the sun’s heat melting snow, it instead heated the ground, which in turn warmed the air. The increase in temperature even made crops grow ahead of schedule until now; Sosnowski said the lack of rainfall has stunted crops’ growth. Sosnowski added that while some areas are not unusually warm, namely New England and the Northwest, the center of the country will experience high temperatures for the next several weeks, possibly into August. Five states had more than 100 record temperatures broken in June. Texas had 237 records broken, followed by Colorado (226), Kansas (164), Missouri (126), and Arkansas (115). The NOAA data comes as a relentless heat grips much of the eastern United States for a fourth straight day. About 2.1 million homes and businesses remained without power on Monday after violent storms and soaring temperatures killed at least 18 people since Friday, many of them when trees fell on their cars or houses. –Reuters
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39 Responses to Brutal heat wave: 2,000 temperature records have been matched or broken in the past week

  1. It seems we have been here before–people dying of heat in various parts of the “civilized world” when Air Conditioning was not available or went out. I would like to think this is a final prophecy fulfillment, signaled by the implementation of Israel being “in the land”. In other words, would like to come to a final conclusion instead of repeating and repeating. Do you think it’s really more “extinctive” now? I am not sure. Most people I know think it’s business as usual on mean old Mother Earth, who keeps doing this to her children.
    I speak as one who has twice been evacuated from SW fire zones and lost her home in the first one, and endured the sarcasm of FEMA when I attempted to collect the insurance they “took over” from private insurance companies. I’ve been through hell here but I recognize it as hell that has happened before.

    • It’s more extinctive now because every made-made structure now requires some type of air conditioning. We also have more concrete and more suburban sprawl reflecting heat and less grass or trees. Human population has basically exploded as a result of the prolific use of cheap fossil fuels which powered the green revolution and helped create artificially conducive climatic environments inside houses, cars, factories, and multi-storey buildings. When you remove air-conditioning from the equations, it tilts everything. Man is now at the mercy of the elements and what a time to be a nature’s feet!

      • Herkimer Diamond says:

        I think we should start building geo thermo cooling units that can run off a solar panel unit with a small DC powered pump or AC pump with a power inverter and deep cycle marine batteries.
        One thing to remember is heat rises. If you really want to escape the heat just go into a basement; that is if your house or apartment complex has one. I find basements are considerably cooler than the rest of the house.

      • i
        Underground limestone caverns in Kansas maintain cool temperature of 60 to 70 F year round

        Sub Tropolis – No doubt, this may be one of last safehavens on the planet

  2. suz says:

    I can’t ever remember a year where we have had virutally no snow in Toronto area and we are having record high temps here as well. We have been breaking records for months now.

  3. tellthetruth1 says:

    To think that reading through some verses in Jeremiah 5 brought this all into perspective broke my heart yesterday. You in the States are baking while we in England are shivering and soggy for most of the time since April. Today was thundery and sticky. That’s the first sticky day I can remember in all of this year. Repentance is key to pulling the land and peoples out of it’s, and their, sorrows.

  4. Helen Parks says:

    A SMALL EXCERPT from the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus:
    3 57 4
    3 60 4
    5 5 3
    (note wild fires USA June 2011, June 2012
    5 90 2
    codes within codes SPARTEPELOPONNESSE
    sneer not – Poe’s apples (could mean both “apples” or ‘applies’)
    Apple tree June 25 to July 04 & December 23 to December 31
    5 91 2
    6 1 3 Pres de Garonne du grant temple du Mas
    APES = 2ND decan Gemini APES (Ah-pees) is also those of Sirius
    D = Celt Oak Tree zodiac June 10 – July 7
    6 57 2 Ayant chef rouge proche a` hierarchie
    O = Oak tree date: June 10 – July 9 A = Fir tree = Dec 21/22
    8 80 4
    9 50 4
    (lower Pakistan co-ordinates)
    10 58 2
    = = = = = = = = =
    3 7 1 Les fugitifs, feu du ciel sus les picques
    The fugitives (from) fire from the sky onto their weapons
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    1.U = means URANITE = of or from the heavens
    1.D Celt Oak zodiac June 10 – July 9
    2.GIFU is the rune for life’s gift
    3.FUCUS = a sea weed is life’s gift afterwards, similar to
    “CHLORELLA” – manna in other lines (for anti radiation)
    4.E: can be a Tuesday, Reticuli Herculis greys, or Sept 20
    3 94 1 De cinq cent ans plus compte l’on tiendra
    2.Couples Dan calendar (to) Direst spin
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    1.ON: Oannes Q: orbit. SCENIC: watching
    2.Direst Spin: either the poles shift, equator moves or the orbit
    3.RAPID LARCENIST: asteroid or Grand Pulse.
    3.D = Celt Oak zodiac June 10 – July 9 – D is also a Friday
    4.DREAD TEMPO: dreaded times DAN: In Scorpio direst spin
    4.CQIN: 2012 the year of the dragon

  5. Record breaking temperatures in the USA and record breaking rainfall in the UK. The Jetstream is broken and we need to know why?

  6. Sam Beckett says:

    Global warming, natural climate change or both? I lean towards the natural change in our Earths climate, people so very easily forget or ignore Siberia was once a giant swamp land or the Sahara desert (one of the driest places on Earth) was once a lush tropical oasis with a lot of water. Climates change. The past few days I have been pondering on the instant climate change that happened, I do not know how long ago, that flash froze a Wolly Mammoth, still with food in the mouth…& so on. There was no humans around, nothing at all that contributes to global warming. Scientist have no answer for it still. Instant shift of the poles….? Alvin, others…thoughts?

    • krystal says:

      Is it nature changes or Days of Noe? Days of Noah, there will be coming of Son of Man
      After seeing all these dreaded changes affecting people, I can’t imagine what they are going through. I completely forgotten about Sahara Desert being one big tropical oasis. I didn’t realized about Siberian being swamp.

  7. jennifer says:

    I’m in Ontario, and I’ve been wearing my flip flops since March. Not that I’m complaining, its great as I love the heat, but something about being able to wear summer clothes in March is weird.

  8. Dennis E. says:

    CBS NEWS lead news story tonight was climate change.
    15,000 reported new high temperature records this year.
    5,000 or so low temperature reports.

  9. Korheg says:

    I told them this was going to get worse and worse as time went on, it’s like a giant terrarium and it’ll get so hot that no one can survive.

  10. Emanni says:

    Heat buckles Highway 29, video captures airborne SUV

    Chippewa Falls – The extreme heat that has blanketed Wisconsin caused Highway 29 to buckle, creating a ramp that sent an SUV flying through the air as another motorist captured it on camera. Theresa Reich from Eau Claire had stopped on an overpass Sunday to take a still photo of the pavement and did not realize her phone’s camera was set to capture video. The SUV went into the air, crossed the median and both lanes of oncoming traffic in front of vehicles before stopping off the road.

  11. Linda says:

    Alvin is dead on right about how we build our infrastructure to be power dependent. We were without power until yesterday and many in town will be without until Saturday. Lots of houses built before A/C was popular showed their strength by having windows on all sides to catch the breeze on the cool sides of the houses and to allow heat to escape from the attic windows. Porch sitting, there is a entire etiquette to it in the South, returned as people sat on the old big porches to cool off and watch the world go by. The old factories that were not converted had the huge windows to again pull in cooler breezes and vent out hot by the ceilings.

    While 100F weather is miserable it shows that in normal summer weather life would be quite comfy once acclimated. A slower pace of living without all the distractions and people distancing activities of TV, internet, and busy-busy nothingness gives us time to just “be” in the moment.

    The scientist have been saying for a few years the ocean currents are slowing down and that it will have big consequences for Europe especially. They say the desalination of the ocean steams from glacier melt were having negative impacts but you do not hear much about that in the MSM.

    SO hot in Ontario-ugh, I am going up near Barry’s Bay in August. Maybe it will cool back to normal (at least cool at night), growing up in SW VA I rather have it cold then hot especially when wanting a good fix of yummy butter tarts.

  12. And last week in Brisbane Australia, we experienced the coldest days in decades. Funny how many weather related record breaking events are happening on such different scales all over the world…

    • You’re right. The planet’s climate is coming apart at the seams just as I warned would happen three years ago.

      • Dennis E. says:

        I regard to the ocean currents slowing down, it has been reported that Europe could go through a mini-ice age? Is this true?

      • I

        It would have a huge effect because the Thermohaline current circulates warm water. If the ocean conveyor system is crashing, it is doing it at a time that magnetic pole deviation is also pulling colder polar air towards Siberia. So it could be doubly adverse and as I noted in my book, the 7th Protocol, the Coriolis Effect of the planet is also being exaggerated by all these changes. That means super-winter cyclonic systems (like nor’easters) could start pounding northern Europe on a regular basis. And all this is without adding volcanic ash into the mix…

  13. glenna says:

    My tomato plants are suffering this year. The tomatoes are rotting on the vine. I am watering and tending them daily but I think the sun is frying them. I’ve never had this problem before. Anybody else having vegetable garden fatalities?

    • Herkimer Diamond says:

      Did you buy plants or did you start them from seed? I seem to have good success when I start them from seed. My secret is I only water them until they germinate. Then I let them struggle so they develop a deep root system. All my plants look great at the driest point of the season with no added water.

    • Rhonda says:

      Yes…where we live in the pacific northwest, it’s been cool. Yesterday it was only 47 degrees and then finally made it to 60 for a little bit. We’ve broken all records for rainfall. I keep having to cover up the garden either to protect it from too much water, or too much cold. My vegetable garden is struggling to grow. One tomato plant has not made any progress, the other finally has one deformed flower! ;-(

    • Linda says:

      Try shading the plants, either buy some shading fabric and post it high over the plants or use old sheets on high stakes to protect from sunburn. Our peppers are sunburning in this mess, so we are testing this method thanks to a friends advice. TO soon to tell how well it works.

  14. August says:

    Dear Alvin, here in Central – South-Eastern EUROPE, we have again a heat wave, with temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius and even into 40 degrees, and with some local night or day temperature records being set.

    Maybe it does not sound so dramatic like the North-American situation, but what I have observed the past few years – is that these heat waves are getting more awkward each year… Before, even around 40 degrees Celsius could be bearable, with some sweating, and breathable air, but nowadays, even at around 30 degrees C., the air is heavy-felt, more and more often sticky, and even people at ages between 30 and 35 years can barely stand it…

    It started last week-end, and is forecasted to last into the next week. There was also a previous 3-day period of the same, almost 2 weeks ago.

    Unfortunately, I did not found a link in English yet, only regional languages.

    Not to forget, the recurrent droughts affecting some regional areas here, for example in South-Eastern ROMANIA.

    I think the somewhat unusual activity of the Sun, the fluctuating Earth’s magnetic field, and the heat that radiates from the warming of the Planet’s inner core … are messing with the upper atmosphere, which then unpleasantly influences the lower layers, resulting in these increasingly freakish manifestations of weather.

    Practically, almost can’t even work at P.C. during daytime office hours, if the room is not air-conditioned…

    • That’s hot, August. Thanks for letting me know what’s going on. Please stay in touch…

      peace and blessings, friend

    • Columbine says:

      August, I’m in Krakow, Poland for a few days and the few people we’ve talked with in English have all told us this heat is unusual. Fortunately it rained for a short time last night and sprinkled off and on all afternoon today. Just before the rain last night the air seemed to dry out a bit – my husband and I enjoyed sitting out in a neighborhood park until the lightning and then rain forced us in. Today the humidity is back full force but because of cloud cover, the heat has not been quite as intense. Our little hotel room has no a/c, but thank God the management found a tiny fan for us that at least moves the air around the room a bit. I don’t think I’ve sweat this much ever!

      Drink plenty of water!!! Stay in the shade and in a/c when possible, and if there is a hint of breeze outside, sit in the shade and enjoy it. On our down time we’ve gone to the big mall near the train station simply because most of the shops have a/c. That can be done in the States, as well. If you stop sweating – drink more water! Don’t let your body become dehydrated.

  15. me says:

    Glenna ~ we couldn’t even get tomato fruit to set last summer, here in central OK. Didn’t even bother trying this summer. Spent so much time and water money last year for nothing. Good luck with your gardening efforts.

  16. charlotte says:

    In England we have had a warmish winter, scorching spring and now in summer: wet, thundery (with hail that is unusal for england in summer even during a thunder storm) and warmish. Apparently we have been told in Britain that there could be a least another month of nothing but rain.

    • Herkimer Diamond says:

      In New England our winter was unusually warm. The ground did not freeze. The carrots and strawberry plants kept growing all winter, even though we had some frost and snow. Most of the summer perennials started blooming in early spring. I harvested raspberries in late May and Early June when normal harvest time is July. I am not complaining because the raspberries are still producing great berries in an unusually early and long harvest season.

      • Herkimer Diamond says:

        I also noticed lots of honeybees and wasps foraging for food over the winter, so I put out grapefruit and pineapple rinds for them, which they seem to really enjoy. We have to take care of our pollinators, they are the life blood of our food system.

      • elijahsmom3 says:

        I love that idea. I never really look at a wasp or bee and think to feed it, but you are right, they need all the support they can get right now too.

  17. suz says:

    Remember the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”? In this movie the North Atlantic Current essentially shuts down, which prevents warm equatorial waters from reaching Northern Europe and Northeast United States. The Gulf Stream is what keeps the east coast of the U.S. as well as Britain and Europe temperate. The result is an immediate climate shift into an Ice Age.

    Could we be in the process of entering a new Ice Age. Could it come upon us at full force at any time, or it could take three to five years to fully play out with early glaciation.
    I wonder if this is what we’re currently experiencing?

  18. tonic says:

    Looking at all the comments from different parts of the world, is there anywhere on Earth experiening “normal” weather.? Or is normal weather a thing of the past for us all.? Looks like it’s either a flood, or a drought, or else scorching heat or very cold, that are becoming the norm everywhere.
    If this keeps up crop production will begin to suffer worldwide.

  19. suz says:

    World temperatures may end up a lot cooler for 50 yrs….said Henrik Svensmark, director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at Denmark’s National Space Institute. ‘It will take a long battle to convince some climate scientists that the sun is important. It may well be that the sun is going to demonstrate this on its own, without the need for their help.’–Cycle-25-need-worry-NASA-scientists-right-Thames-freezing-again.html

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